Journal of Criminal Justice - Abstracts

Journal of Criminal Justice
A Career Stage Analysis of Police Officer Work Commitment.(Statistical Data Included)LawMcElroy, James C., Morrow, Paula C.
Age, self-control, and adults' offending behaviors: a research note assessing 'a general theory of crime.'.LawCullen, Francis T., Evans, T. David, Burton, Velmer S., Jr., Olivares, Kathleen M., Dunaway, R. Gregory
An economic analysis of guns, crime, and gun control.LawMcDonald, John F.
Correctional Officer Attitudes Toward Inmates and Working With Inmates in a "Get Tough" Era.(Statistical Data Included)LawFarkas, Mary Ann
Denial of handgun purchase: a description of the affected population and a controlled study of their handgun preferences.LawWintemute, Garen J., Wright, Mona A., Drake, Christiana M., Beaumont, James J., Parham, Carrie A.
Detention and Desistance From Crime: Evaluating the Influence of a New Generation Jail on Recidivism.LawApplegate, Brandon K., Surette, Ray, McCarthy, Bernard J.
Educational Backgrounds of Most-Cited Scholars.(Statistical Data Included)LawFabianic, David
Legal and racial elements of public willingness to transfer juvenile offenders to adult court.LawSheley, Joseph F., Feiler, Stephen M.
Patterns of arrest in domestic violence encounters: identifying a police decision-making model.LawKane, Robert J.
Race, Conventional Crime, and Criminal Justice: The Declining Importance of Skin Color.LawDeLisi, Matt, Regoli, Bob
Toward and Understanding of the Perception of HIV/AIDS-Related Risk Among Prison Officers.(Statistical Data Included)LawMarquart, James W., McIntyre, David, Brewer, Victoria
Violence and drug use in juvenile institutions.LawMacDonald, John M.
Voluntary Turnover of Field Operations Officers: A Test of Confluence Theory.(Statistical Data Included)LawHarris, Louis M.
Who wants a gun license?LawSchwaner, Shawn L., Furr, L. Allen, Negrey, Cynthia L., Seger, Rachelle E.
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