Hospital Financial Management - Abstracts

Hospital Financial Management
Affordable computing for financial managers.Health care industryBurychka, William M.
Antitrust cases increase: health planning activities test Sherman Act.Health care industryGrimm, Karen, Sims, Joe
Do national surveys reveal fact or fiction? (nurse shortage)Health care industryMcNally, James
Experimental payments program: it's working for Rochester-area hospitals.Health care industryBlock, James A., Regenstreif, Donna I., Shute, Leonard J.
For timely decision making: a capital equipment acquisition process. (includes editors comments)Health care industryOszustowicz, Richard J., Dignam, Donald R.
Hospital corporate reorganizations: adapting to regulations and the marketplace.Health care industryGerber, Lawrence
How will new health proposals affect cost shifting?Health care industryCaulfield, Stephen C.
Leadership has a logic all its own.Health care industryStech, Ernest L.
New financial relationships: medicare vouchers - the concept and the issues.Health care industryUnger, Walter J.
Paperless processing: monitoring the growing wave.Health care industryHawkins, Beverly J., Hatfield, James
Policy issues in healthcare capital management.Health care industryValiante, John D.
Preserving alternate income: assessing IRS positions on lab services tax.Health care industryBromberg, Robert S.
Reductions in hospital capacity: physicians' behavior and the administrators' challenge.Health care industryStano, Miron, Horwitz, Ronald M, Aten, Ralph
Sensitive managers can improve the working environment.Health care industryKaiser, Leland R.
Shared data processing - a new approach.Health care industryPoggio, Frank L.
The nursing home: capital formation and funding. (part 4)Health care industrySilvers, J.B., Spitz, Bruce
Word processing in hospitals: improve information handling while holding down costs.Health care industryPukay-Martin, Harry E., Phillips, Daniel J.
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