Child Abuse and Neglect 1992 - Abstracts

Child Abuse and Neglect 1992
A comparison of teachers vs. parents as instructors of a personal safety program for preschoolers.Sociology and social workWurtele, Sandy K., Gillispie, Elizabeth I., Currier, Lisa L., Franklin, Corrina F.
Active surveillance of child abuse fatalities.Sociology and social workSchloesser, Patricia, Pierpont, John, Poertner, John
Agreements among professionals about a child's sexual abuse status: interviews with sexually anatomically correct dolls as indicators of abuse. (includes bibliography)Sociology and social workRealmuto, George M., Wescoe, Sibyl
A retrospective study of long-term methods of coping with having been sexually abused during childhood.Sociology and social workLeitenberg, Harold, Greenwald, Evan, Cado, Suzana
A review of the long-term effects of child sexual abuse.Sociology and social workZucker, Kenneth J., Beitchman, Joseph H., Hood, Jane E., daCosta, Granville A., Akman, Donna, Cassavia, Erika
Battered children grown up: a follow-up study of individuals severely maltreated as children.Sociology and social workMartin, Judith A., Elmer, Elizabeth
Behavioral problems in alleged sexual abuse victims. (includes bibliography)Sociology and social workHibbard, Roberta A., Hartman, Georgia L.
Beyond anatomical dolls: professionals' use of other play therapy techniques.Sociology and social workKendall-Tackett, Kathleen A.
Child abuse by mothers' boyfriends: why the overrepresentation?Sociology and social workMargolin, Leslie
Child care workers' knowledge about reporting suspected child sexual abuse.Sociology and social workWurtele, Sandy K., Schmitt, Ann
Childhood history of abuse and child abuse screening. (includes bibliography)Sociology and social workMilner, Joel S., Caliso, John A.
Childhood sexual abuse: impact on a community's mental health status.Sociology and social workScott, Kathryn D.
Childhood trauma and multiple personality disorder: the case of a 9-year-old girl.Sociology and social workLaPorta, Lauren D.
Child maltreatment as a community problem.Sociology and social workGarbarino, James, Kostelny, Kathleen
Children's strategies for coping with adverse home environments: an interpretation using attachment theory.Sociology and social workCrittenden, Patricia M.
Countertransference in the family therapy of survivors of sexual abuse.Sociology and social workShay, Joseph J.
Current parental stress in maltreating and nonmaltreating families of children with multiple disabilities.Sociology and social workBenedict, Mary I., Wulff, Louise M., White, Roger B.
Discovering physical abuse: insights from a follow-up study of delinquents.Sociology and social workLewis, Dorothy Otnow, Stein, Abby
"Don't Shake the Baby": the effectiveness of a prevention program.Sociology and social workShowers, Jacy
Early identification of maternal depression as a strategy in the prevention of child abuse.Sociology and social workScott, Dorothy
Effects of older brother-younger sister incest: a study of the dynamics of 17 cases.Sociology and social workLaviola, Marisa
Ego development in women with histories of sexual abuse.Sociology and social workJennings, A. Grace, Armsworth, Mary W.
Evaluating risk assessment implementation in child protection: issues for consideration. (includes bibliography)Sociology and social workDoueck, Howard J., Bronson, Denise E., Levine, Murray
Factors associated with treatment completion and progress among intrafamilial sexual abusers.Sociology and social workChaffin, Mark
Families at risk of child maltreatment: entry-level characteristics and growth in family functioning during treatment.Sociology and social workAyoub, Catherine C., Willett, John B.
Fatality after report to a child abuse registry in Washington State, 1973-1986. (includes bibliography)Sociology and social workDavis, Robert L., Sabotta, Eugene E.
Juror and expert knowledge of child sexual abuse.Sociology and social workMorison, Susan, Greene, Edith
Long-term effects of incest: life events triggering mental disorders in female patients with sexual abuse in childhood.Sociology and social workKinzl, Johannes, Biebl, Wilfried
Medical evaluation referral patterns for sexual abuse victims.Sociology and social workZollinger, Terrell W., Hibbard, Roberta A.
Mother's age and risk for physical abuse. (includes bibliography)Sociology and social workConnelly, Cynthia D., Straus, Murray A.
Nationwide practices for screening and reporting prenatal cocaine abuse: a survey of teaching programs. (includes bibliography)Sociology and social workPelham, Trena L., DeJong, Allan R.
Network therapy using videotape disclosures for adult sexual abuse survivors.Sociology and social workJenny, Carole, Roesler, Thomas A., Czech, Nancy, Camp, William
Parental substance abuse and the nature of child maltreatment.Sociology and social workFenton, Terence, Famularo, Richard, Kinscherff, Robert
Parenting difficulties among adult survivors of father-daughter incest.Sociology and social workPower, Thomas G., Cole, Pamela M., Woolger, Christi, Smith, K. Danielle
Parenting stress and child maltreatment in drug-exposed children.Sociology and social workKelley, Susan J.
Physically abusive parents and the 16-PF: a preliminary psychological typology. (includes bibliography and appendix)Sociology and social workFrancis, Carolyn, Hughes, Honore M., Hitz, Letitia
Physiological responses to non-child-related stressors in mothers at risk for child abuse.Sociology and social workCasanova, Gisele M., Domanic, Jodi, McCanne, Thomas R., Milner, Joel S.
Predicting adequacy of parenting by people with mental retardation.Sociology and social workTymchuk, Alexander J.
Professional attitudes regarding the sexual abuse of children: comparing police, child welfare and community mental health.Sociology and social workTrute, Barry, Adkins, Elizabeth, MacDonald, George
Professionals' standards of 'normal' behaviour with anatomical dolls and factors that influence these standards. (includes bibliography)Sociology and social workKendall-Tackett, Kathleen A.
Progress and issues in the implementation of the 1984 out-of-home care protection amendment. (includes bibliography)Sociology and social workRindfleisch, Nolan, Nunno, Michael
Protecting seriously mistreated children: time delays in a court sample.Sociology and social workJellinek, Michael S., Murphy, J. Michael, Bishop, Sandra J., Quinn, Dorothy, Poitrast, Francis G.
Protective personality characteristics among adolescent victims of maltreatment. (includes bibliography)Sociology and social workEckenrode, John, Moran, Patricia B.
Providing shelter for street youth: are we reaching those in need? (analyses of data on homeless youth staying in shelter in Calgary, Alberta, Canada)Sociology and social workKufeldt, Kathleen, Durieux, Mark, Nimmo, Margaret, McDonald, Madelyn
Psychophysiological and perceptual responses to infant cries varying in pitch: comparison of adults with low and high scores on the Child Abuse Potential Inventory.Sociology and social workCrowe, Helen P., Zeskind, Philip Sanford
Relationships between perceived parental acceptance-rejection, psychological adjustment, and substance abuse among young adults.Sociology and social workCampo, Anthony T., Rohner, Ronald P.
Serious child mistreatment in Massachusetts: the course of 206 children through the courts. (parental custody decision by Boston Juvenile Court)Sociology and social workJellinek, Michael S., Murphy, Michael J., Bishop, Sandra J., Poitrast, Francis, Quinn, Dorothy, Goshko, Marilyn
Sexual abuse and the problem of embodiment.Sociology and social workYoung, Leslie
Sexual abuse by grandparents. (includes bibliography )Sociology and social workMargolin, Leslie
Sexual abuse trauma among professional women: validating the Trauma Symptom Checklist (TSC-40).Sociology and social workBriere, John, Elliott, Diana M.
Substantiation of reported child abuse or neglect: predictors and implications. (includes bibliography)Sociology and social workWinefield, Helen R., Bradley, Patrick W.
Teachers' knowledge, attitudes, and beliefs about child abuse and its prevention.Sociology and social workAbrahams, Nadine, Casey, Kathleen, Daro, Deborah
The ability of elementary school children to learn child sexual abuse prevention concepts.Sociology and social workTutty, Leslie M.
The effects of psychotherapy on behavior problems of sexually abused deaf children.Sociology and social workKnutson, John F., Sullivan, Patricia M., Scanlan, John M., Brookhouser, Patrick E., Schulte, Laura E.
The impact of case characteristics on child abuse reporting decisions.Sociology and social workZellman, Gail L.
The links between types of maltreatment and demographic characteristics of children.Sociology and social workJones, Elizabeth D., McCurdy, Karen
The specific effects of incest on prepubertal girls from dysfunctional families.Sociology and social workHotte, Jean-Pierre, Rafman, Sandra
The youth protection program of the Boy Scouts of America.Sociology and social workPotts, Lawrence F.
Treatment for abused children: when is a partial solution acceptable?Sociology and social workGraziano, Anthony A., Mills, Joseph R.
University-based interdisciplinary training in child abuse and neglect.Sociology and social workGallmeier, Terri M., Bonner, Barbara L.
'Ureaplasma urealyticum' and large colony mycoplasma colonization in female children and its relationship to sexual contact, age, and race.Sociology and social workLyna, Pauline, Ingram, David L., White, Susanne T., Crews, Kimberly F., Schmid, J.E., Koch, G.G., Everett, V. Denise
Use of anatomical dolls by Boston-area professionals.Sociology and social workKendall-Tackett, Kathleen A., Watson, Malcolm W.
Use of epidemiological data in the diagnosis of physical child abuse: variations in response to hypothetical cases.Sociology and social workWissow, Lawrence S., Wilson, Modena E.H.
What happens after the care and protection petition: Reabuse in a court sample.Sociology and social workJellinek, Michael S., Murphy, J. Michael, Bishop, Sandra J., Quinn, Dorothy, Poitrast, Francis G.
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