International Journal of Law and Psychiatry - Abstracts

International Journal of Law and Psychiatry
A cluster analysis of people on Community Treatment Orders in Victoria, Australia.(Community Treatment Orders)Psychology and mental healthBrophy, Lisa M., Reece, John E., McDermott, Fiona
An ecological study of factors associated with rates of self-inflicted death in prisons in England and Wales.(Prisons)Psychology and mental healthThomas, Stuart, Leese, Morven, Snow, Louisa
A qualitative analysis of the use of community treatment orders in Saskatchewan.(Community Treatment Orders)Psychology and mental healthO'Reilly, Richard L., Keegan, David L., Corring, Deborah, Shrikhande, Satish, Natarajan, Dhanapal
Attitude to personality disorder among prison officers working in a dangerous and severe personality disorder unit.(Prisons)Psychology and mental healthNijman, Henk, Callaghan, Patrick, Bowers, Len, Carr-Walker, Paola, Allan, Teresa, Paton, Jo
Balancing autonomy and risk: a failure of nerve in England and Wales?Psychology and mental healthRichardson, Genevra
Biology, childhood trauma, and murder: rethinking justice.Psychology and mental healthHeide, Kathleen M., Solomon, Eldra P.
Can epidemiological studies assist in the evaluation of community treatment orders? The experience of Western Australia and Nova Scotia.(Community Treatment Orders)Psychology and mental healthKisely, Stephen, Campbell, Leslie Anne, Preston, Neil J., Xiao, Jianguo
Characteristics of homicide perpetrators among Italian forensic hospital inmates.Psychology and mental healthFioritti, Angelo, Ferriani, Elisa, Rucci, Paola, Melega, Vittorio
Civil commitment in Turkey: reflections on a bill drafted by psychiatrists.Psychology and mental healthAppelbaum, Paul S., Polat, Aslihan, Arikan, Rasim, Sercan, Mustafa, Turkcan, Solmaz, Satmis, Nevzat
Contacts with public services, with special reference to mental health care, preceding a serious crime: a retrospective study of 268 subjects of forensic psychiatric investigations.Psychology and mental healthHolmberg, Gunnar, Kristiansson, Marianne
Deliberate self-harm and suicide attempt in custody: distinguishing features in male inmates' self-injurious behavior.(Prisons)Psychology and mental healthLohner, Johannes, Konrad, Norbert
Dilemmas for clinicians in use of Community Treatment Orders.(Community Treatment Orders)Psychology and mental healthDawson, John, Mullen, Richard, Gibbs, Anita
Evaluating science outside the trial box: applying Daubert to the Federal Sentencing Guidelines' criminal history score.Psychology and mental healthKrauss, Daniel A.
Fault-lines in community treatment order legislation.(Community Treatment Orders)Psychology and mental healthDawson, John
Fitness to be sentenced: a historical, comparative and practical review.Psychology and mental healthManson, Allan
Further evidence of the validity of the Suicide Risk Assessment Scale for prisoners.(Prisons)Psychology and mental healthDaigle, Marc S., Labelle, Real, Cote, Gilles
Identifying risk factors in stalking: a review of current research.Psychology and mental healthMullen, Paul E., McEwan, Troy E., Purcell, Rosemary
Intellectual disability and mental illness in the NSW criminal justice system.(Prisons)(New South Wales)Psychology and mental healthRiches, Vivienne Catherine, Parmenter, Trevor Reginald, Wiese, Michele, Stancliffe, Roger James
Invocation of coercion context in compliance communication - power dynamics in psychiatric care.Psychology and mental healthSjostrom, Stefan
Justice and equality in mental health law: the European experience.Psychology and mental healthHale, Brenda
Lie detection: historical, neuropsychiatric and legal dimensions.Psychology and mental healthFord, Elizabeth B.
Life imprisonment: recent issues in national and international law.(Prisons)Psychology and mental healthvan Zyl Smit, Dirk
Loathing the sinner, medicalizing the sin: why sexually violent predator statutes are unjust.Psychology and mental healthDouard, John
Mental disorders and charges of violent offences: a study of male adolescent remand prisoners.Psychology and mental healthAndersen, Tavs Folmer, Gosden, N. Patrick, Kramp, Peter, Gabrielsen, Gorm, Sestoft, Dorte
Methodological aspects of telephone scatologia: a case study.Psychology and mental healthPakhomou, Serge M.
Penal managerialism from within: implications for theory and research.(Prisons)Psychology and mental healthCheliotis, Leonidas K.
PLC or TLC: Is outpatient commitment the/an answer?(persuade, leverage or coerce/tender loving care)(Community Treatment Orders)Psychology and mental healthHiday, Virginia Aldige, Wales, Heathcote W.
Prevalence of mental disorders among sexual offenders in forensic psychiatry and prison.(Prisons)Psychology and mental healthHarsch, Silke, Bergk, Julia Emma, Steinert, Tilman, Keller, Ferdinand, Jockusch, Ulrich
Prevalence of mental disorders and deliberate self-harm in Greek male prisoners.Psychology and mental healthFotiadou, M., Livaditis, M., Manou, I., Kaniotou, E., Xenitidis, K.
Prisons in transition.(Prisons)Psychology and mental healthLiebling, Alison
Psychiatric assessment after every six years of the TBS order in the Netherlands.(Dutch law: detention at the government's pleasure)Psychology and mental healthDrost, Marijke
Putting community risk in perspective: a look at correlations, causes and controls.Psychology and mental healthHiday, Virginia Aldige
Risk and the preventive detention of sex offenders in Australia and the United States.Psychology and mental healthMercado, Cynthia Calkins, Ogloff, James R.P.
Schizophrenia and violent crime: the experience of parents.Psychology and mental healthNordstrom, Annika, Kullgren, Gunnar, Dahlgren, Lars
Severe mental disorder as a basic commitment criterion for minors.Psychology and mental healthKaltiala-Heino, Riittakerttu, Frojd, Sari
Social disadvantage, mental illness and predictors of legal involvement.(Community Mental Health Evaluation Initiative, Ontario, Canada)Psychology and mental healthSheldon, C.T., Aubry, T.D., Arboleda-Florez, Julio, Wasylenki, D., Goering, P.N.
The court for sexual offences: perceptions of the perpetrators of sexual offences.Psychology and mental healthWalker, Stephen P., Louw, Dap A.
The evolution of outpatient commitment in the USA: from conundrum to quagmire.Psychology and mental healthGeller, Jeffrey L.
The narrative structure of psychiatric reports.Psychology and mental healthVerde, Alfredo, Angelini, Francesca, Boverini, Silvia, Majorana, Margherita
The relationship between attachment styles and Cluster B personality disorders in prisoners and forensic inpatients.Psychology and mental healthEmmelkamp, Paul M.G., Timmerman, Irma G.H.
The relationship between mandated community treatment and perceived barriers to care in persons with severe mental illness.(Community Treatment Orders)Psychology and mental healthElbogen, Eric B., Swanson, Jeffrey W., Swartz, Marvin S., Van Dorn, Richard A., Redlich, Allison D., Mustillo, Sarah
The utility of extended outpatient civil commitment.(Community Treatment Orders)Psychology and mental healthSegal, Steven P., Burgess, Philip M.
Treating the vulnerable in England and Wales: the impact of law reform and changing policy.Psychology and mental healthGlover-Thomas, N.
U.S. psychiatrists' beliefs and wants about involuntary civil commitment grounds.Psychology and mental healthBrooks, Robert A.
Violence against women associated with arrests for sex trade but not drug charges.Psychology and mental healthStein, Michael, Silverman, Jay G., Raj, Anita, Clarke, Jennifer G., rose, jennifer j., Rosengard, Cynthia, Hebert, Megan
Violence and abuse in psychiatric in-patient institutions: a South African perspective.Psychology and mental healthLucas, Marilyn, Stevenson, Dean
What can we learn from the first community-based epidemiological study on stalking in Germany?Psychology and mental healthDressing, Harald, Gass, Peter, Kuehner, Christine
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