De Economist 1999 - Abstracts

De Economist 1999
Ageing and fiscal policy in the Netherlands.Economicsvan Ewijk, Casper, Rele, Harry ter
Baumol's law and Verdoorn's regularity.EconomicsFase, M.M.G., Winder, C.C.A.
Economic efficiency and ethics.EconomicsKlundert, Theo van de
Endogenous growth in a small open economy: any policy lessons?(Notes and Communications)(Netherlands)EconomicsNahuis, Richard, Ven, Jeroen van de
Fundamental tax reform in the United States.EconomicsCnossen, Sijbren
Innovation, knowledge creation and technology policy: the case of the Netherlands.EconomicsSoete, L.L.G., Weel, B.J. Ter
Is Belgium ready for EMU? A look at national, sectoral and regional developments.EconomicsAbraham, Filip, Rompuy, Joeri Van
Measuring monetary conditions in Europe: use and limitations of the MCI.(Monetary Conditions Index)EconomicsPeeters, Marga
Nominal wage contracts, adjustment shocks and real persistence of monetary shocks.EconomicsFolkertsma, C.K.
Some classic views on entrepreneurship.EconomicsPraag, C.Mirjam van
Some evidence on the relevance of bank behaviour for the lending channel in the Netherlands.EconomicsSterken, Elmer, Garretsen, Harry, Ees, Hans van
Taxes and benefits in a non-linear wage equation.EconomicsHuizinga, F.H., Graafland, J.J.
Taylor rules in a limited participation model.(rules for deciding on interest rates)EconomicsChristiano, Lawrence J., Gust, Christopher J.
The circulation of euro banknotes and coins in the Netherlands.EconomicsPeeters, Marga, Hebbink, Gerbert
The exchange rate and the monetary transmission mechanism in Germany.EconomicsSmets, Frank, Wouters, Raf
The precarious fiscal foundations of EMU.(European monetary union and fiscal policy)EconomicsSims, Christopher
The sources of industrial leadership: a perspective on industrial policy.EconomicsNelson, Richard R.
The success of econometrics.EconomicsMagnus, Jan R.
Turkish clothing in Amsterdam: the rise and fall of a perfectly competitive labour market.EconomicsHartog, Joop, Zorlu, Aslan
What can we expect from subsidies for the long-term unemployed?EconomicsJongen, Egbert L.W.
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