De Economist 1998 - Abstracts

De Economist 1998
A commentary on Khalil.(response to Elias L. Khalil, De Economist, vol. 145, no.4, p. 491, 1997)EconomicsEtzioni, Amitai
Anti-dumping undertaking: some critical remarks.(includes reply)(response to P.K.M. Tharakan, De Economist, vol. 145, no. 1, p. 1, April 1997)EconomicsMarion, Marcel F. van
Assessing a safety margin for the fiscal deficit vis-a-vis the EMU ceiling.(European Monetary Union)EconomicsRoodenburg, Hans, Janssen, Reijer, Rele, Harry ter
Cash management, payment patterns and the demand for money.EconomicsBoeschoten, Willem C.
Central banking in a democratic society.EconomicsStiglitz, Joseph E.
Collaboration in R&D: an assessment of theoretical and empirical findings.EconomicsVeugelers, Reinhilde
Competition and innovation.EconomicsBoone, Jan, Dijk, Theon van
Coordination and cooperation in game theory.EconomicsJonge, J.P.R. de
Coordination problems in theorizing: a reply to de Jonge.(economist)EconomicsLecq, Fieke van der
Did real world per capita income really grow faster in 1870-1913 than in 1973-1992?EconomicsBergeijk, Peter A.G. van
Economic globalization from a broader, long-term perspective: some questions and concerns.EconomicsWitteveen, H.J.
Evolutionary game theory and the modeling of economic behavior.EconomicsLaan, Gerard van der, Tieman, Xander
Financial market competition: the effects of transparency.EconomicsKoedijk, Kees G., Huisman, Ronald
Financial structure: theories and stylized facts for six EU countries.EconomicsDe Bondt, Gabe J.
Generational accounts for the Dutch public sector.EconomicsRele, Harry Ter
Interests and commitments: replies to Etzioni, Dolfsma and van Straveren.(response to articles by Amitai Etzioni and by Wilfred Dolfsma and Irene van Staveren in this issue, p. 603 and 606)EconomicsKhalil, Elias L.
International convergence of capital market interest rates.EconomicsFase, M.M.G., Vlaar, P.J.G.
Khalil versus Smith: do moral sentiments differ from ordinary tastes?(response to Elias L. Khalil, De Economist, vol. 145, no.4, p. 491, 1997)EconomicsDolfsma, Wilfred, Staveren, Irene van
Market structure and innovation: a survey of the last twenty years.EconomicsCayseele, P.J.G. van
Monetary policy uncertainty and inflation: the role of central bank accountability.EconomicsSchaling, Eric, Nolan, Charles
Simon Kuipers: an economist in search of rigour and relevance.(economist)EconomicsFase, M.M.G., Klundert, Th. van de
Some reflections on the euro and competition in European financial markets.EconomicsPalm, F.C.
Statistical discrimination in the labour market: an efficient vice?EconomicsHaagsma, Rein
Target zones and realignment risk: an integrated approach.EconomicsVlaar, Peter J.G.
The information content of the yield curve for monetary policy: a survey.EconomicsBerk, Jan Marc
The jigsaw puzzle of policy and dynamics: who can put the pieces together?EconomicsCanoy, Marcel, Bartelsman, Eric, Bijl, Paul de
The life cycle of daily newspapers in the Netherlands: 1848-1997.EconomicsPalm, Franz C., Pfann, Gerard A., Kranenburg, H.L. van
Transaction cost economics: how it works; where it is headed.EconomicsWilliamson, Oliver E.
VATs and CEE countries: a survey and analysis.(value added tax, Central and Eastern Europe)EconomicsCnossen, Sijbren
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