Journal of Family Violence - Abstracts

Journal of Family Violence
Abuse among African African elderly.Family and marriageGriffin, Linner Ward, Williams, Oliver J.
A comparison of the abuse experiences of male and female adults molested as children.Family and marriageKendall-Tackett, Kathleen A., Simon, Arthur F.
Battered women's shelters and older women: the Florida experience.Family and marriageVinton, Linda
Cognitive-behavioral group treatment for male spouse abusers.Family and marriageFaulkner, Kim, Stoltenberg, Cal D., Cogen, Rosemary, Nolder, Mark, Shooter, Eugene
Domestic violence training: an annotated bibliography.Family and marriageWaltz, Catherine L.
Parent-adolescent congruence on decision-making and its relation to adolescent adjustment.Family and marriageForehand, Rex, Wierson, Michelle, Nousiainen, Sarah D., Thomas, Amanda McCombs
Sex role beliefs, control, and social isolation of battered women.Family and marriageWarren, Jane, Lanning, Wayne
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