IPRA Review - Abstracts

IPRA Review
10th Public Relations World Congress.BusinessKoop, P.
Alcohol Alert.Business 
A Look at Public Relations Education in America's Heartland.BusinessSharpe, M.L.
A Look at the Status of the Development of Public Relations Graduate Education in the United States Using the IPRA Model as the Standard of Measurement.BusinessSharpe, M.L.
Business: Attacked from Without and Undermined from Within?BusinessEvans, F.J.
Business Cycles.BusinessBauwens, J.
Corporate Public Affairs: A look At GTE/Florida.BusinessGonzalez, H.C.
Counselling in a Megachip Age.BusinessPessalano, J.
Global Learning and Global Issues.BusinessPloman, E.W.
Global Trends in Public Relations.BusinessBlack, S.
Graduate Education in Germany.BusinessBarthenheier, G.
Information Campaign of the French Government.BusinessCoupe de Frejac, J.
Interactive Telematics and Global Coevolution.BusinessRockman, A.
IPRA Foundation for Public Relations Research and Education.Business 
Is There a Place for Public Relations in Democratic Communications?BusinessVan der Meiden, A.
Life Is Worth Living.BusinessWalker, P.L.
Opportunities Provided by the New Communications Technologies.BusinessHietpas, Q.J.
Physiological and Psychological Aspects of Working with Visual Display Units.BusinessBlack, S.
Plans for a Doctoral Program of Study Based on the IPRA Model for Public Relations Education.BusinessSharpe, M.L.
Public Relations and Research in Europe.BusinessModoux, A.
Public Relations Evaluation - Myth, Option or Necessity?BusinessWylie, F.W., Slovacek, S.P.
Public Relations In a Megachip Age.BusinessHunter B.W.
Public Relations Today: A Profession Growing Up.BusinessGray, G.
Realising a Vision.BusinessFisher, D.
Some Notes on Listening.BusinessAlexander, J.
Some Personal Remarks.BusinessKlaver, F.
The Bank and the Community.BusinessBurdett, G.
The Body of Knowledge in the Public Relations Profession.BusinessKendall, R.
The Future of Communications Technology.BusinessFisher, D.
The Future of Public Relations.BusinessLesly, P.
The Future Role of the Individual within the 'Information Society'.BusinessLewin, O.
The Generation Gap.BusinessRoyston, M.G.
The Public's Right to Know.BusinessRhody, R.E.
The Role of Research in Evaluating Public Relations Programs.BusinessWorcester, R.M.
Towards Communication between Different Civilizations.BusinessCoupe de Frejac, J.
Women in Public Relations.BusinessKnoop, A.
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