International Journal of Comparative Labour Law and Industrial Relations - Abstracts

International Journal of Comparative Labour Law and Industrial Relations
Access to justice, trade union rights, and the Indian Industrial Disputes Act, 1947.(Law overview)LawGopalakrishnan, Ramapriya, Tortell, Lisa
Adapting to the European Employment Strategy? Recent developments in Italian employment policy.LawGraziano, Paolo
An analysis of changing industrial relations in China.LawJie Shen
Bargaining for privacy in the unionized workplace.LawHodges, Ann C.
Collective contracts in the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone in China.LawAnna Tsui, Carver, Anne
Corporatism and self-regulation in the Dutch (agricultural) economy: Statutory trade organizations: Law and practice since 1930.(Law overview)LawVan der Ploeg, Tymen J.
De-skilled and devalued: the labour market experience of Polish migrants in the UK following EU enlargement.LawCurrie, Samantha
Discrimination and Security of Employment in a Post-Soviet Context.LawKryvoi, Yaraslau
Employee involvement in the European cooperative society: A range of stakeholders?LawSnaith, Ian
Enterprise bargaining, managerial prerogative and the protection of workers' rights: An argument on the role of law and regulatory strategy in Australia under the Workplace Relations Act 1996 (Cth).LawMarshall, Shelley, Mitchell, Richard
Exploring the spectrum of labour management participation within safety regimes: occupational health and safety in Ontario (Canada), Sweden, and the United States.LawLakhan, Jason
Flexibilization, modernization, and the Lisbon Strategy.LawHuiskamp, Rien, Vos, Kees J.
Flexicurity - towards a set of common principles?LawMadsen, Per Kongshoj
Fundamental social rights in pre- and post-constitutional terms.LawHendrickx, Frank
Harmonizing European working time in an enlarged EU: A case of failed 'humanization'?(Law overview)LawHardy, Stephen
Implementing the Information and Consultation Directive in Great Britain: A new voice at work.LawLorber, Pascale
In defense of (efficiently administered) 'just cause' dismissal laws.LawDavidov, Guy
Industrial relocation and labour relations: the case of Central and Eastern Europe.LawPastore, Jose
Labour relations at the workplace: The experience of Southern Africa.(Labor Relations Act, 1995)LawMadhuku, Lovemore
Making (it) work: introduction to the special issue on the future of the European Employment Strategy.LawWilthagen,Ton, Bekker, Sonja, Klosse, Saskia
Measuring Regulatory Changes in Employment Protection: Labour Standards in Australia 1979 to 2000.LawNyland, Chris, Michelotti, Marco
Mergers and amalgamations in India: protecting labor in times of change.LawRajadhyaksha, Meghna
Military unions and the right to collective bargaining: insights from South African experience.LawHeinecken, Lindy, Nel, Michelle
'Missing in Action': The right to strike in the Baltic new member states - an absent EU competence.(Law overview)LawWoolfson, Charles, Petrylaite, Daiva
Productive employment and the evolution of training contracts in Italy.(Law overview)LawTiraboschi, Michele
Protection of women employees before and after childbirth in Turkish employment law.(Law overview)LawBakirci, Kadriye
Report on the conference on 'Age, ageing and ageism in working life" organized by the Marco Biagi Foundation & ADAPT in collaboration with the European Commission, University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, 26 November 2004.LawBromwich, William, Rymkevitch, Olga
Some problems and themes in the application in Member States of Directive 2001/23/EC on transfer of undertakings.(protection of employee rights)LawMcMullen, John
Stroking the Nettle: New Zealand legislators and the issues of redundancy.LawGeare, Alan, Edgar, Fiona
Temporary agency work in Germany and Australia: contrasting regulatory regimes and policy challenges.LawMitlacher, Lars W., Burgess, John
The changing structure and contents of the employer's legal responsibility for health and safety at work in post-industrial systems.(Law overview)LawIchino, Pietro
The core principle and fundamental theorem of industrial relations.LawKaufman, Bruce E.
The directive on employee involvement in the European company: Its role in European corporate governance and industrial relations.LawVilliers, Charlotte
The hiring of research and teaching staff in higher education institutions in the Russian Federation.LawZavgorodny, Alexander
The implications of the Lisbon Strategy for the future of social Europe: 'on the road' or 'new age'?LawGoetschy, Janine
The Information and Consultation Directive of 11 March 2002 and its transposition into French law.LawBrill- Venkatasamy, Tara
The legal position of employees' in cross-border transfers of undertakings in the EU: A question of jurisdiction and choice of law.(European Union)LawMalmberg, Jonas
The rights of illegal workers injured at work: a study of the judicial dilemma in the United States.LawGuthrie, Robert, Taseff, Rebecca
The role of dynamic employment policies in the European labor market.LawDragevicevic, Mirjana, Obadic, Alka
The transfer of undertakings and the importance of taking over personnel-A vicious circle.LawBeltzer, Ronald M.
The transfer of undertakings: striking a balance between individual workers' rights and business needs.LawSantoro-Passarelli, Giuseppe
When labour relations deregulation is not an option: The alternative logic of building service employers in Quebec.LawJalette, Patrice
Why is Modern Work Organisation Lacking from Southern European Public Policies? The Case of Greece.LawIoannou, Christos A.
Young people and employment in Italy: The (Difficult) transition from education and training to the labour market.(Statistical data)LawTiraboschi, Michele
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