Journal of International Marketing 2003 - Abstracts

Journal of International Marketing 2003
An exploratory investigation into impulse buying behavior in a transitional economy: a study of urban consumers in Vietnam.Business, internationalMai, Nguyen Thi Tuyet, Jung, Kwon, Lantz, Garold, Loeb, Sandra G.
A resource-based model of market learning in the subsidiary: the capabilities of exploration and exploitation.Business, internationalOzsomer, Aysegul, Gencturk, Esra
Cultural superstitions and the price endings used in Chinese advertising.Business, internationalSchindler, Robert M., Simmons, Lee C.
Determinants of Korean and Japanese new product performance: an inter-relational and process view.Business, internationalNakata, Cheryl, Ha, Young-Won, Park, Heungsoo, Im, Subin
Developing global segments and forecasting market shares: a simultaneous approach using survey data.Business, internationalAgarwal, Manoj K.
Examining the intricacies of promotion standardization: factors influencing advertising message and packaging.Business, internationalRyans, John K., Jr., A.Griffith, David, Chandra, Aruna
Export information use: a five-country investigation of key determinants.Business, internationalSouchon, Anne L., Durden, Geoffrey R., Diamantopoulos, Adamantios, Sinkula, James M., Axinn, Catherine N., Holzmuller, Hartmut H., Simmet, Heike
Internationalization and entry modes: multi-theoretical framework and research propositions.Business, internationalAgarwal, James, Malhotra, Naresh K., Ulgado, Francis M.
International standardization strategies: the experiences of Australian and New Zealand firms operating in the Greater China markets.Business, internationalChung, Henry F.L.
Korean marketing in China: an exploratory analysis of strategy-performance relationships.Business, internationalHan, C. Min, Kim, Jung Min
Product quality orientation and its performance implications in Chinese state-owned enterprises.Business, internationalGermain, Richard, Lin, Xiaohua
Symbolic of foreign products in the People's Republic of China.Business, internationalHui, Michael K., Zhou, Lianxi
The effect of export marketing capabilities on export performance: an investigation of Chinese exporters.Business, internationalZou, Shaoming, Fang, Eric, Zhao, Shuming
Timing of entry and the foreign subsidiary performance of Japanese firms.Business, internationalDelios, Andrew, Makino, Shige
United Colors of Benettonufrom sweaters to success: an examination of the triumphs and controversies of a multinational clothing company.Business, internationalBarela, Mark J.
Use of the Internet in International Marketing: A Case Study of Small Computer Software Firms.Business, internationalMoen, Oystein, Endresen, Iver, Gavlen, Morten
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