Biological Reviews 2001 - Abstracts

Biological Reviews 2001
Are ecological and evolutionary theories scientific?Biological sciencesMurray, Bertram G. Jr.
A review of reproductive strategies in cephalopods.Biological sciencesRocha, Francisco, Guerra, Angel, Gonzalez, Angel F.
Cephalopod chromatophores: neurobiology and natural history.Biological sciencesMessenger, J.B.
Chromosome evolution int he Salmonidae (Pisces): an update.Biological sciencesPhillips, Ruth, Rab, Petr
Coincidence, coevolution, or causation? DNA content, cell size, and the C-value enigma.Biological sciencesRyan Gregory, T.
Costs of sexual traits: a mismatch between theoretical considerations and empirical evidence.Biological sciencesKotiaho, Janne S.
Did dinosaurs invent flowers? Dinosaur-angiosperm coevolution revisited.(Cover Story)Biological sciencesBarrett, Paul M., Willis, Katherine J.
Ethylene signal perception and transduction: multiple paradigms?Biological sciencesHall, M.A., Moshkov, I.E., Novikova, G.V., Mur, L.A.J., Smith, A.R.
Fig-eating by vertebrate frugivores: a global review.Biological sciencesShanahan, Mike, So, Samson, Compton, Stephen G., Corlett, Richard
From arctic lemmings to adaptive dynamics: Charles Elton's legacy in population ecology.Biological sciencesRanta, Esa, Kaitala, Veijo, Lindstrom, Jan, Kokko, Hanna, Lundberg, Per
Individual versus social complexity, with particular reference to ant colonies.Biological sciencesAnderson, Carl, McShea, Daniel W.
Life in the puddle: behavioural and life-cycle adaptations in the Diptera of tropical rain pools.Biological sciencesMcLachlan, Athol, Ladle, Richard
Mechanics and aerodynamics of insect flight control.Biological sciencesTaylor, Graham K.
On the origin and evolution of the human immunodeficiency virus.(HIV)Biological sciencesHolmes, Edward C.
Scale invariance in biology: Coincidence or footprint of a universal mechanism?Biological sciencesGisiger, T.
Seeing in the dark: molecular approaches to the study of bat populations.Biological sciencesWilmer, Jessica Worthington, Burland, Tamsin M.
Sources and bioavailability of phosphorus fractions in freshwatrs: A British perspective.Biological sciencesReynolds, C.S., Davies, P.S.
The evolution of intelligence: adaptive specializations versus general process.Biological sciencesBolhuis, Johan J., Macphail, Euan M.
The evolution of male mate choice in insects: a synthesis of ideas and evidence.Biological sciencesBonduriansky, Russell
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