European Foreign Affairs Review - Abstracts

European Foreign Affairs Review
Acts to combat the financing of terrorism: Common foreign and security policy at the European Court of Justice.LawVlcek, William
Altruism or self-interest? an exploratory study of the EU's external image in South Africa.LawOlivier, Gerrit, Fioramonti, Lorenzo
Border security in the Eastern neighborhood: where bio-politics and geopolitics meet.(European Neighborhood Policy)LawGatev, Ivaylo
China's views of Europe: a maturing partnership.LawPoletti, Arlo, Peruzzi, Roberto, Shuangquan Zhang
Complementarity and rivalry in EU-China economic relations in the twenty-first century.LawAndreosso-O'Callaghan Bernadette, Nicolas, Francoise
Conflicts between the disciplines of EC state aids and WTO subsidies: of books, ships and aircraft.(World Trade Organization)(European Commission)Lawde Madrid, Gustavo E. Luengo Hernandez
Different facets of a strategic partnership: how the EU is viewed by political and business elites, civil society and the press in India.LawFioramonti, Lorenzo
'East is east, and west is west': a survey of EU images in Japan's public discourses.LawChaban, Natalia, Kauffman, Marco
Egyptian views of the EU: pragmatic, paternalistic and partnership concerns.LawBayoumi, Soha
Exporting the acquis communautaire into the legal system of third countries.(acquis communautaire)Law 
From apology to Utopia: EU-ACP economic partnership agreements oscillating between WTO conformity and sustainability.(African, Caribbean and Pacific Group of States)(European Union)(World Trade Organization)LawThallinger, Gerhard
From boundary to borderland: transforming the meaning of borders through the European neighbourhood policy.LawComelli, Michele, Greco, Ettore, Tocci, Nathalie
Gradual integration: An attractive alternative integration process for Turkey and the EU.LawKarakas, Cemal
Helping transition: The EU police mission in the Democratic Republic of Congo (EUPOL Kinshasa) in the framework of EU policies in the Great Lakes.LawMartinelli, Marta
How to save the Doha round: A European perspective.LawVan Duck, Pitou, Faber, Gerrit
Imagining Europe: internal and external non-state actors at the European crossroads.LawAndretta, Massimiliano, Doerr, Nicole
Janus advances? An analysis of EC development policy and the 2005 amended Cotonou partnership agreement.(European Commission)LawHadfield, Amelia
Judicial review of UN sanctions by the Court of First Instance.LawLavranos, Nikolaos
Mapping-out the new contractual relations between the European Union and its neighbours: learning from the EU-Ukraine 'Enhanced agreement'.LawHillion, Christophe
Mind the gap: narrowing the legitimacy gap in EU-Israeli relations.(European Union)LawHarpaz, Guy
Mixing tools against proliferation: The EU's strategy for dealing with weapons of mass destruction.LawAlvarez-Verdugo, Milagros
Normative power Europe and the problem of legitimacy deficit: an Israeli perspective.LawHarpaz, Guy
'Only through enlargement': the new European myth?LawGiamouridis, Anastios
Political dialogue and security in the European neighborhood: the virtues and limits of 'new partnership perspectives'.(European Neighborhood Policy)LawWebber, Mark, Smith, Michael E.
Public opinion and the development of the European security and defense policy.LawOppermann, Kai, Hose, Alexander
Rapprochement between the EU and the UN: history and balance of intersecting political cultures.(United Nations)(European Union)LawAdriaenssens, Philippe
Reinforcing ambivalence: the interaction of Gulf States and the European Union.(Gulf Cooperation Council)LawEdwards, Geoffrey, Baabood, Abdulla
Security provider or security consumer? The European Union and conflict management.LawBarbe, Esther, Kienzle, Benjamin
That elusive object of desire: Canadian perceptions of the European Union.LawCroci, Osvaldo, Tossutti, Livianna
The EU and conflict in West Africa.(European Union)LawYoungs, Richard
The EU for Brazil: a partner towards a 'fairer' globalization?LawPoletti, Arlo
The EU response to the tsunami and the need for a human security approach.LawGlasius, Marlies
The Euro-Mediterranean partnership: the role and impact of the economic and financial dimension.LawBrach, Juliane
The European Union and China: The great disillusion.LawHolslag, Jonathan
The European Union and democracy promotion in bad neighborhoods: The case of Central Asia.LawWarkotsch, Alexander
The European Union and international order: European and global dimensions.LawSmith, Michael
The European union in the eyes of others: towards filling a gap in the literature.LawLucarelli, Sonia
The European Union's new Africa strategy: Grounds for cautious optimism.LawKingah, S.S.
The EU's joint actions on anti-personnel mines and unexploded ordnance: Finding a security policy identity.(European Union)LawDover, Robert
The external dimension of EU action in criminal matters.LawMitsilegas, Valsamis
The Political and Security Committee: governing in the shadow.LawReynolds, Christopher, Juncos, Ana E.
The referendum in Montenegro: the EU's 'postmodern diplomacy'.(Serbia and Montenegro)LawFriis, Karsten
To build a State: Europeanization, EU actorness and state building in Kosovo.LawPapadimitriou, Dimitris, Petrov, Petar, Greicevci, Labinot
Transitional arrangements for enlargement.(North Atlantic Treaty Organization)(European Union)(Editorial)Lawvan Eekelen, Willem
Why and to what extent a common interpretative position for mixed agreements?LawKarayigit, Mustafa T.
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