Harvard Journal of Asiatic Studies 1992 - Abstracts

Harvard Journal of Asiatic Studies 1992
Chu-ko Liang in the eyes of his contemporaries.Regional focus/area studiesHenry, Eric
Colophons in countermotion: poems by Su Shih and Huang T'ing-chien on paintings.Regional focus/area studiesSargent, Stuart H.
Family, Landsmann, and status-group affinity in refugee mobility strategies: the Mongol invasions and the diaspora of Sichuanese elites, 1230-1330.Regional focus/area studiesSmith, Paul J.
Immediacy and allusion in the poetry of Li Bo.Regional focus/area studiesVarsano, Paula M.
Matsuo Basho and the poetics of scent.Regional focus/area studiesShirane, Haruo
Saikaku's haikai requiem: 'A Thousand Haikai Alone in a Single Day,' the first hundred verses.Regional focus/area studiesDrake, Christopher
The collision of traditions in Saikaku's haikai.Regional focus/area studiesDrake, Christopher
The 'Ise monogatari': a short cultural history.Regional focus/area studiesBowring, Richard
The Lingyin Si monkey disciples and the origins of Sun Wukong.Regional focus/area studiesShahar, Meir
The organization and utilization of labor service under the Jurchen Chin dynasty.Regional focus/area studiesChan, Hok-Lam
What is 'bianxiang'? - on the relationship between Dunhuang art and Dunhuang literature.Regional focus/area studiesWu Hung
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