Cosmetics and Toiletries 2000 - Abstracts

Cosmetics and Toiletries 2000
A Collogen III amplifier system.(Statistical Data Included)Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industriesChaudhuri, Ratan K., Majewski, George, Guttierez, Gilles, Serrar, Mustafa
Alkyl-modified siloxanes: key ingredients for formula optimization.(Brief Article)(Illustration)(Statistical Data Included)Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industriesFloyd, David T., Howe, Anna M.
A new photostabilizer for full spectrum sunscreens.(Illustration)Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industriesBonda, Craig, David C. Steinberg
A quantitative method of measuring color expression power in eye shadow.Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industriesKim Sangjune, Lee Jaeuk, Kim Hyungjin, Kim Jinjun and Kang Seh-Hun
A review of current sunscreen formulation techniques and technology.Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industries 
Ascorbic acid and its derivatives in cosmetic formulations.(Illustration)Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industries 
Avoiding transdermal cosmetic delivery.Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industries 
Barrier creams (skin protective creams).(includes bibliography)(Illustration)Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industriesMaibach, Howard I.
Benefits of Trimethyglycine (Betaine) in personal-care formulations.(Statistical Data Included)Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industriesRigano, L., Dell'Acqua, G. and Leporatti, R.
Beta-(1,6)-branched beta-(1,3)-Glucan in skin care.(Statistical Data Included)Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industriesKim, Moo-Sung, Park, Kyung-Mok, Chang, In-Seop, Kang, Hak-Hee, Sim, Young-Chul
Bridging the Language Gap Between Cosmetic Formulators and Consumers.Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industriesWiechers, Johann W., Wortel, Vincent A.L.
Centella asiatica and skin care.(Illustration)Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industries 
Chromium, cobalt, copper and iron: metals in personal-care products.Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industries 
CIR (Cosmetic Ingredient Review).Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industriesCalogero, Cal
Closing in on Comfort - Shaving the Male Beard.(Evolution of razors and shaving creams)Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industriesBrewster, Bud
Comparing the irritation potential of lye and no-lye relaxers.Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industries 
Cosmetic Ingredient Review.(Safety assessments issued for range of cosmetic ingredients)Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industriesCalogero, Cal
Cosmetic testing in 2000 and beyond.Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industriesWiechers, Johann W.
Cyclodextrins in skin delivery.(Illustration)(Statistical Data Included)Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industriesLoftsson, Throsteinn
Dermatopharmacokinetics for Assessing Bioequivalence of Topically Applied Products in Human Skin.Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industriesPershing, Lynn K.
EEMCO worldwide in the new Millennium.Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industriesPierard, G.E., Masson, Ph.
Effects of Gelatin-Glycine on Oxidative Stress.Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industriesMorganti, O., Fabrizi, G.
Evaluating toothpaste sweetening.(Statistical Data Included)Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industriesSchmidt, Ralf, Janssen, Evelyn, Haussler, Olaf, Duriez, Xavier, Baron, Robert
Exploring software for the chemist.(Brief Article)(Statistical Data Included)Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industriesBrewster, Bud
Finding value in transferred technology.Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industriesBrewster, Bud
Foams and sprays formulary.(Statistical Data Included)Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industries 
Formulating for sensitive skin.Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industriesDraelos, Zoe Diana
Formulators forum: Choosing Emulsifiers.Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industriesKlein, Ken
Formulators forum.(emulsification techniques)Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industriesKlein, Ken
Fundamentals of formulating hair care products.Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industriesSchueller, Randy, Romanowski, Perry
Global understanding 2000; toward global harmonization of cosmetic regulation.Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industries 
Hyaluronan: Biology, Pathology and Pharmacology.(Literature review on hyaluronan, also called hyaluronic acid)Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industriesNeudecker, Birgit A. et al
Hyaluronan: History and Biochemistry.Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industriesMaibach, Howard I., Neudecker, Brigit A., Csoka, Antonei Benjamin, Nawy, Susan Stair, Stern, Robert
Introduction to shampoo thickening.(Statistical Data Included)Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industriesHow, Anna M. and Flowers, Amy E.
Jojoba oil penetration effects.Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industries 
Liquid cosmetic esters using propoxylation technology.Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industries 
Making sense of sensory data.(Studies of skin care products)Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industriesWeichers, Johann W. and Wortel, Vincent A.L.
Martha Matilda Harper's formula for success.(history of a hair tonic)Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industriesBrewster, Bud
Measuring Synergy.(An analysis of relation of synergism in prerservation of cosmetics)Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industriesSteinberg, David C.
Metalloproteinase Inhibitors.(The study examines how MMP inhibitors play crucial role in development of new cosmetics)Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industriesThibodeau, Alain
Natural and synthetic hair dyes; a solution for graying hair.(Brief Article)(Statistical Data Included)Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industriesMatkar, N.M.
Natural Extracts for Baby Care.(This study examines the role of synthetic materials and natural extracts in creating new cosmetics)Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industriesVolhardt, Jurgen
New raw materials encyclopedia.(List of ingredients, mixtures, and new sources)Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industries 
Novel Synthesis of High-Active Alkoxylated Alkyl Glyceryl Ether Sulfonate.(This study examines synthesis for production of alkoxylated alkyl glyceryl ether sulfonate)Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industriesChopra, Suman K., Subramanyam, Ravi
Optimizing skin delivery.(Skin-care technology)Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industriesZatz, Joel L.
Packaging Concerns for a Formulator.Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industriesMiller, Robert K. Jr., Muller, Raymond L.
Perfumers need time and teamwork for optimal results.(Interview)Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industries 
Peroxide-inducible protective factors produced by Saccharomyces cerevisiae.Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industriesLods, L., Scholz, C. and Dres, C.
Preservative efficacy testing for stability using impedance.(Brief Article)(Illustration)(Statistical Data Included)Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industriesBasa, Eva Reyes, Flores, Ener
Product innovations.Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industries 
Reducing flaking in hair gels using an ethoxylated triglyceride.Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industries 
Regulatory review.(American Academy of Dermatology, conference)(Column)Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industriesSteinberg, David C.
Regulatory review.(cosmetic industry)(Brief Article)(Statistical Data Included)Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industriesSteinberg, David C.
Regulatory review.(cosmetics regulation in the United States and European Union)Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industriesSteinberg, David C.
Regulatory review.(Statistical Data Included)Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industriesCalogero, Cal
Regulatory review: The Cosmetic Ingredient Review.Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industriesCalogero, Carl
Relative performance testing of formulations: emollients.(Statistical Data Included)Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industriesWiechers, J.W., Groenhof, F.J., Barlow, A.
Relative performance testing of formulations: emulsifiers.Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industries 
Role of skin absorption in cosmetic development.Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industriesBronauagh, Robert L. and Yourick, Jeffery J.
Seeing is believing; shedding light on color perception.(Brief Article)(Statistical Data Included)Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industriesKornecki, Lynne Metcalfe
Sensitive Skin.(Analysis of Symptoms, Perceived Causes and Possible Mechanisms)(The study examines symptoms arising from sensitive skin)Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industriesMorizot, Frederique
Sericite: a functional filler.Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industries 
Silanyl glutamate as a surface treatment for pigments.(Illustration)(Statistical Data Included)Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industriesD.H. Song, Y.J. Choi, K.J. Kim, S.Y. Ko, S.H. Lee, J.U. Hong, H.H. Kang, I.S. Chang, O.S. Lee
Skin and skin care.(research)(Illustration)(Statistical Data Included)(Column)Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industriesFox, Charles.
Skin and Skin Care.(Research on odorant inhalation reveals link with skin barrier homeostasis and brain development)Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industriesFox, Charles
Skin and Skin Care.(Technically speaking)Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industriesFox, Charles
Skin care review 1995-1999.(Statistical Data Included)Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industriesFox, Charles
Skin delivery from lipid vesicles.(Brief Article)(Statistical Data Included)Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industriesTao, L.
Stability analysis of emulsions conntaining UV and IR filters.(Statistical Data Included)Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industriesRocha Miritello Santoro, Maria Inez
Standing frim on safety at the CIR.(Cosmetic Ingredient Review, safety of cosmetic ingredients)(Column)(Interview)Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industriesMcEwen, G.N. Jr.
Study Finds Scattered Successes for Molecular Modeling.(WTEC panel on Applications of Molecular and Materials Modeling examines research and development organizations)Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industriesBrewster, Bud
Technically speaking.(discussions of various toiletries formulations)(Illustration)Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industriesFox, Charles
Technically speaking: Skin and Skin Care.Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industriesFox, Charles
Technically speaking.(skin care; antiseptics; hair care; sunscreens; nails)(Brief Article)(Statistical Data Included)Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industriesFox, Charles
The aging of polymer-stabilized creams: a rheological viewpoint.(Illustration)(Statistical Data Included)Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industriesTamburic, Slobodanka
The dry facts about wet perspiration.Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industries 
The pH of the stratum corneum: an update.Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industries 
Tinged autumnal leaves of maple and cherry trees as potent antioxidant sources.(Statistical Data Included)Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industriesLee, Jeong Jae, Lee, Chung Woo, Cho, Young Ho, Park, Sung Min, Lee, Bum Chun, Pyo, Hyeong Bae
Titanium dioxide and zinc oxide induce photooxidation of unsaturated lipids.(Illustration)(Statistical Data Included)Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industriesSayre, Robert M., Dowdy, John C.
Topical aerosol foam formulations.Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industries 
Topical vitamin C use; claims and controversy.(Brief Article)Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industriesMcDaniel, David
Trends in cosmetic deregulation in the Orient.(Notes from the Orient)(Statistical Data Included)Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industriesHirota, Hiroshi
Triglycerides: A Primary Ingredient for Making Surfactants.Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industriesO'Lenick, Anthony
Water: a possible skin irritant.Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industries 
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