Harvard Journal of Asiatic Studies 1998 - Abstracts

Harvard Journal of Asiatic Studies 1998
Domyaku Sensei and "The Housemaid's Ballad" (1769).Regional focus/area studiesMarkus, Andrew
'Fengyue meng' and the courtesan novel.Regional focus/area studiesHanan, Patrick
From woman warrior to peripatetic entertainer: the multiple histories of Tomoe.Regional focus/area studiesBrown, Steven T.
Macroscopic vs. microscopic: spatial sensibilities in waka of the Bakumatsu period.Regional focus/area studiesThomas, Roger K.
Poetry and transformation: Su Shih's mirage.Regional focus/area studiesCheang, Alice W.
Reading the rhetoric of seduction in 'Izumi Shikibu nikki.'.Regional focus/area studiesWallace, John R.
Ritual, ritual manuals, and the crisis of the Confucian world: an interpretation of 'Rulin waishi'.Regional focus/area studiesShang, Wei
Sages, ministers, and rebels: narratives from early China concerning the initial creation of the state.Regional focus/area studiesPuett, Michael
Textual malfeasance in Yosan Akiko's 'Shin'yaku Genji monogatari.'Regional focus/area studiesRowley, G.G.
The making of a villain: Ch'in Kuei and 'Tao-hsueh.'Regional focus/area studiesHartman, Charles
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