International Journal of Offender Therapy & Comparative Criminology 2005 - Abstracts

International Journal of Offender Therapy & Comparative Criminology 2005
A comparison of the male customers of female street prostitutes with national samples of men.Psychology and mental healthMonto, Martin A., McRee, Nick
Aggression and anxiety in rapists and child molesters.Psychology and mental healthShechory, Mally, Ben-David, Sarah
Aggressors against women in prison and in the community: An exploratory study of a differential profile.Psychology and mental healthFernandez-Montalvo, Javier, Echeburua, Enrique, Amor, Pedro J.
A plan analysis of pedophile sexual abusers' motivations for treatment: A qualitative pilot study.Psychology and mental healthDrapeau, Martin, Korner, Annett, Granger, Luc, Burnet, Louis, Caspar, Franz
A Rorschach investigation of incarcerated female offenders with antisocial personality disorder.Psychology and mental healthCunliffe, Ted, Gacono, Carl B.
Clarification regarding Marshall and Yates's critique of "Dosage of treatment to sexual offenders: Are we overprescribing?".Psychology and mental healthAbracen, Jeffrey, Serin, Ralph, Malcolm, Bruce, Looman, Jan, Mailloux, Donna
Cognitive processes in criminal profile construction: A preliminary study.Psychology and mental healthKocsis, Richard N., Middledorp, Jenny, Try, Andrew C.
Commentary: Comment on Mailloux et al.'s (2003) study "Dosage of treatment to sexual offenders: Are we overprescribing?".Psychology and mental healthMarshall, W. L., Yates, Pamela M.
Correlates and predictors of self-reported suicide attempts among incarcerated youths.Psychology and mental healthAldis L., Putnins
Cross-validation of the Self-Appraisal Questionnaire: A tool for assessing violent and nonviolent recidivism with female offenders.Psychology and mental healthLoza, Wagdy, Lee Hong Neo, Shahinfar, Ariana, Loza-Fanous, Amel
Differences in self-report measures by adolescent sex offender risk group.Psychology and mental healthSmith, Susan, Wampler, Richard, Jones, Janelle, Reifman, Alan
Drug courts: Framing policy to ensure success.Psychology and mental healthWiseman, Christine M.
Ethnicity, gender, and global risk indicators in the lives of status offenders coming to the attention of the juvenile court.Psychology and mental healthGavazzi, Stephen M., Yarcheck, Courtney M.
Evaluating the effects of birth complications on low self-control in a sample of twins.Psychology and mental healthBeaver, Kevin M., Wright, John Paul
Exploring the type-of-crime hypothesis, religiosity, and spirituality in an adult male prison population.Psychology and mental healthLeukefeld, Carl, Staton, Michele, Wilson, John F., Fernander, Anita
Gambling among offenders: Results from an Australian survey.Psychology and mental healthLahn, Julie
Gender differences in life-course theory of Recidivism: A survival analysis.Psychology and mental healthBenda, Brent B.
Gender, traditionalism, and attitudes toward domestic violence within a closed community.Psychology and mental healthShoham, Efrat
Incarcerated clients' perceptions of therapeutic change in substance abuse treatment: A 4-year case study.Psychology and mental healthLeukefeld, Carl G., Smiley-McDonald, Hope M.
Intellectual abilities and motivation toward substance abuse treatment in drug-involved offenders: A pilot study in the Belgian criminal justice system.Psychology and mental healthBroekaert, Eric, Schuyten, Gilberte, Vandevelde, Stijn, Van Hoye, Geert
Interpersonal factors and personality disorders as discriminators between intra-familial and extra-familial child molesters.Psychology and mental healthBogaerts, Stefan, Declercq, Frederic, Vanheule, Stijn, Palmans, Vicky
Isolation and normlessness: Attitudinal comparisons of adolescent sex offenders, juvenile offenders, and nondelinquents.Psychology and mental healthMiner, Michael H., Munns, Rosemary
Is Teen Court effective for repeat offenders? A test of the restorative justice approach.Psychology and mental healthForgays, Deborah Kirby, DeMilio, Lisa
Juvenile sex offenders: A group on its own?Psychology and mental healthWijk, Anton, van Horn, Joan, Bullens, Ruud, Bijleveld, Catrienx, Doreleijers, Theo
Korean version of the notification policy on sexual offenders: Did it enhance public awareness of sexual crimes against minors?Psychology and mental healthJunseob, Shin, Young-Boon Lee
Learning to be cruel?: exploring the onset and frequency of animal cruelty.Psychology and mental healthHensley, Christopher, Tallichet, Suzanne E.
Learning to pass: Sex offenders' strategies for establishing a viable identity in the prison general population.Psychology and mental healthSchwaebe, Charles
Life on the atoll: Singapore ecology as a neglected dimension of social order.Psychology and mental healthAustin, Timothy
Lifting the cover on drug courts: Evaluation findings and policy concerns.Psychology and mental healthArrigo, Bruce A., Stanford, Scott J.
Loneliness and associated violent antisocial behavior: Analysis of the case reports of Jeffrey Dahmer and Dennis Nilsen.Psychology and mental healthMartens, Willem H.J., Palermo, George B.
Mapping the criminal mind: Idiographic assessment of criminal belief systems.Psychology and mental healthWalters, Glenn D.
Methamphetamine use in nonurban and urban drug court clients.Psychology and mental healthLeukefeld, Carl, Stoops, William W., Tindall, Michele Staton, Mateyoke-Scrivner, Allison
Naming oneself criminal: Gender difference in offenders' identity negotiation.Psychology and mental healthGeiger, Brenda, Fischer, Michael
Nonviolent offenders' and college students' attachment and social support behaviors: Implications for counseling.Psychology and mental healthHawkins-Rodgers, Yolando
Participation in operation starting line, experience of negative emotions, and incidence of negative behavior.Psychology and mental healthKerley, Kent R., Mattews, Todd L., Schulz, Jeffrey T.
Predicting recidivism in a communitarian society: China.Psychology and mental healthJianhong Liu
Prevalence of co-occurring disorders among juveniles committed to detention centers.Psychology and mental healthHoffmann, Norman G., Abrantes, Ana M., Anton, Ronald
Psychosocial adjustment and psychopathology of men sexually abused during childhood.Psychology and mental healthForouzn, Elham, Van Gijseghem, Hubert
Reintegrating seriously violent and personality-disordered offenders from a supermaximum security institution into the general offender population.Psychology and mental healthWong, Stephen C.P., Veen, Sarah Vander, Leis, Timothy A., Parrish, Heather, Liber, Elizabeth Usher, Gu, Deqiang, Middleton, Heather L.
Rural and urban differences in the commission of animal cruelty.Psychology and mental healthHensley, Christopher, Tallichet, Suzanne F.
The association between multiple drug misuse and crime.Psychology and mental healthBennett, Trevor, Holloway, Katy
The effects of cognitive-behavioral treatment for forensic inpatients.Psychology and mental healthTimmerman, Irma G. H., Emmelkamp, Paul M.G.
The function of self-harm behavior in a forensic population.Psychology and mental healthJeglic, Elizabeth L., Vanderhoff, Holly A., Donovick, Peter J.
The impact of sex offender residence restrictions: 1,000 feet from danger or one step from absurd?Psychology and mental healthLevenson, Jill S., Cotter, Leo P.
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