Contemporary Sociology 1992 - Abstracts

Contemporary Sociology 1992
Alternative ways of modeling mobility. (Symposium)Sociology and social workPetersen, Trond
A quantitative history of comparative stratification research. (Symposium)Sociology and social workBurton, Mary Diane, Grusky, David B.
Background, earnings, and the American Dream. (factors affecting equality ofopportunity) (Symposium)Sociology and social workCorcoran, Mary
From sex roles to gendered institutions.Sociology and social workAcker, Joan
From status attainment to segregation and devaluation. (sex segregation and lower pay for female occupations) (Symposium )Sociology and social workEngland, Paula
Models of the life course. (study of historical effects, process of status transmission and behavioral change in a life span) (Symposium)Sociology and social workElder, Glen H., Jr.
New methods for the analysis of occupational mobility tables and other kindsof cross-classifications. (Symposium)Sociology and social workGoodman, Leo A., Clogg, Clifford C.
Occupations and stratification: issues of measurement. (Otis Duncan's Socioeconomic Index) (Symposium)Sociology and social workNakao, Keiko
Organizations, stratification, and 'The American Occupational Structure.' (Symposium)Sociology and social workBielby, William T.
Race, poverty and 'The American Occupational Structure.' (Symposium)Sociology and social workWinship, Christopher
'The American Occupational Structure' and structural equation modeling in socilogy. (Symposium)Sociology and social workSobel, Michael E.
The influence of 'The American Occupational Structure' on the Wisconsin model. (Wisconsin Longitudinal Study) (Symposium)Sociology and social workHauser, Robert M., Sewell, William H.
The new structuralism. (new occupational order due to changing US economy) (Symposium)Sociology and social workAveritt, Robert T.
Trends in the process of social stratification. (Symposium)Sociology and social workMare, Robert D.
What if? (speculations on sociological research) (Symposium)Sociology and social workDuncan, Otis Dudley
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