International Journal of Offender Therapy & Comparative Criminology 2004 - Abstracts

International Journal of Offender Therapy & Comparative Criminology 2004
American social work, corrections and restorative justice: an appraisal.Psychology and mental healthGumz, Edward J.
A neural network applied to criminal psychological profiling: an Italian initiative.Psychology and mental healthStrano, Macro
An exploratory examination of the spiritual well-being scale among incarcerated black and white drug users.Psychology and mental healthLeukefeld, Carl, Staton, Michele, Fernandes, Anita, Wilson, John F.
Applying social learning theory to childhood and adolescent firesetting: can it lead to serial murder?Psychology and mental healthHensley, Christopher, Singer, Stephen D.
Assessing the correctional orientation of corrections officers in South Korea.Psychology and mental healthMoon, Byongook, Maxwell, Sheila Royo
Believing is seeing II: beliefs and perceptions of criminal psychological profiles.Psychology and mental healthKocsis, Richard N., Heller, Gilian Z.
Believing is seeing III: perceptions of content in criminal psychological profiles.Psychology and mental healthKocsis, Richard N., Middledrop, Jenny
Believing is seeing? Investigating the perceived accuracy of criminal psychological profiles.Psychology and mental healthHayes, Andrew F., Kocsis, Richard N.
Childhood sexual abuse, gender, and depression among incarcerated youth.Psychology and mental healthGover, Angela R.
Children's street connections in a Canadian community.Psychology and mental healthGraham, John, Basso, Robert V.J., Pelech, William, Cardey, Ray, Ted De Young
Commentary: The globalization of knowledge.Psychology and mental healthPalermo, George B.
Community service orders in Hong Kong, England, and Wales: twins or cousins.Psychology and mental healthLo, T. Wing, Harris, Robert J.
Comparing sex offender risk assessment measures on a UK sample.Psychology and mental healthCraig, Leam A.
Comparing sex offender risk assessment measures on a UK sample.Psychology and mental healthStringer, Ian, Craig, Leam A., Browne, Kevin D.
Comprehensive evaluation: a holistic approach to evaluating domestic violence offender programmes.Psychology and mental healthBowen, Erica, Gilchrist, Elizabeth
Concurrent cross-validation of the self appriasal questionnaire: a tool for assessing violent and non-violent recidivism and institutional adjustment on a sample of North Carolina offenders.Psychology and mental healthLoza, Wagdy, Conley, Michael, Warren, Birchie
Crime scene staging and its detection.Psychology and mental healthHazelwood, Robert R., Napier, Michael R.
Criminal diversity and paraphilic interests among adult males convicted of sexual offences against children.Psychology and mental healthSmallbone, Stephen W., Wortley, Richard K.
Criminal justice institutional referrals and selections: a comparative portrait of sexual aggressions and aggressors.Psychology and mental healthProulx, Jean, Guay, Jean-Pierre, Ouimet, Marc
Euthanasia: another face of murder.Psychology and mental healthBamgbose, Oluyemisi
Examining the use of the M-Fast with criminal defendants incompetent to stand trial.(Miller Forensic Assessment of Symptoms Test)Psychology and mental healthMiller, Holly A.
Exploring the forensic use of the emotional recognition test (ERT).Psychology and mental healthMiller, Holly A., Soo Jung Lee, Moon, Junseob
Heterogeneity in the association between social-emotional adjustment profiles and deviant behavior among male and female serious juvenile offenders.Psychology and mental healthPiquero, Alex R., Espelage, Dorothy L., Cauffman, Elizabeth, Broidy, Lisa, Mazerolle, Paul
Jail drug and alcohol treatment program reduces recidivism in nonviolent offenders: A longitudinal study of Monroe County, New York's, jail treatment drug and alcohol program.Psychology and mental healthJohnson, Craig, Turley, Alan, Thornton, Tim, Azzolino, Sue
Life strain, negative emotions, and delinquency: an empirical test of general strain theory in the People's Republic of China.Psychology and mental healthBao, Wan-Ning, Haas, Ain, Pi, Yijun
Multisystemic therapy for antisocial juveniles: suggestions for improvement.Psychology and mental healthMartens, Willem H.J.
Muslims in prison: a case study from Ohio state prisons.Psychology and mental healthAmmar, Nawal H., Weaver, Robert R., Saxon, Sam
Nonsex offences committed by child molesters: findings from a logitudinal study.Psychology and mental healthParkinson, Patrick N., Shrimpton, Sandra, Oates, Kim R., Swanston, Heather Y., O'Tool, Brian I.
Parental efficacy, self-control, and delinquency: a test of a general theory of crime on a nationally representative sample of youth.Psychology and mental healthPratt, Travis C., Perrone, Dina, Sullivan, Christopher J., Margaryan, Satenik
Personality typologoes of male juvenile offenders using a cluster analysis of the million adolescent clinical inventory introduction.Psychology and mental healthCalhoun, Georgia B., Glaser, Brian A., Stefurak, Tres
Pervasive developmental disorders, psychiatric comorbidities, and the law.Psychology and mental healthPalermo, Mark T.
Pretreatment self-esteem and post treatment sexual recidivism.Psychology and mental healthThornton, David, Beech, Anthony, Marshall, William L
Program-level predictors of ant psychotic medication adherence among parolees.Psychology and mental healthFarabee, David, Haikang Shen, Sanchez, Sylvia
Psychosocial characteristics of criminals committing incest and other sex offenses: A survey in a Taiwanese prison.Psychology and mental healthFor-Wey Lung, Shu-Fen Huang
Rationalizing criminal behavior: the influence of criminal sentiments on sociomoral development in violent offenders and nonoffenders.Psychology and mental healthStevenson, Sally F., Hall, Guy, Innes, J.M.
Refusers, dropouts, and completers: Measuring sex offender treatment efficacy.Psychology and mental healthSeager, James A., Jellicoe, Debra, Dhaliwal, Gurmeet K.
Ritual homicide during dissociative trance disorder.Psychology and mental healthFerracuti, Stefano, DeMarco, Maria Civita
School bullying and tackling strategies in Hong Kong.Psychology and mental healthDennis S.W. Wong
Sexual predator civil commitment: A comparison of selected and released offenders.Psychology and mental healthLevenson, Jill S.
Social and legal control in China: A comparative perspective.Psychology and mental healthXiaoming Chen
Social climate within an adolescent medium-secure facility.Psychology and mental healthLangdon, Peter E., Corgrave, Nicola, Tranah, Troy
The effects of criminal justice contact on employment stability for white-collar and street-level offenders.Psychology and mental healthKerley, Kent R., Copes, Heith
The generalized instructional set of the criminal attribution inventory (CRAI): socially desirable responding and faking.Psychology and mental healthKroner, Daryl G., Mills, Jeremy F., Yessine, Annie K., Hemmati,Toni
The importance of staff practice in delivering effective correctional treatment: a meta-analytic review of core correctional practice.Psychology and mental healthDowden, Craig, Andrews, D.A.
The recruitment and retention of indigenous criminal justice agency staff in an Australian State.Psychology and mental healthDay, Andrew, Giles, Glenn, Marshall, Brian, Sanderson, Von
The relationship between malingerers' intelligence and MMPI-2 knowledge and their ability to avoid detection.Psychology and mental healthPelfrey, William V., Jr.
The risk assessment program and the court of penal execution in the province of Buenos Aires, Argentina.Psychology and mental healthFolino, Jorge O., Marengo, Claudio M., Marchiano, Susana E., Ascazbar, Mariel
The role of religiosity in the opposition to drug use.Psychology and mental healthStylianou, Stelios
The trouble with psychopathy as a general theory of crime.Psychology and mental healthWalters, Glenn D.
The use of pornography during the commission of sexual offenses.Psychology and mental healthLangevin, Ron, Curnoe, Suzanne
Urban and rural differences in the relationship between substance use and violence.Psychology and mental healthLeukefeld, Carl G., Goodrum, Sarah, Wiese, H. Jean
Youth violence: An exploratory study of a treatment program in a central Illinois County.Psychology and mental healthKethineni, Sesha, Gaines, Cheryl, Blimling, Lisa, Bozarth, Julia Madden
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