Journal of Individual Employment Rights - Abstracts

Journal of Individual Employment Rights
Advocating rights or adjudicating wrongs: the status of affirmative action.LawBlack-Branch, Jonathan
Constructive discharge: A.K.A. was it a quit or a discharge? Understanding the doctrine and prevention of constructive-discharge cases.LawBohlander, George W.
Free speech on the firing line: the legal controversy continues.LawGilmore, Carol B., Broderick, Martha
Joint union-management training programs.LawLevine, Marvin J.
Regulating workplace romances: some guidance from the courts.LawHames, David S.
Sexual harassment: is the media manipulating the facts?LawPellegrino, Kimberly C., Carbo, Jerry A., II, Pellegrino, Robert J.
The forgotten minority: sexual preference as a protected class under Title VII?LawKrizner, William T.
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