Harvard Journal of Asiatic Studies 2007 - Abstracts

Harvard Journal of Asiatic Studies 2007
Enshrining the first Ming Confucian.Regional focus/area studiesKhee Heong Koh
Koda Rohan's literary debut (1889) and the temporal topology of Meiji Japan.(novel Tsuyu dandan)Regional focus/area studiesKurita, Kyoko
Listening to the printed martial arts scene: onomatopoeia and the Qing Dynasty storyteller's voice.Regional focus/area studiesKeulemans, Paize
Medical schools and the temples of the three progenitors in Yuan China: a case of cross-cultural interactions.Regional focus/area studiesShinno, Reiko
Memory, mourning, and genre in the works of Yu Yue.Regional focus/area studiesHuntington, Rania
The manuscript legacy of the Tang: the case of literature.Regional focus/area studiesOwen, Stephen
"Topic poetry is all ours": poetic composition on Chinese lines in early Heian Japan.Regional focus/area studiesDenecke, Wiebke
Xunzi and early Han philosophy.Regional focus/area studiesGoldin, Paul R.
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