Current Affairs Bulletin - Abstracts

Current Affairs Bulletin
50 years of the Australian Constitution. (reprinted from Current Affairs Bulletin, vol. 7, p. 147, 12 February 1951)General interest 
APEC and the environment: is free trade sustainable? (Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation forum)General interestSee, Catherine, Williams, Jeremy B.
Australian Democrats: from Chippocrats to Green Laborcrats?General interestWarhurst, John
Australians 1901-1951. (reprinted from Current Affairs Bulletin, vol. 7, p. 114, 15 January 1951)General interest 
Australia's continuing interests in Indonesia.General interestCatley, Bob
Australia's stolen children. (Chris Sidoti, Australian Human Rights Commissioner)(Transcript)General interest 
Check your companions: problems of a major reference book.General interestBridges, Doreen
Cosmopolitan Australia and the new citizen.General interestJordens, Ann-Mari
Days of our lives: the 1997 election in the Northern Territory.General interestHeatley, Alistair
Does Australia need a new reactor? (nuclear power)General interestGreen, Jim
Does the government have a Wik double dissolution trigger? (Australia)General interestEvans, Harry
Elections in Thailand 1996: what is missing?General interestReynolds, Craig J., Vasavakul, Thaveeporn
Electoral retribution: Hanson struggles on. (Australia's One Nation Party leader Pauline Hanson)General interestCatley, Bob
Employment blues: what can be done. (Australia)General interestBattin, Tim
Environmental futures and sustainable shares.General interestWilliams, Martin
Fifty years of economic change. (Australia) (reprinted from Current Affairs Bulletin, vol. 8, p. 83, 18 June 1951)General interest 
Global communications: are mobile phones a health hazard?General interestFist, Stewart
Globalisation as a policy outcome.General interestMakinda, Samuel M.
Hamlet's evolution: decision time for Europe. (regarding truly forming a European Union)General interestWood, Stephen
In need of urgent repair? Australia's relations with Papua New Guinea.General interestBurdess, Neil, Smyth, Rosaleen
Kashmir, resolution or dissolution.General interestStern, Robert W.
Mirroring the Nation? Electoral systems and the representation of women.General interestSawer, Marian
Nation under curfew: guns, Papua New Guinea and Bougainville.General interestBieniek, Jan, Trompf, Garry
On the road from Kurwongbah: the Queensland liberals stalled. (Australia)General interestWilliams, Paul D.
Packer, ANI and the ethics of corporate secrecy. (media magnate Kerry Packer)General interestTiffin, Rod
Reconciliation and Aboriginal health.General interestLeeder, Stephen
Road rules ok? Self-protection and social damage. (safety regulations)General interestCurnow, Bill
Selling democracy short: elections in the age of the market. (includes Weblinks)General interestBeresford, Quentin
Singapore students open a window on Australia.General interestBlackburn, Kevin
Social disorder in Indonesia.General interestDugis, Vinsensio
Statistics versus history: the destruction of census forms.General interestPiggott, Michael
Surprise in South Australia: how to turn a record majority into a hung parliament.General interestJaensch, Dean
The 1996 election in New Zealand.General interestVowles, Jack
The 1998 Constitutional Convention: people, politicians and poor old Malcolm.General interestHeadon, David
The 1998 Indonesian crisis and Australia's strategic interests.General interestSulistiyanto, Priyambudi, Catley, Bob
The arithmetic of the Telstra sale.General interestWettenhall, Roger, Collyer, Fran, McMaster, Jim
The Australian answer to the Somali syndrome.General interestPatman, Robert G.
The 'battle of Belmore': multiculturalism comes to the rugby league. (Australian ethnic relations)General interestHughson, John
The making of a president: Ireland's model for Australia? (includes Articles of Irish Constitution amended to apply to Australia)General interestArcher, Jeff
The May 1997 general election in Indonesia - what went wrong?General interestSulistiyanto, Priyambudi
The two-way stretch: marketing women athletes.General interestHayles, Cathy
The welfare lobby, tax reform and a GST: high risk politicking. (goods and services tax)General interestMendes, Philip
Western Australian election 1996; a new era dawns?General interestBlack, David W., Phillips, Harry C.J.
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