Journal of Business Finance and Accounting 2006 - Abstracts

Journal of Business Finance and Accounting 2006
Accounting for Joint Ventures and Associates in Canada, UK, and US: Do US Rules Hide Information?(United Kingdom, United States)BusinessSoonawalla, Kazbi
Accruals, cash flows and the post earnings announcement drift.Businessshivakumar, Lakshmanan
Accruals management to achieve earnings benchmarks: a comparison of pre-managed profit and loss firms.BusinessBarua, Abhijit, Legoria, Joseph, Moffitt, Jacquelyn Sue
An exploration of the conditional timing performance of UK unit trusts.BusinessFletcher, Jonathan, Byrne, Alistair, Ntozi, Patricia
An international analysis of historical and forecast earnings in accounting-based valuation models.BusinessBarniv, Ran, Myring, Mark
Bank equity investments: reducing agency costs or buying undervalued firms? the information effects.BusinessGonzalez, Francisco
Board Share-Ownership and Takeover Performance.BusinessHughes, Alan, Cosh, Andy, Guest, Paul M.
CEO stock options and equity risk incentives.(chief executive officer)BusinessRao, Ramesh P., Williams, Melissa A.
Corporate failure prediction modeling: distorted by business groups' internal capital markets?BusinessDewaelheyns, Nico, Van Hulle, Cynthia
Corporate governance structure and performance of Malaysian listed companies.BusinessHudaib, Mohammad, Haniffa, Roszaini
Debt reclassification and capital market consequences.BusinessMcAnally, Mary Lea, Gramlich, Jeffrey D., Mayew, William J.
Decimal pricing and information-based trading: tick size and informational efficiency of asset price.BusinessChung, Kee H., Zhao, Xin
Do Better-Governed Australian Firms Make More Informative Disclosures?BusinessBrown, Philip, Beekes, Wendy
Economic Benefits of Adopting IFRS or US-GAAP u Have the Expected Cost of Equity Capital Really Decreased?(International Financial Reporting Standards, United States generally accepted accounting principals)BusinessDaske, Holger
Efficiency and stock performance in European banking.BusinessBeccalli, Elena, Casu, Barbara, Girardone, Claudia
Empirical evidence on the role of trading suspensions in disseminating new information to the capital market.BusinessEngelen, Peter-Jan, Kabir, Rezaul
Explaining the Short- and Long-Term IPO Anomalies in the US by R&D.(initial public offerings, United States, research and development)BusinessLev, Baruch, Re-Jin Guo, Shi, Charles
How do different types of investors react to new earnings information?BusinessEkholm, Anders
How investors trade around interim earnings announcements.BusinessVieru, Markku, Perttunen, Jukka, Schadewitz, Hannu
How is futures trading affected by the move to a computerized trading system? Lessons from the LIFFE FTSE 100 contract.BusinessRijken, Herbert A., Gilbert, Christopher L.
Intra-industry effects of earnings restatements due to accounting irregularities.BusinessNajand, Mohammad, Xu, Tan, Ziegenfuss, Douglas
Investment horizon effects.(failure of stocks in increasing the investments )BusinessBazo, Javier Gil
Management of earnings and analysts' forecasts to achieve zero and small positive earnings surprises.BusinessBurgstahler, David, Eames, Michael
Managing earnings with intercorporate investments.BusinessHaug, Jorgen, Bohren, Oyvind
Non-audit services and auditor independence: New Zealand evidence.BusinessHay, David, Li, Vivian, Knechel, Robert
On the determinants and dynamics of trade credit use: empirical evidence from business start ups.BusinessHuyghebaert, Nancy
Ownership structure and IPO underpricing.BusinessHill, Paula
Pricing the credit risk of secured debt and financial leasing.BusinessRealdon, Marco
Real time risk pricing over the business cycle: some evidence for the UK.(United Kingdom )BusinessSpeight, Alan E. H., Evans, Kevin P.
Risk and return around bond rating changes: new evidence from the Spanish stock market.BusinessAbad-Romero, Pilar, Robles-Fernandez, M. Dolores
Seasonality in fund performance: an examination of the portfolio holdings and trades of investment managers.BusinessGallagher, David R., Pinnuck, Matt
Separation of Ownership from Control and Acquiring Firm Performance: The Case of Family Ownership in Canada.BusinessBen-Amar, Walid, Andre, Paul
Short Sales Constraints and Momentum in Stock Returns.BusinessAli, Ashiq, Trombley, Mark A.
Short-term contrarian strategies in the London stock exchange: are they profitable? Which factors affect them?BusinessAntoniou, Antonios, Galariotis, Emilios C., Spyrou, Spyros I.
Staging of venture financing, investor opportunism and patent law.BusinessBigus, Jochen
Testing the information set perspective of UK Financial Reporting Standard No.3: reporting financial performance.BusinessLin, Stephen
The conditional relationship between beta and returns: a reassessment.BusinessGuermat, Cherif, Freeman, Mark C.
The effect of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act on analyst forecast properties: the impact of firm size and growth opportunities.BusinessSrinidhi, Bin, Leung, Sidney
The Free Cash Flow Anomaly revisited: Finnish evidence.BusinessVahamaa, Sami, Jokipii, Annukka
The impact on IPO performance of more stringent listing rules with a pre-listing earnings requirement: evidence from Hong Kong.(initial public offering)BusinessCheung, Yan-Leung, Cheng, Wai-Yan, Tse, Yuen-Ching
The interrelationship between managerial ownership and board structure.BusinessLasfer, M. Ameziane
The long-term price-earnings ratio.BusinessBrooks, Chris, Anderson, Keith
The market value of UK dividends from shares with differing entitlements.(United Kingdom )BusinessArmitage, Seth, Hodgkinson, Lynn, Partington, Graham
The price impacts of open market repurchase trades.BusinessSmith, Brian F., McNally, William J., Barnes, Thomas
The price of UK commercial credit lines: a research note.(UK Cruickshank Report (2000))BusinessEnnew, Christine, Hanley, Aoife, Binks, Martin
The real options component of firm market value: the case of the technological corporation.(Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development)Business 
The seasoned equity issues of UK firms: market reaction and issuance method choice.(financial regulations and stock performances)BusinessWalker, Martin, Barnes, Edel
The strategy of going public: how UK firms choose their listing contracts.(United Kingdom)BusinessKhurshed, Arif, Mudambi, Ram, Goergen, Marc
Use of Forecasts of Earnings to Estimate and Compare Cost of Capital Across Regimes.BusinessEaston, Peter
Voluntary disclosure of information in a setting in which endowment of information has productive value.BusinessFrantz, Pascal, Instefjord, Norvald
Voluntary environmental disclosures by large UK companies.BusinessPavelin, Stephen, Brammer, Stephen
Why do underwriters charge low underwriting fees for initial public offerings in Taiwan?BusinessChen, Hsuan-Chi, Fok, Robert C. W., Wang, Yu-Jen
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