Journal of Comparative Economics 2003 - Abstracts

Journal of Comparative Economics 2003
An inverse global environmental Kuznets curve.EconomicsJha, Raghbendra, Murthy, K.V. Bhanu
A study of the R&D efficiency and productivity of Chinese firms.EconomicsZhang, Anming, Zhang, Yimin, Zhao, Ronald
Bank competition and credit markets in transition economies.EconomicsHainz, Christa
Bank discrimination in transition economies: ideology, information, or incentives?EconomicsBrandt, Loren, Li, Hongbin
China's WTO accession: impacts on regional agriculture income- a multi-regional, general equilibrium analysis.EconomicsDiao, Xinshen, Zhang, Xiaobo, Fan, Shenggen
Commissars and cars: a case study in the political economy of dictatorship.EconomicsLazarev, Valery
Dose guanxi matter to nonfarm employment?EconomicsZhang, Xiaobo, Guo Li
Efficiency, technical progress, and best practices in chinese state enterprises (1980-1994).EconomicsBigsten, Arne, Zheng, Jinghai, Liu, Xiaoxuan
Firms facing new institutions: transactional governance in Romania.EconomicsMurrell, Peter
Fiscal federalism and incentives in a Russian region.EconomicsAlexeev, Michael, Kurliyandskaya, Galina
Foreign direct investment in Europe: is there redirection from the south to the east?EconomicsBuch, Claudia M., Kokta, Robert M., Piazolo, Daniel
Gender wage gap and segregation in enterprises and the public sector in late transition countries.EconomicsJurajda, Stepan
Glamour and value in the land of Chingis Khan.EconomicsKorsun, Georges, Murrell, Peter, Anderson, James H.
Government's budget constraint, competition, and privatization: evidence fro China's rural industry.EconomicsLi, Hongbin
Incentive contracting versus ownership reforms: Evidence from China's twonship and village enterprises.EconomicsWang, Yijiang, Chang, Chun, McCall, Brian P.
Informal economy activities of Soviet households: size and dynamics.EconomicsKim, Byung-Yeon
Informed trading and the bid-ask spread: evidence from an emerging market.EconomicsHanousek, Jan, Podpiera, Richard
Innovation in corporate law.EconomicsWest, Mark D., Pistor, Katharina, Keinan, Yoram, Kleinheisterkamp, Jan
Labor market distortions and China's WTO accession package: an applied general equilibrium assessment.EconomicsGilbert, John
Labor supply in urban China.EconomicsLi, Haizheng, Zax, Jeffery S.
Law and finance: why does legal origin matter?.EconomicsLevine, Ross, Beck, Thorsten, Demirguc-Kunt, Asli
Managerial change, competition, and privatization in Ukraine.EconomicsWarzynski, Frederic
Non-performance risk and transaction costs in laboratory forward and spot markets.EconomicsPhillips, Owen R., Menkhaus, Dale J., Yakunina, Alla V., Esipov, Victor E.
Objectives and constraints of entrepreneurs: evidence from small and medium size enterprises in Russia and Bulgaria.EconomicsPissarides, Francesca, Singer, Miroslav, Svejnar, Jan
Potential residual and relative wages in Chinese township and village enterprises.EconomicsFleisher, Belton M., Wang, Xiaojun
Privatization, partial state ownership, and competition.EconomicsBennett, John, Maw, James
Profit sharing, worker effort, and double-sided moral hazard in an efficiency wage model.EconomicsLin, Chung-cheng, Lai, Ching-chong, Chang, Juin-jen
Propping and tunneling.EconomicsFriedman, Eric, Johnson, Simon, Mitton, Todd
Random pricing by labor-managed firms in markets with imperfect consumer information.EconomicsIreland, Norman J.
Seize the state, seize the day: state capture and influence in transition economies.EconomicsHellman, Joel S., Jones, Geraint, Kaufman, Daniel
Soft budget constraints, social burdens and labor redundancy in China's state industry.EconomicsDong, Xiao-Yuan, Putterman, Louis
The Balassa-Sanuelson effect in Central and Eastern Europe: myth or reality?EconomicsEgert, Balazs, Drine, Imed, Lommatzsch, Kirsten, Rault, Christophe
The economics of land title reform.EconomicsMiceli, Thomas J., Kieyah, Joseph
The new comparative economics.EconomicsLa Porta, Rafael, Lopez-de-Silanes, Florencio, Shleifer, Andrei, Glaeser, Edward, Djanko, Simeon
Unemployment, consumption smoothing, and precautionary saving in urban China.EconomicsMeng, Xin
Why not a political Coase theorem? Social conflict, commitment, and politics.EconomicsAcemoglu, Daron
Why the rich may favor poor protection of property rights.EconomicsSonin, Konstantin
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