Cosmetics and Toiletries 1999 - Abstracts

Cosmetics and Toiletries 1999
AHA and exfoliative skin diseases.Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industriesKostarelos, Kostas, Teknetzis, Angelos
Aloe vera quality control.Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industries 
Bioengineering Techniques and Skin Response Evaluation.Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industriesMaibach, Howard I., Laugier, Jean-Philipe K.
Bromo-organic preservatives.Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industriesGruening, Rainer
Chitosan: a deodorizing component.Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industriesHohle, Maya, Griesbach, Ute
CLECs tackle enzyme stability problems.(cross-linked enzyme crystal)(Statistical Data Included)Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industries 
Combinatorial Chemistry Coming to Cosmetics.(Abstract)Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industriesBrewster, Bud
Consultants.(Who's Who)(Directory)Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industries 
Controlled release technology and delivery systems.Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industriesRogers, Karen
Coty to purchase Revlon.Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industries 
Determining DMDM hydantoin in personal cleansing products.(Statistical Data Included)Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industriesOtterson, Richard J., Howerton, Marc
Ending animal testing.(British Home Office and European Commission take action)Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industries 
FDA releases sunscreen final monograph.Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industries 
FDA reports on sun sensitivity in AHA-treated skin.(Food and Drug Administration, alpha hydroxy acid)Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industriesBrewster, Bud
Feeling good with pheromones.Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industries 
Fluorimetry: a useful tool in cosmetics research.(Statistical Data Included)Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industriesWinnik, Francoise M., Goddard, E. Desmond
Formulary.Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industries 
Formulating for lower VOC levels.(volatile organic compounds)(Statistical Data Included)Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industriesFewkes, Matt, Rocafort, Colleen M., Foltis, Linda C.
Formulating water-resistant titanium dioxide sunscreens.Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industriesHewitt, Julian P.
Fragrance stability in three cosmetic applications.Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industriesNicoll, Stephen
Galactoarabinan: An Exfoliant for Human Skin.Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industriesWestman, Mort
Instrumental measurement: light stability of colorants.(Statistical Data Included)Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industriesAucar, Betty, Uzunian, Gabriel
Laboratories.(Who's Who)(Directory)Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industries 
Measuring skin hydration.Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industriesWiechers, Johann W., Barlow, Tony
Metals in Personal-Care Products.(Abstract)Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industriesHostynek, Jurij J.
New computer tools for formulating.(cosmetics formulation, includes related article)Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industriesBrewster, Bud
Notes from Asia.(column focusing on Korean and Japanese regulatory reform)Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industriesHirota, Hiroshi
Notes from Europe.(the importance of science to the household toiletries industry)Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industriesEvison, Jane
Notes from Latin America.(column addressing trade with Latin American countries)(Statistical Data Included)Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industriesFrischling, Melissa
Percutaneous absorption of borates in human skin.Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industriesWester, Ronald C., Ph. D.
Photostability testing of avobenzone.Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industriesDowdy, John C., Sayer, Robert M.
Polyurethane-1 for VOC 55 Hairsprays.Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industriesPfrommer, Ellen, Hossel, Peter
Regulatory review.(news from the Scientific Committee on Cosmetic and Non-Food Products' June 1999 plenary meeting)(Statistical Data Included)Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industriesSteinberg, David C.
Regulatory review.(new testing standards of the cosmetics and toiletries industry)Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industriesSteinberg, David C.
Regulatory review.(Statistical Data Included)Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industriesCalogero, Cal
Screeing silicones for hair luster.(Statistical Data Included)Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industriesStarch, Michael S.
Should FDA accept COLIPA solar simulator standards?(European Association of Cosmetic, Toiletry and Perfumery Association)(Statistical Data Included)Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industriesSayre, Robert M.
Silicone chemistry: history, general characteristics and applications.Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industriesRuiz, M. Adolfina, Hernandez, Aurelio, Llacer, Jose Miguel, Gallardo, Visitacion
Skin and skin care.(the structure of skin)Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industries 
Specialty starches for personal care.Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industriesWilson, Natalie, Pasapane, Joseph, Solarek, Dan
Substantiating antiaging product claims.Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industriesHarnisch, Loraine M., Raheja, M.K., Lockhart, Leslie K., Pagnoni, Alessandra, Lopez, Antonio, Gabbianelli, Al
Sunscreen final monograph.(Statistical Data Included)Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industriesCaloger, A.V.
Sunscreen interactions in formulations.(Statistical Data Included)Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industriesJohncock, William
Technically speaking.(covers research on eight topics)(Statistical Data Included)Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industriesFox, Charles
Technically speaking.(technical reports made by toiletries/cosmetics companies)(Statistical Data Included)Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industriesFox, Charles
The ABCs of SPFs: an introduction to sun protection products.(sun protection factor)(Statistical Data Included)Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industriesSchueller, Randy, Romanowski, Perry
The form and fucntion of baby-care products.Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industriesKnowlton, John L.
Thermostatic two-way cake.Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industriesDong-Sung Seo, Hong-Ha Sohn, Ji-Ho Park, Moon-Eok Park, Seh-HoonKang
The Transdermal Cosmetic Delivery System.(New transdermal delivery system allows more efficient absorption of cosmetic or drug products )Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industriesMorganti, Pierfrancesco, Fionda, Alessio, Tiberi, Licia, Sud, Mavi
Toxicoilogy update.Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industriesWolven, Anne M.
Tress testing procedures.(Statistical Data Included)Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industriesSchueller, Randy, Romanowski, Perry
Understanding "mild" cosmetic products.Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industriesSchueller, Randy, Romakowski, Perry
White Sweet Lupine Extract as a Skin Restructuring Agent.Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industriesCloss, Brigitte, Paufique, Jean
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