International Journal of Offender Therapy & Comparative Criminology 2001 - Abstracts

International Journal of Offender Therapy & Comparative Criminology 2001
Adult attachment style and pedophilia: a developmental perspective.(sex offenders)(Statistical Data Included)Psychology and mental healthKear-Colwell, Jon, Sawle, Gary A.
An examination of cross-national variation in punitiveness.Psychology and mental healthNeapolitan, Jerome L.
A theoretical framework of ethics therapy as a distinctive forensic therapeutic specialization.Psychology and mental healthMartens, Willem H. J.
Attitudes about sanctioning elder abuse offenders among police chiefs, nursing home employees, and students.(Statistical Data Included)Psychology and mental healthPayne, Brian K., Berg, Bruce L., James, La Donna Flanagan
'Balagan': delinquency as a result of the lack of a center of norms and consciousness.Psychology and mental healthTimor, Uri
Characteristics of inmates admitted to Grendon Therapeutic Prison and their relationships to length of stay.(Statistical Data Included)Psychology and mental healthShine, John
Childhood cruelty to animals and subsequent violence against humans.(Statistical Data Included)Psychology and mental healthHeide, Kathleen M., Merz-Perez, Linda, Silverman, Ira J.
Classifying child abusers: its relevance to theory and clinical practice.(sex offenders)(Statistical Data Included)Psychology and mental healthBickley, James, Beech, Anthony R.
Contextualizing sex offender management legislation and policy: evaluating the problem of latent consequences in community notification laws.(sex offenders)Psychology and mental healthEdwards, William, Hensley, Christopher
Coping strategies and attachment in pedophiles: implications for treatment.(Statistical Data Included)Psychology and mental healthKear-Colwell, Jon, Sawle, Gary A.
Criminal thinking patterns: are child molesters unique?(sex offenders)(Statistical Data Included)Psychology and mental healthHatch-Maillette, Mary A., Scalora, Mario J., Huss, Matthew T., Baumgartner, Jerome V.
Decisions not to report sexual assault: a comparative study among women living in Japan who are Japanese, Korean, Chinese, and English-Speaking.(Statistical Data Included)Psychology and mental healthDussich, John P. J.
Delinquency risk as a function of number of early onset problem behaviors.Psychology and mental healthMason, W. Alex, Windle, Michael
Desocialization by automobile.(Editorial)Psychology and mental healthSlovenko, Ralph
Editorial: the dilemma of sexual offenders.(sex offenders)Psychology and mental healthPalermo, George B.
Efficacy of a decompression treatment model in the clinical management of violent juvenile offenders.Psychology and mental healthCaldwell, Michael F., Van Rybroek, Gregory J.
Eight-year comparative analyses of adolescent rapists, adolescent child molesters, and other adolescent delinquents, and the general population.Psychology and mental healthHagan, Michael P., Gust-Brey, Karyn L., Cho, Meg E., Dow, Edward
Exhibitionism and psychotherapy: a case study.Psychology and mental healthChopin-Marce, Marie-Josephe
Explaining paraphilias and lust murder: toward an integrated model.(sex offenders)Psychology and mental healthArrigo, Bruce A., Purcell, Catherine E.
Factors that discriminate between recidivists, parole violators, and nonrecidivists in a 3-year follow-up of boot camp graduates.Psychology and mental healthBenda, Brent B.
Family interventions with incarcerated youth: a review of the literature.Psychology and mental healthPerkins-Dock, Robin E.
Female juvenile murderers: beyond the grace factor.Psychology and mental healthHeide, Kathleen M.
Homicides with partial limbic seizures: is chemical seizure kindling the culprit?Psychology and mental healthPontius, Anneliese A.
Illegal Chinese immigration into the United States: a preliminary factor analysis.Psychology and mental healthWang, John Z.
Intimate partner and nonintimate violence history among drug-using, incarcerated men.(Statistical Data Included)Psychology and mental healthLogan, T. K., Walker, Robert (American actor), Leukefeld, Carl G.
Legal competency in a case of pedophilia: advertising on the internet.(sex offenders)Psychology and mental healthFontana-Rosa, Julio Cesar
Motivation and sex offender treatment efficacy: leading a horse to water and making it drink?Psychology and mental healthTerry, Karen J., Mitchell, Edward
Multidimensional assessment of young male offenders in penal institutions.Psychology and mental healthHinrichs, Gunter
Personality characteristics and adaptive strategies to cope with negative emotional states and deviant sexual fantasies in sexual aggressors.(Statistical Data Included)Psychology and mental healthLussier, Patrick, Proulx, Jean, McKibben, Andre
Predictors of treatment completion in a correctional sex offender treatment program.(Statistical Data Included)Psychology and mental healthGeer, Tracey M., Becker, Judith V., Gray, Steven R., Krauss, Daniel
Problems of correlation as proof of causation in social science research.Psychology and mental healthRoss, Lee E.
Restoration to competency: practice guidelines.Psychology and mental healthNoffsinger, Stephen G.
Restructuring sex offender sentencing: a therapeutic jurisprudence approach to the criminal justice process.Psychology and mental healthEdwards, William, Hensley, Christopher
Self-identified alcohol abusers in a low-security federal prison: characteristics and treatment implications.(Statistical Data Included)Psychology and mental healthWhite, Robert J., Ackerman, Robert J., Caraveo, L. Eduardo
Social skills training, prosocial behavior, and aggressiveness in adult incarcerated offenders.(Statistical Data Included)Psychology and mental healthSchippers, Gerard M., Marker, Nicole, De Fuentas-Merillas, Laura
The clinical application of risk assessment in the treatment-planning process.Psychology and mental healthMoran, Marianne J., Sweda, Michael G., Fragala, M. Richard, Sasscer-Burgos, Julie
The confusion over psychopathy I: historical considerations.Psychology and mental healthArrigo, Bruce A., Shipley, Stacey
The confusion over psychotherapy (II): implications for forensic (correctional) practice.Psychology and mental healthArrigo, Bruce A., Shipley, Stacey
The contribution of family adversity and verbal IQ to criminal behavior.(Statistical Data Included)Psychology and mental healthGibson, Chris L., Piquero, Alex R., Tibbetts, Stephen G.
The effectiveness of cognitve behavioral treatment for adult offenders: a methodological, quality-based review.Psychology and mental healthHickman, Laura J., Allen, Leana C., MacKenzie, Doris
The effect of time on the disciplinary adjustment of women in prison.Psychology and mental healthCasey-Acevedo, Karen, Bakken, Tim
The prevalence and comorbidity of Axis I and Axis II pathology in a group of forensic patients.(Statistical Data Included)Psychology and mental healthTimmerman, Irma G. H., Emmelkamp, Paul M. G.
The stabilization of self-esteem among incarcerated adolescents: accommodative and immunizing processes.Psychology and mental healthGreve, Werner, Enzmann, Dirk, Hosser, Daniela
Validity of the Personality Assessment Inventory for forensic assessments.(Statistical Data Included)Psychology and mental healthHart, Stephen D., Douglas, Kevin S., Kropp, P. Randall
Victimological developments in the world during the past three decades: a study of comparative victimology, part 2.Psychology and mental healthSchneider, Hans Joachim
Victimological developments in the world during the past three decades (I): a study of comparative victimology.Psychology and mental healthSchneider, Hans Joachim
Violent sex offenders lack male social support.(sex offenders)(Statistical Data Included)Psychology and mental healthGutierrez-Lobos, Karin, Eher, Reinhard, Grunhut, Christine, Bankier, Bettina, Schmidl-Mohl, Brigitte, Fruhwald, Stefan, Semler, Brigitte
When parents kill: an analysis of filicides in Fiji.(Statistical Data Included)Psychology and mental healthAdinkrah, Mensah
Whose problem is it anyway? Women prisoners and HIV/AIDS.Psychology and mental healthZaitzow, Barbara H.
Youth court dispositions: perceptions of Canadian juvenile offenders.(Statistical Data Included)Psychology and mental healthPeterson-Badali, Michele, Ruck, Martin D., Koegl, Christopher J.
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