Journal of Business Finance and Accounting 1998 - Abstracts

Journal of Business Finance and Accounting 1998
Accounting policy choice: the relationship between corporate tax burdens and company size.BusinessHolland, Kevin
A fractional cointegration approach to testing mean reversion between spot and forward exchange rates: a case of high frequency data with low frequency dynamics.BusinessMasih, Rumi, Masih, Abul .M.
Arbitrage-free evaluation of exhaustible resource firms.(includes appendices)BusinessPaxson, Dean A., Lehocky, Milan
A re-examination of the case for accounting separately for the debt and equity features of convertible debt.BusinessCasson, Peter
Auditor quality, signalling, and the valuation of initial public offerings.BusinessFirth, Michael, Liau-Tan, Chee Keng
Cash management behavior and failure prediction.BusinessLaitinen, Erkki K., Laitinen, Teija
Cross-sectional variation in price anticipation of earnings.BusinessDonnelly, Raymond
Determinants of corporate dividend capture.BusinessSiddiqi, Mazhar
Differences in persistence in aggregated and disaggregated UK stock returns: a reconciliation.BusinessSteeley, James M.
Discussion of 'Arbitrage-Free Valuation of Exhaustible Resource Firms.'.(comment on article in this issue, p. 1363)BusinessShackleton, Mark B.
Discussion of 'Does the Pecking Order Hypothesis Explain the Dividend Payout Ratios of Firms in the UK?'.(comment on article in this issue, p. 1127)BusinessStrong, Norman
Discussion of 'Earnings Management Using Asset Sales: An International Study of Countries Allowing Noncurrent Asset Revaluation.'.(comment on article in this issue, p. 1287)BusinessPeasnell, K.V.
Discussion of 'International Diversification and Firm Value.'.(comment on article in this issue, p. 1255)BusinessEzzamel, Mahmoud
Discussion of 'International Variation in Accounting Measurement Rules and Analysts' Earnings Forecast Errors.'.(comment on article in this issue, p. 1207)BusinessO'Brien, Patricia C.
Discussion of 'Ownership Structure, Firm Performance and Top Executive Change: An Analysis of UK Firms.'.(comment on article in this issue, p. 1089)BusinessYoung, Steven
Discussion of 'Post-IPO directors' Sales and Reissuing Activity: An Empirical Test of IPO Signalling Models.'.(comment on article in this issue, p. 1037)BusinessMarshall, Andrew P.
Discussion of 'Systematic Risk and Empirical Research.'.(comment on article in this issue, p. 1325)BusinessGarrett, Ian
Discussion of 'The Articulation of Returns and Accounting-Related Variables When Returns Lead Earnings: UK Evidence.'.(comment on article in this issue, p. 1163)BusinessPenman, Stephen
Diversification with American Depository Receipts: the dynamics and the pricing factors.BusinessJiang, Christine X.
Does the pecking order hypothesis explain the dividend payout ratios of firms in the UK?(includes appendices)BusinessAdedeji, Abimbola
Earnings management and antitrust investigations: political costs over business cycles.BusinessAlam, Pervaiz, Makar, Stephen D.
Earnings management using asset sales: an international study of countries allowing noncurrent asset revaluation.BusinessBlack, Ervin L., Sellers, Keith F., Manly, Tracy S.
Earnings retention as a specification mechanism in logistic bankruptcy models: a test of the free cash flow theory.BusinessDhumale, Rahul
Evidence on risk changes around audit qualification and qualification withdrawal announcements.BusinessWilkins, Michael S., Fargher, Neil L.
Exploiting international stock market correlations with open-end international mutual funds.BusinessBhargava, Rahul, Dubofsky, David A., Bose, Ann
Free cash flow and stockholder gains in going private transactions revisited.BusinessKieschnick, Robert L., Jr.
Further evidence on the determinants of secured versus unsecured loans.BusinessYeo, Gillian H.H., Chen, Sheng-Syan, Ho, Kim Wai
Futures commitment and exchange rate volatility.BusinessChatrath, Arjun, Adrangi, Bahram
Individual investors' perceptions regarding the meaning of US and UK audit report terminology, 'present fairly on conformity with GAAP' and 'give a true and fair view.' (generally accepted accounting principles)BusinessMcEnroe, John E., Martens, Stanley C.
Internal capital markets, bank borrowing, and financing constraints: evidence from Belgian firms.BusinessDeloof, Marc
International diversification and firm value.BusinessGarrod, Neil, Rees, William
International variation in accounting measurement rules and analysts' earnings forecast errors.BusinessBasu, Sudipta, Hwang, LeeSeok, Jan, Ching-Lih
Intraday empirical regularities in interest rate and equity index futures markets, and the effect of macroeconomic announcements.BusinessThomas, S.H., Buckle, M., Gwilyn, O. ap, Woodhams, M.S.
Investor response to cash flow information.BusinessGarrod, Neil, Hadi, Mahdi
Market reactions, characteristics, and the effectiveness of corporate layoffs.BusinessScott, James R., Elayan, Fayez A., Swales, George S., Maris, Brian A.
Market reactions to the Hong Kong trading suspensions: mandatory versus voluntary.BusinessWu, Lifan
Ownership structure, firm performance and top executive change: an analysis of UK firms.BusinessPower, David M., Dahya, Jay, Lonie, A. Alasdair
Planned changes in accounting principles for UK life insurance companies: a preliminary investigation of stock market impact.BusinessHorton, Joanne, Magve, Richard
Post-IPO directors' sales and reissuing activity: an empirical test of IPO signalling models.(includes appendix)(initial public offering)BusinessTonks, Ian, Espenlaub, Susanne
Predicting stock returns using financial statement information.BusinessStrong, Norman, Setiono, Bambang
Prior Wall Street Journal announcements of possible bankruptcy filings and price reactions to subsequent bankruptcy filings.BusinessDawkins, Mark C., Rose-Green, Ena
Private voluntary disclosure, financial intermediation and market efficiency.BusinessHolland, John
Relative excess returns. (understanding changes in stock prices)BusinessLevin, Eric J., Wright, Robert E.
Robust estimation of beta coefficients evidence from a small stock market.BusinessBradfield, David J., Bowie, David C.
Share valuation under geometric Brownian motion with a Poisson imputation tax change. (Mathematical models for stocks)BusinessPointon, John
Stock price reaction to daily limit moves: evidence from the Taiwan Stock Exchange.BusinessHuang, Yen-Sheng
Strategic international diversification and monthly seasonality.BusinessKo, Kwangsoo
Strategy and financial policy in UK small firms.BusinessTaylor, Peter (British television broadcaster), Lowe, Julian, Jordan, Judith
Systematic risk and empirical research.(includes appendix)BusinessTippett, Mark, Ashton, David
Term premium determinants, return enhancement and interest rate predictability.BusinessDeaves, Richard
The articulation of returns and accounting-related variables when returns lead earnings: UK evidence.(includes appendix)BusinessO'Hanlon, John
The association between operating cash flows and dividend changes: an empirical investigation.BusinessVafeas, Nikos, Charitou, Andreas
The determinants of the intermediary spread: evidence from Australian, UK and USA-based international equity funds.BusinessKlumpes, Paul J.M.
The effect of tick size on price clustering and trading volume.BusinessTerry, Eric, Hameed, Allaudeen
The impact of personal taxes on the firm's weighted average cost of capital and investment behaviour: a simplified approach using the Dempsey discounted dividends model.Business 
The impact of recession on the prediction of corporate failure.BusinessKane, Gregory D., Richardson, Frederick M., Lobingier, Patricia
The impact of settlement procedures on day-of-the-week effects: evidence from the Kuala Lumpur stock exchange.BusinessClare, A.D., Thomas, S.H., Ibrahim, M.S.B.
The impact of SFAS No. 14 segment information on price variability and earnings forecast accuracy. (Statement of Financial Accounting Standards)BusinessKwon, Sung S., Lobo, Gerald J., Ndubizu, Gordian A.
The information content of defence documents in UK hostile take-over bids.BusinessCooke, T.E., Luther, R.G., Pearson, B.R.
The use of foreign accounting data in UK financial institutions.BusinessNobes, Christopher, Miles, Samantha
Time varying beta risk for Australian industry portfolios: an exploratory analysis.BusinessFaff, R.W., Brooks, R.D.
UK accounting disclosure practices and information asymmetry during the first quarter of the twentieth century: the effects on book returns and dividend cover.BusinessArnold, A.J.
Underpricing and firm quality in initial public offerings: evidence from Singapore.BusinessLim, Guan Hua, Hammed, Allaudeen
Usefulness of value added and abnormal economic earnings: an empirical examination.BusinessBao, Ben-Hsien, Bao, Da-Hsien
US evidence on bank takeover motives: a note.BusinessZhang, Hao
Venture capital and private equity: a review and synthesis.BusinessWright, Mike, Robbie, Ken
Why do bidders do badly out of mergers? Some UK evidence.BusinessBarnes, Paul
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