Child Abuse and Neglect 1996 - Abstracts

Child Abuse and Neglect 1996
Adolescent abuse in Hong Kong Chinese families.Sociology and social workTang, Catherine So-Kum
Before Mary Ellen. (early cases of child abuse and protection)Sociology and social workLazoritz, Stephen, Shelman, Eric A.
CAN reflections on 20 years of searching. (Child Abuse and Neglect)(Invited Commentary)Sociology and social workGarbarino, James
Child abuse treatment: a fallow land.Sociology and social workMarneffe, Catherine
Child protection in Africa - the road ahead.Sociology and social workLachman, Peter
Commentary. (childhood sexual abuse victims among women military personnel)Sociology and social workMartin, James A.
Commentary: Munchausen syndrome by proxy - is expansion justified? (response to Herbert A. Schreier's article in this issue, p. 985)(Spotlight on Practice)Sociology and social workJones, David P.H.
Defining the problem. (child abuse and neglect)Sociology and social workGough, David
Editorial: dissociation, and cycles of abuse across generations.(Editorial)Sociology and social workJones, David P.H.
Editorial: gradual disclosure by sexual assault victims - a sacred cow?(Editorial)Sociology and social workJones, David P.H.
Editorial: interviews with children suspected of sexual abuse.(Editorial)Sociology and social workJones, David P.H.
Editorial: parental social isolation.(Editorial)Sociology and social workJones, David P.H.
How far have we come in dealing with the emotional challenge of abuse and neglect?Sociology and social workKillen, Kari
Inflicted incision of the penis.(Brief Communication)Sociology and social workBays, Jan, Lukschu, Michael
Medical observations on child abuse.Sociology and social workMossakowska, Bibiana
Medical student response to an interactive patient simulation program used to supplement child abuse education.(Brief Communication)Sociology and social workDorsey, J. Kevin, Gocey, Julie, Murrell, Karen, Rinderer-Rand, Heidi, Hall, Callie, Myers, J. Hurley
Societal self-defense: new laws to protect children from sexual abuse.Sociology and social workMyers, John E.B.
The helping alliance in work with families where children have been abused or neglected.(Spotlight on Practice)(Editorial)Sociology and social workJones, David P.
The media and public awareness of child abuse and neglect: it's time for a change.(Editorial)Sociology and social workKrugman, Richard D.
Twenty years in the evaluation of the sexually abused child: has medicine helped or hurt the child and the family?(Invited Commentary)Sociology and social workHeger, Astrid H.
Twenty years later: we do know how to prevent child abuse and neglect.Sociology and social workLeventhal, John M.
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