Journal of Health Economics 1992 - Abstracts

Journal of Health Economics 1992
Access, utilisation and equity: a further comment. (response to G. Mooney, J. Hall, C. Donaldson and K. Gerard in this issue, p. 199)Health care industryWagstaff, Adam, Culyer, A. J., Doorslaer, Eddy van
Adverse selection: does it preclude a competitive health insurance market?Health care industrySloan, Frank A.
Adverse selection with a multiple choice among health insurance plans: a simulation analysis.Health care industryMarquis, M. Susan
An alternative framework for evaluating welfare losses in the health care market.Health care industryRice, Thomas
An econometric analysis of health care expenditure: a cross-section study of the OECD countries. (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development)Health care industryJonsson, Bengt, Gerdtham, Ulf-G., Sogaard, Jes, Andersson, Fredrik
A randomized trial to evaluate the effectiveness of a Medicaid HMO. (health maintenance organization)Health care industryBuchanan, Joan L., Leibowitz, Arleen, Mann, Joyce
A risk-based prospective payment system that integrates patient, hospital and national costs.Health care industrySiegel, Carole, Jones, Kristine, Laska, Eugene, Meisner, Morris, Shang Lin
Conversion factor instability in international comparisons of health care expenditure: some econometric comments. (response to U.G. Gerdtham and B. Jonsson, Journal of Health Economics, vol.10, p. 227, 1991)Health care industryMurthy, Vasudeva N. R.
Cost effectiveness/utility analyses: do current decision rules lead us to where we want to be?Health care industryBirch, Stephen, Gafni, Amiram
Equity in the delivery of health care: some international comparisons.Health care industryWagstaff, Adam, Doorslaer, Eddy van
Equity in the finance of health care: some international comparisons.Health care industryWagstaff, Adam, Doorslaer, Eddy van
Estimating the indirect costs of teaching. (of Medicare's Prospective Payment System on teaching hospitals)Health care industryNewhouse, Joseph P., Rogowski, Jeannette A.
Hospital expenditures in the United States and Canada: do hospital worker wages explain the differences?Health care industryNewhouse, Joseph P., Thorpe, Kenneth E., Haber, Susan G., Anderson, Jack Geoffrey M.
Implications of basing health-care resource allocations on cost-utility analysis in the presence of externalities.Health care industryLabelle, Roberta J., Hurley, Jeremiah E.
Incentive regulation of nursing homes.Health care industryNorton, Edward C.
International comparisons of health care expenditure - conversion factor instability, heteroscedasticity, outliers and robust estimators. (response to article by Vasudeva N.R. Murthy in this issue, p. 183)Health care industryJonsson, Bengt, Gerdtham, Ulf-G.
Persistence in the use of pharmaceuticals by the elderly: evidence from annual claims.Health care industryCoulson, N. Edward, Stuart, Bruce
Policy implications of recent hospital competition studies. (Editorial)Health care industryAllen, Robin
Reweighing heat: response to Culyer, van Doorslaer and Wagstaff. (response to A.J. Culyer, E. van Doorslaer and A. Wagstaff, Journal of Health Economics, vol. 11, p.93, 1992)Health care industryHall, Jane, Mooney, Gavin, Donaldson, Cam, Gerard, Karen
Tax harmonisation and the reduction of European smoking rates.Health care industryTrigg, Andrew B., Bosanquet, Nick
Technological diffusion in primary health.Health care industryKlausen, Liv Marit, Olsen, Trond E., Risa, Alf Erling
The consequences and costs of maternal substance abuse in New York City: a pooled time-series, cross-section analysis.Health care industryJoyce, Theodore, Racine, Andrew D., Mocan, Naci
The determinants and effects of health expenditure in developed countries.Health care industryHitiris, Theo, Posnett, John
The effect of per-item fees on the behaviour of general practitioners.Health care industryHughes, David, Yule, Brian
The effects of market structure and bargaining position on hospital prices.Health care industryMelnick, Glenn A., Zwanziger, Jack, Bamezai, Anil, Pattison, Robert
The impact of physician characteristics in conditional choice models for hospital care.Health care industryBurns, Lawton R., Wholey, Douglas R.
Utilisation as a measure of equity by Mooney, Hall, Donaldson and Gerard. (G. Mooney; J. Hall; C. Donaldson; K. Gerard)Health care industryvan Doorslaer, Eddy, Wagstaff, Adam, Culyer, A.J.
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