International Journal of Offender Therapy & Comparative Criminology 1995 - Abstracts

International Journal of Offender Therapy & Comparative Criminology 1995
A cross-national analysis on the effect of moral individualism on murder rates.Psychology and mental healthHuang, W.S. Wilson
Adolescent criminal behavior - is TV violence one of the culprits?Psychology and mental healthPalermo, George B.
Adolescent sex offenders: investigating adult commitment-rates four years later.Psychology and mental healthBrannon, James M., Troyer, Rik
A personal perspective concerning homicide investigation.Psychology and mental healthGeberth, Vernon J.
A study of serial murder.Psychology and mental healthMcKenzie, Constance
Cognitive-behavioral therapy with an incarcerated exhibitionist.Psychology and mental healthHorley, James
Correctional officers: how do they perceive sex offenders?Psychology and mental healthWeekes, John R., Pelletier, Guy, Beaudette, Daniel
"Crime: it's like when you have a cold and a runny nose. You can't stop it." (prisoners accepting responsibility for their crimes)Psychology and mental healthScott, Edward M.
Daimonic vs. demonic: any difference?(Editorial)Psychology and mental healthScott, Edward M.
Immediate assessment of adolescent sex offenders seen at the police station. (Netherlands)Psychology and mental healthBruinsma, Frits
Matrilineal descent and juvenile offender counseling.Psychology and mental healthLund, Dennis W.
Multisystemic treatment of high-risk juvenile offenders.Psychology and mental healthKurtz, P. David, Thyer, Bruce A., Sutphen, Richard D.
Serial murder: a more accurate and inclusive definition.Psychology and mental healthHeide, Kathleen M., Keeney, Belea T.
Short-term effects of probation programs: an evaluative study.Psychology and mental healthRobinson, Christopher, McGuire, James, Broomfield, Darice, Rowson, Beverley
Should physician-assisted suicide be legalized? A challenge for the 21st century.Psychology and mental healthPalermo, George B.
The declining gender difference in crime: the Taiwanese case.Psychology and mental healthWu, Bohsiu
The development of a clozapine treatment program for offenders in a correctional mental health prison.Psychology and mental healthFoley, Thomas R., Goldenberg, Edward E., Bartley, Fran, Gayda, Edward
The failure to construct an MMPI-2-based self-mutilative behavior scale.Psychology and mental healthAcker, David W., Burck, Harman D., Annis, Lawrence V.
The relationship between maintenance of the criminal code and group denial in a substance abuse population: its effect on treatment.Psychology and mental healthDemuth, Peter W.
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