Human Rights Review - Abstracts

Human Rights Review
Access to justice: Widows and the institutions regulating succession to property in Uganda.Political scienceKafumbe, Anthony Luyirika
Alone and far from home: Are separated refugee children adequately protected?Political scienceHalvorsen, Kate
Americanism, un-Americanism, anti-Americanism.Political scienceKaplan, Roger
American justice as a pretext for anti-Americanism.Political scienceRigoulot, Pierre
A neo-communitarian approach to international relations: Rights and the good.Political scienceEtzioni, Amitai
Are the powers of traditional leaders in South Africa compatible with women's equal rights?: Three conceptual arguments.Political scienceBentley, Kristina A.
Beyond "nonsense of stilts": Towards conceptual clarity and resolution of conflicting economic rights.Political scienceBeyer, Gerard J.
Beyond reparations: Justice as Indigenism.Political scienceBradford, William
Bypassing obstacles to access: How NGOs are taken piggy-back to the UN.(Nongovernmental organizations and United Nations)Political scienceMartens, Lyana
Can it start small, but end BIG? Expanding social assistance in South Africa.(basic income grant)Political scienceHarman, Eva
Capitalist limits to liberal democracy: A response to John A. Berteaux.Political scienceStolze, Ted
Chechnya: another battleground for the perpetration of gender based crimes.(A Symposium on Chechyna)Political scienceVandenberg, Martina, Askin, Kelly
Children's rights in Turkey.(A Symposium on Human Rights in Turkey)Political scienceLibal, Kathryn
Child soldiers and international law: Patchwork gains and conceptual debates.Political scienceFox, Mary-Jane
Citizenship and preemptive war: The lesson from Iraq.Political scienceFiala, Andrew
Clarity and confusion in the human rights debate: An editorial.Political scienceHerbert, Gary B.
Cobden on freedom, peace, and trade.Political scienceWoods, Thomas E., Jr.
Collaborators and the politics of memory in Chile.Political sciencePayne, Leigh A.
Conceiving human rights without ontology.Political scienceLanglois, Anthony J.
Constraining war: Human security and the human right to peace.Political scienceHayden, Patrick
Culture, human rights, and the politics of resentment in the era of globalization.Political scienceHoward-Hassmann, Rhoda E.
Dignity, discrimination, and context: New directions in South Africa and Canadian human rights law.Political scienceSmall, Joan, Grant, Evadne
Does domestic politics limit the influence of external actors on ethnic politics?Political scienceKelley, Judith
Europe's walls and human rights.Political scienceBertman, Martin
Explaining judicial reform outcomes in new democracies: the importance of authoritarian legalism in Argentina, Brazil, and Chile.Political sciencePereira, Anthony W.
Fighting the enemy within: Terrorism, the School of the Americas, and the military in Latin America.Political scienceWeeks, Gregory
Flawed attacks on contemporary human rights: Laudan, Sunstein, and the cost-benefit state.Political scienceShrader-Frachette, Kristin
Gandhi on the dynamics of civilizations.Political scienceParel, Anthony J.
Genocide in Bosnia and Herzegovina.Political scienceMarkusen, Eric, Mennecke, Martin
Genocide in Kosovo.Political scienceRonayne, Peter
Hirohito's war crimes responsibility: the unrepentant emperor.(Biography)Political scienceLi, Peter
How did the Virginians ground religious rights?Political scienceNovak, Michael
Human rights and cultural conflict.Political sciencePeterson, Richard T.
Human rights and the Kurdish issue in Turkey: 1984-1999.(A Symposium on Human Rights in Turkey)Political scienceBozarslan, Hamit
Human rights in Africa: From communitarian values to utilitarian practice.Political scienceHellsten, Sirkku K.
Human Rights in Saddam's Iraq: the violent coercion and repression of the Iraqi people.Political scienceHerbert, Gary B.
Human rights instruction at the U.S. Army School of the Americas.Political scienceRamsey, Russell W., Raimondo, Antonio
Human rights in Turkey - a summary report.(A Symposium on Human Rights in Turkey)Political scienceKilic, Zeynep
Human rights of children: their right to information.Political scienceKoren, Marian
Human rights, religion, and the cosmopolitan sensibility.Political scienceBronner, Stephen Eric
Indians and antiracism in Brazil.Political scienceWarren, Jonathan W.
Indigenous rights in El Salvador: Prospects for change.(Leftist Farabundo Marti Liberation Front)Political sciencePatrick, Lyana
Iraq: Country report on human rights practices-2002.Political scienceHerbert, Gary B.
Is there a right to immigration?: A libertarian perspective.Political scienceBlock, Walter, Callahan, Gene
Legal contraints on the international community's responses to gross violations of human rights and humanitarian law in Kosovo, East Timor, and Chechnya.Political scienceCerone, John P.
Legislative reforms in Turkey and European human rights mechanisms.(A Symposium on Human Rights in Turkey)Political scienceHicks, Neil
Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender rights and the religious relativism of human rights.Political scienceEndsjo, D.O.
Mass graves in Iraq: uncovering atrocities.Political scienceHerbert, Gary B.
Minority rights and the dialectics of the nation: Otto Bauer's Theory of the nation and its contributions to multicultural theory and globalization.Political scienceRoach, Steven C.
Moral dilemmas and pedagogical challenges in teaching about genocide.Political scienceApsel, Joyce
Of pigs and poison shelves.(interview with Bernd Lippmann a secondary school teacher)(Interview)Political scienceRodden, John
On what is war on terror?.Political scienceKeller, Simon
Paradoxical bedfellows: Nihilism and human rights.Political scienceFargan, Andrew
Political justice under authoritarian regimes in Argentina, Brazil, and Chile.Political sciencePereira, Anthony W.
Political liberalism and asymmetrical rights for minority comprehensive doctrines.Political scienceAvila, Mitch
Political order and the individual and the law in the debate on human rights in the 1990s.Political scienceKoerner, Andrei
Political violence and human rights in a Latin American context.Political scienceAronson, Bernard
Political will and public trust: El Salvador's Procurator for the Defense of Human Rights and the dilemmas of institution-building.Political scienceDodson, Michael, Jackson, Donald W., O'Shaughnessy, Laura
Prosecuting the cheerful murderer: Natural law and the national socialists crimes in West German courts, 1945-1950.Political scienceBryant, Micheal S.
Providing justice and reconciliation: The criminal tribunals for Sierra Leone and Cambodia.(Organization overview)Political scienceBarria, Lilian A., Roper, Steven D.
Public health, human rights, and the beneficence of states.Political scienceBeyrer, Chris
Reconciling universality and diversity in international human rights: A theoretical and methodological framework and its application in the context of Islam.Political scienceBrems, Eva
Reply to Ted Stolze.(about african american rights)Political scienceBerteaux, John A.
Revealing and concealing: Islamist discourse on human rights.Political scienceCarle, Robert
Russian nationalism and Moscow's violation of human rights in the second Chechen war.(A Symposium on Chechnya)Political scienceTanrisever, Oktay
Self-determination as a universal human right.Political scienceHolder, Cindy
September 11 and the resurgence of anti-Americanism.Political scienceYannakakis, Ilios
Social rights protection under socialism: A Chinese case.Political scienceThelle, Hatla
Sorry mates: Reconciliation and self-determination in Australian Aboriginal health.Political scienceKaplan-Myrth, Nili
Suicide bombing: A challenge to just-war theory and natural law.Political scienceKainz, Howard
The global promotion of gender equality- A propaganda approach.Political scienceAlleyne, Mark DaCosta
The good and its shadow: The view of Levinas on human rights as the surpassing of political rationality.Political scienceBurggraeve, Roger
The Hilsner case and ritual murder.(Leopold Hilsner)Political scienceCurtis, Michael
The human rights situation in present-day Cuba.Political scienceCason, James C.
The international financial institutions and human rights: Law and practice.Political scienceFeyter, Koen De
The international legal prohibition of genocide comes of age.Political scienceSchabas, William A.
The Islamist movement in Turkey and human rights.(A Symposium on Human Rights in Turkey)Political scienceWhite, Jeremy B.
The legal processing of human rights violations in Germany and Austria, 1933-1945.(Edith Kurzweil)Political scienceHorowitz, Irving Louis
The oHappy Conventiono - Is our new unwritten constitution better than our old written one?Political scienceQuirk, William J.
The politics of genocide.Political scienceKeulman, Kenneth
The possibility of secular human rights: Alan Gerwith and the Principle of Generic Consistency.Political scienceKohen, Ari
The pursuit of "terrorists" in Chechnya: blood on whose hands?(A Symposium on Chechnya)Political scienceWood, Paul
The report of the International Commission of Inquiry on Darfur: The question of genocide.Political scienceQuenivet, Noelle
The role of individual states in addressing cases of genocide.Political scienceCampbell, Kenneth J.
The role of international intervention in facilitating violence and peace in El Salvador, 1977-1998.Political scienceGomez, Mayra
The second Iraq war one year on: Can George W. Bush and Tony Blair be tried for war crimes?.Political scienceHakki, Murat Metin
The transatlantic dimension of right-wing extremism.Political scienceGrumke, Thomas
The truth and fiction about (Turkey's) human rights politics.(A Symposium on Human Rights in Turkey)Political scienceCizre, Umit
The United Nations and genocide: Prevention, intervention, and prosecution.Political scienceTotten, Samuel, Bartrop, Paul R.
To punish or pardon: a comparison of the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda and the South African Truth and Reconciliation Commission.Political scienceGraybill, Lyn
Toward a natural history of Holocaust studies.Political scienceHorowitz, Irving Louis
Transition scenarios for a post-Castro Cuba: Military outcomes or civil prospects.Political scienceHorowitz, Irving Louis
Turkey in the middle east: the Islamic war with itself.(A Symposium on Human Rights in Turkey)Political scienceKaplan, Roger F.S.
Unilateral jurisdiction: Universal jurisdiction al' Americaine in the age of post-realist power.Political scienceColonomos, Ariel
What are the limits of liberal democratic ideals in relation to overcoming global inequality and injustice?Political scienceBerteaux, John A.
What was all the shouting about? Strategic bargaining and protest at the WTO Third Ministerial meeting.(World Trade Organization)Political scienceHertel, Shareen
Women's rights as human rights: the Turkish case.(A Symposium on Human Rights in Turkey)Political scienceArat, Yesim
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