Cosmetics and Toiletries 1998 - Abstracts

Cosmetics and Toiletries 1998
Acquisitions shake up ethnic hair-care industry.Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industriesBrewster, Bud
Alternatives to animal testing for contact allergy.Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industriesHostynek, Jurij J.
Amino silicone polymers as hair softeners and conditioners.Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industriesO'Lenick, Anthony J. Jr., Sitbon, Catherine Suserman
Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activities of the mung bean.Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industriesBeom-Jun Kim, Jeong-Ha Kim, Moon-Young Heo, Hyun-Pyo Kim
Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activities of the mung bean: Activity and inhibition of inflammatory and allergic responses.Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industriesKim, Beom-Jun, Kim, Jeong-Ha, Heo, Moon-Young, Kim, Hyun-Pyo
Boldline as a sunscreen: its photoprotector capacity against UVB radiation.Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industriessdfsdf, Hidalgo, Eliana
Breakthrough partnership.Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industries 
Compound allergy; hidden ingredients affecting our skin.Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industriesBashin, Saquib
Frequency use of botanicals.Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industriesSteinberg, David
Gels and sticks; an introduction to this form of delivery vehicle.Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industriesSchueller, Randy, Romanowski, Perry
Gemini surfactants.(surfactant molecules with two hydrophilic groups and two hydrophobic groups)Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industries 
GMPC and GMP.Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industriesSteinberg, David C.
In-cosmetics.Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industriesEvison, Jane
Inhibitory effects of ramulus mori extracts on melanogenesis.Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industriesKim, Jeong-Ha, Lee, Kang Tae
Interpolymer expands.Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industries 
Jojoba esters in lipsticks.Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industriesArquette, Jim, Cummings, Melanie, Reinhardt, John
Looking at the skin: skin color.Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industriesWiechers, Johann W., Wortel, Vincent, Oakley, Chris, Barlow, Tony
Looking at the skin: Skin colour, the legitimacy of skin-lightening productsPharmaceuticals and cosmetics industriesWiechers, Johann W., Wortel, Vincent, Oakley, Chris, Barlow, Tony
Maximum allowable D-values for gram negative bacteria: Determining killing rates required in aqueous cosmetics.Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industriesOrth, D.s., Delgadillo, K.S., Dumatol, C.
Methodologies for Evaluating Hair-Care Products.Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industriesJachowicz, J.
Movement seen in cosmetics harmonization.Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industriesBrewster, Bud
MS Analysis of Hair-Care Surfactants.(Brief Article)Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industriesZhang, Nan
New Fytokem patent.Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industries 
Organofunctional Silicone Microemulsions for Hair Formulations.Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industriesHalloran, Daniel J., Hoag, Carol
Packaging ideas for cosmetics.Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industriesLeitman, Jack
Photoprotecton of Human Hair.Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industriesVanemon, Penny
Polyesters as topical delivery systems.Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industriesSiegfried, Robert, Smith, Diana, O'Connor, Andrew
Polyesters as topical delivery systems: Their use in formulations containing organic sunscreens and AHAs.Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industriesSiegfried, Robert, Smith, Diana, O'Connor, Andrew
Polymers in personal-care products.Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industriesSchueller, Randy, Romanowski, Perry
Prevention and reversal of hair graying: A possibility?Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industriesTobin, Desmond J.
Recent advances in treating excessively curly hair: cationic polyamines and starch hydrolysates.Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industriesSyed, Ali N., sdfsd
Surfactants and the skin: the revival of sugar esters.Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industriesSimon, Pascal, sdfsfsfsdf
Technically speaking.(research)Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industries 
Technically speaking. (skin and hair care)Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industriesFox, Charles
Ultrasonic Radiation for Hair Treatments.Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industriesBreuner, Miklos M.
Understanding emulsions: a definition of emulsions and their effect on formulations.Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industriesSchueller, Randy, sfsdf
US surfactants in demand.Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industries 
Vitamin A skin penetration.Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industriesCampos, Patricia Maria Berardo Goncalves Maia, Eccleston, Gillian M.
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