Hospitals, Journal of American Hospital Association - Abstracts

Hospitals, Journal of American Hospital Association
25 years of hospital management research reviewed.Health care industryGraff, Louis
A survey of hospital salaries: presenting complete, up-to-date information on most key positions.Health care industryCollins, Linda I.
Bidding for hospitals: be ready when a buyer - or lessee - knocks.Health care industryBrown, Montague, McCool, Barbara
Boon or bane, business coalitions have entered the health care scene.Health care industryp64(5), Keenan, Carol
Business examines hospitals.Health care industryRichards, Glenn
Can Reagan really reform regulations?Health care industryDeWitt, Cynthia
CEO sets the style of organization's planning. (chief executive officer)Health care industryNeiman, Judith S.
Clinical lab: managing the products of automation.Health care industryKernaghan, Salvinija G.
Comprehensive rehabilitation care will take prominent place in delivery system.Health care industryMackey, Francis G.
Congress eyes curbs on tax-exempt bonds.Health care industryLesparre, Michael
Cost containment: the heat is on, and up. (hospitals)Health care industryRichards, Glenn
Diversification: broadening hospital services: what makes sense?Health care industryGoldsmith, Jeff
Doctor, the patient will see you now (an "oversupply" of physicians)Health care industryFriedman, Emily
Efficient engineering.Health care industryMcLarney, V. James, Davis Joe
Emerging malpractice trends: expansion of hospital liability continues.Health care industryO'Brien, J. Phillip
Energy management: conservation stands at a crossroads.Health care industryRichards, Glenn
Evaluating the new case-mix systems.Health care industryHulm, Cherie, Burik, David
From light bulbs to CT scanners, group purchasing is filling the bill at a lower price.Health care industryRichards, Glenn
Hospital economic forecast.Health care industryJohnson, Kenneth A.
Hospital economic forecast: a service of hospitals and Merrill Lynch Economics, Inc.Health care industryJohnson, Kenneth A.
Hospital economic forecast: new trend index looks two years ahead.Health care industry 
Hospital installs dial-an-X ray system. (University of California at San Francisco)Health care industry 
Hospitals rediscover comprehensive home care.Health care industryMcNamara, Evelyn
Ideas outpace reality of hospital strategic planning, but do they pinpoint the future?Health care industryWebber, James B.
Infection control practice shifts to encompass variety of disciplines.Health care industryPhillips, Donald F.
Insurance reps debate corporate role in health care.Health care industry 
It's going to hurt for more than just a little while. (hospital finances)Health care industry 
Job-sharing alternative draws nurses back to the hospital.Health care industryBardi, Carol A.
Lessons from New Jersey: hospitals acquiring equipment under prospective pricing can learn from others experienced with the system.Health care industryWasserman, Jeffrey
'Lights, camera, action'! (Lee Memorial Hospital, Fort Myers, Florida)Health care industryRichards, Glenn
Long-term care becomes major new role for hospitals.Health care industryEvashwick, Connie
Long-term care policy must change to fit new geriatric care needs.Health care industrySomers, Anne R.
Marketing: a tool that serves hospitals' survival instincts.Health care industryMcMillan, Norman H.
Organization and management of vertical systems faces constraints, demands.Health care industryBrueck, Robert P.
Outlook for EMS guarded but favorable. (emergency medical services)Health care industryRichards, Glenn
Ownership issues confront county hospitals.Health care industryHitt, David H., Sullivan, Robert B.
Pediatric medical center helps to overcome the problems of inadequate health care delivery in a rural area.Health care industry 
Profiling the planner.Health care industrySchlezinger, Ira H., Green, Lois
Security update, 1983.Health care industryColling, Russell L.
Shifting sands: state laws redefine records accessibility.Health care industryFriedman, Emily
Slicing the pie thinner: hospitals and physicians square off over primary care services.Health care industryFriedman, Emily
Social Security must change: means test hard but necessary.Health care industryCunningham, Robert M., Jr.
States' reactions to federal Medicaid cuts still uncertain.Health care industryDeWitt, Cynthia
Swing beds: new diversification opportunity for small and rural hospitals.Health care industrySupplitt, John T.
Talking to the board: by opening communication lines with board members, CEOs promote continuity and effective handling of key issues. (chief executive officers)Health care industryEwell, Charles M. (chief executive officers)
Technology and the surgical suite: forest of instrumentation improves, but complicates, surgical practice.Health care industryKernaghan, Salvinija G.
The light that failed: psychiatric 'deinstitutionalization' has betrayed its promise.Health care industryFreidman, Emily
The next step: the Feds and hospital recognize that payment incentives need changing.Health care industryRichards, Glenn
The obtrusive neighbor: hospitals wanting to flourish need to win ongoing community support.Health care industryThomas, Julia, Lee, Kenneth E.
The pendulum swings. (the conflict between competition and quality care in hospitals)Health care industryThompson, Richard E.
The systems need some solutions. (hospital information systems)Health care industryFriedman, Emily
The ways, they are a'changing: both instrument and scientific technologies have had a major impact on the delivery of clinical services.Health care industry 
Those enterprising SSOs. (shared service organizations)Health care industryPlant, Janet
Voluntary communitywide health planning.Health care industryFriedman, Emily
Why risk management and quality assurance should be integrated.Health care industryOrlikoff, James E., Lanham, Gary B.
Will Reaganomics finally force hospitals to 'pay the price'?Health care industry 
Your friendly neighborhood diagnosis-aiding talking computer.Health care industryFriedman, Emily
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