Defense & Security Electronics - Abstracts

Defense & Security Electronics
1996 buyers' guide.(Buyers Guide)Electronics and electrical industries 
Achieving the promise of object-oriented software.Electronics and electrical industries 
Ada to the rescue: modernizing a legacy system. (computer language)Electronics and electrical industriesCrafts, Ralph
Advanced imaging technologies find aircraft flaws. (Air Force's Non Destructive Inspection Facility)Electronics and electrical industriesGourley, Scott
Are you ready to select the right portable data acquisition system?Electronics and electrical industriesSchraff, Fred
Buried in paper? Tune in to an optical jukebox.Electronics and electrical industries 
CALS: what does it mean for you and your organization? (Computer Aided Logistics Support)Electronics and electrical industriesGourley, Scott R.
Commerce Department pursues data storage advances.Electronics and electrical industriesLesser, Roger
Commercial off-the-shelf devices combine to save lives. (Tactical Communications)Electronics and electrical industriesLesser, Roger
Commercial satellite imaging helps DoD maintain the peace. (Dept. of Defense)(includes related article on satellite imaging technology)Electronics and electrical industriesHanley, Colleen, Messina, Joe
Computers: does COTS cut it? (commercial-off-the-shelf sourcing for Defense Dept computers)(includes related article on ruggedized computers)Electronics and electrical industriesAlway, Curt, Baker, Don
Computer security - the weak link?(Editorial)Electronics and electrical industriesLesser, Roger
Directory. (suppliers of defense and security electronics)(Directory)Electronics and electrical industries 
DMS conference underscores the need for support of older systems.(Diminishing Manufacturing Sources)Electronics and electrical industriesWeiss, Peter Ulrich
DMS: keeping your Eagles, Tomcats and Mustangs up and running.(Diminishing Manufacturing Sources)Electronics and electrical industriesRedding, John
DoD surveillance demands refocus on airborne systems.Electronics and electrical industriesGourley, Scott
Does COTS mean compromise for data storage users? (use of commercial-off-the-shelf products)Electronics and electrical industriesKayes, Edwin
DSP technology boosts multi-channel receiver performance. (digital signal processing)Electronics and electrical industriesKellerhoff, Cornelius
Dual-use technologies rescue silent movies. (digital instrumentation magnetic recording)Electronics and electrical industries 
Face recognition: the oldest way to verify ID is now the newest.(Imaging Technology)Electronics and electrical industriesKuperstein, Michael
Getting the most for your ruggedized computer dollar.Electronics and electrical industriesAlway, Curt
How you can avoid confusion when purchasing a data recorder.Electronics and electrical industriesBuschbach, Chuck
Information empowerment: the key force multiplier. (Computer Security)(includes information on multi-level security)Electronics and electrical industriesGuilbault, R.G.
Library Systems: 21st century technology today. (digital data storage selection)Electronics and electrical industriesAlway, Curt
Machine vision setting new standards in remote surveillance.Electronics and electrical industriesSink, David
Many options for implementing Fortezza is in the MISSI framework. (Fortezza PC Card; Multi-level Information Security System Initiative)(Computer Security Supplement)Electronics and electrical industriesLawrence, David
Meeting the COMSEC challenge. (communications security)Electronics and electrical industriesLesser, Rober
"Nemesis": imaging technology provides countermeasures to defeat the IR missile threat.(infrared)Electronics and electrical industriesGourley, Scott R.
New HF transceiver technology benefits videoconferencing. (SICOM Inc. product)Electronics and electrical industriesPutnam, Robert
New imaging technology helps soldiers survive on the battlefield.Electronics and electrical industriesGourley, Scott R.
New infrared camera improves U.S. Navy weapons testing.Electronics and electrical industriesCaffee, Les, Keller, Patrick
New optical drive makes technological breakthroughs. (PD2000e rewritable optical and 4x CD-ROM data storage and retrieval subsystem)Electronics and electrical industriesLesser, Roger
Optical jukeboxes play the right tune for mass storage.Electronics and electrical industriesIngmire, Pam
Over hill, over dell, but not overseas. (debate over sending US troops to Bosnia)Electronics and electrical industries 
Positive identification using infrared facial imagery. (Thermal Imaging)Electronics and electrical industriesEvans, David C.
PowerPC + Ada 95 = new power and software capabilities. (PowerPC Architecture)Electronics and electrical industries 
Q-70: redefining commercial off-the-shelf for the U.S. Navy. (Loral Defense Systems Eagan's AN/UYQ-70 tactical workstation)Electronics and electrical industriesWestergren, John
Real-time digital processing: getting the most out of your surveillance video.Electronics and electrical industriesDeForest, Sherman
Researchers detail gigabit-scale DRAM cell effort. (Dynamic Random Access Memory)Electronics and electrical industries 
Royal Air Force turning to COTS to support its Harriers.(commercial off-the-shelf)Electronics and electrical industriesHoare, Peter
Security solutions for wireless data communications systems. (includes related article on data-security techniques)(Computer Security Supplement)Electronics and electrical industriesCohen, Andrew, Millaway, Raymond
Solid-state mass memory goes airborne.Electronics and electrical industriesKaufman, Bruce
So when are we going to get the new technology?(Editorial)Electronics and electrical industriesLesser, Roger
The "big six" elements of good security software.(Computer Security Supplement)Electronics and electrical industriesBorn, Richard
The evils of the military-industrial complex.(Editorial)Electronics and electrical industriesLesser, Roger
The Internet: a threat to national security?Electronics and electrical industries 
The need to keep the defense and security edge, part two.(Editor's Notebook)(Editorial)Electronics and electrical industriesLesser, Roger
The state of the defense electronics industrial base. (part 1)(Industry Forecast)Electronics and electrical industriesMoss, Kenneth B., Losman, Donald L.
The state of the defense electronics industrial base, part 2.(Industry Overview)Electronics and electrical industriesMoss, Kenneth B., Losman, Donald L.
U.S. Air Force C2 lab exploring advanced concepts.Electronics and electrical industries 
Versatile data acquisition arrives. (data acquisitions technology)Electronics and electrical industriesTrcka, Milan V.
Videoconferencing: seeing is believing.Electronics and electrical industriesLesser, Roger
View screen on Mr. Spock. (imaging and display technologies)(Editorial)Electronics and electrical industriesLesser, Roger
What you need to know about ruggedized computers.Electronics and electrical industriesFisher, Paul, Iverson, Norm, Obright, Neil
Windows 95 is here ... but are you ready for it?(Microsoft operating system software)Electronics and electrical industriesLesser, Roger
Windows 95 - "it's alive."(software improvements)(Editorial)Electronics and electrical industriesLesser, Roger
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