Climatic Change 1999 - Abstracts

Climatic Change 1999
Climate change and agriculture: the state of the scientific knowledge.(Special Issue: Climate Change: Impacts on Agriculture)(Editorial)Earth sciencesReilly, J.M.
Climate change thresholds and guardrails for emissions.(Editorial)Earth sciencesDowlatabadi, Hadi
Northern light on global warming.(the contributions of Svante Arrhenius to modern climate research programs)(Editorial)Earth sciencesPerry, John S.
On the search for the correct economic assessment method.(a response to an article by Roy Darwin in this issue, p. 371)Earth sciencesAdams, Richard M.
Reply to comment on 'Towards the Interpretation of Historical Droughts in Northern Nigeria.'.(article by Chris Keylock in this issue, p. 259)Earth sciencesTarhule, Aondover, Woo, Ming-Ko
Response to A. Henderson-Sellers and K. McGuffie.(response to A Henderson-Sellers and McGuffie in this issue, vol 42, Jul 1999)Earth sciencesYoung, Peter, Shackley, Simon, Parkinson, Stuart
The tolerable windows approach: lessons and limitations.Earth sciencesYohe, Gary W.
Towards an interpretation of historical droughts in northern Nigeria: a comment on a paper by Aondover Tarhule and Ming-Ko Woo.(Climatic Change, vol. 37, p. 601, 1997)Earth sciencesKeylock, Chris
Why conventional tools for policy analysis are often inadequate for problems of global change.Earth sciencesKandlikar, Milind, Risbey, James, Morgan, M. Granger, Dowlatabadi, Hadi
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