International Social Work 2008 - Abstracts

International Social Work 2008
An international faculty development experience.(personal experience of teaching social work education)(Personal account)Sociology and social workO'Dell, Kristi
Children's rights: a challenge for social work.Sociology and social workRoose, Rudi, De Bie, Maria
Community in a diverse society: using three Western approaches to understand community organization in post-socialist urban China.Sociology and social workHaijing Dai
Constructing spiritually modified interventions: cognitive therapy with diverse populations.Sociology and social workHodge, David R.
Faith-based programs and outcomes for street-living youth in Los Angeles, Mumbai and Nairobi: a comparative study.Sociology and social workFerguson, Kristin M., Spruijt-Metz, Donna, Dortzbach, Karl, Dyrness, Grace R., Dabir, Neela
Organ donation and transplants: ethical and legal concerns for social workers.Sociology and social workPollack, Daniel
Redefining social work standards in the context of globalization: lessons from India.Sociology and social workMoffatt, Ken, Alphonse, Mary, George, Purnima
Reflections on social work's identity: international themes in Italian practitioners' representation of social work.Sociology and social workFargion, Silvia
Rethinking international social work.Sociology and social workMohan, Brij
Social work in the Nordic countries: contemporary trends and shifts in education and policy.Sociology and social workStrauss, Helle
The capabilities approach and violence against women: implications for social development.Sociology and social workPyles, Loretta
The delivery of social services in northern Thailand.Sociology and social workNye, Catherine
The effects upon children in Jordan of the imprisonment of their fathers: a social work perspective.(Report)Sociology and social workAl Gharaibeh, Fakir
The nature of practice wisdom in social work revisited.Sociology and social workMing-sum Tsui, William C.K. Chu
The rise of social work amid Ukraine's rapid social and political transitions.Sociology and social workNorman, Judith, Bathori-Tartsi, Zita, Barnes, Summer
The welfare state in the wake of globalization: the case of Norway.Sociology and social workLyngstad, Rolv
Trauma counseling: beyond the individual.Sociology and social workKasiram, Madhubala, Khosa, Vusi
Virginity testing: international law and social work perspectives.Sociology and social workPollack, Daniel
What difference does it make? contrasting organization and converging outcomes regarding the privatization of state social work in England and Canada.Sociology and social workCarey, Malcolm
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