Journal of International Marketing 2005 - Abstracts

Journal of International Marketing 2005
An exploratory examination of the influence of national culture on cross-national product diffusion.Business, internationalDwyer, Sean, Mesak, Hani, Hsu, Maxwell
Culture matters: consumer acceptance of U.S. films in foreign markets.Business, internationalCraig, C. Samuel, Douglas, Susan P., Greene, William H.
Executive insights: market orientation of Mexican companies.Business, internationalFelix, Retro and Hinck, Wolfgang
Exploring the practical effects of country of origin, animosity, and priceuquality issues: two case studies of Taiwan and Acer in China.Business, internationalAmine, Lyn S., Arnold, Mark J., Chao, Mike C.H.
Exporting services to Southeast Asia: lessons from Australian knowledge-based service exporters.Business, internationalStyles, Chris, Patterson, Paul G., La, Vinh Q.
Export market expansion strategies of direct-selling small and medium-sized firms: implications for export sales management activities.Business, internationalMorgan, Robert E., Theodosiou, Marios, Katsikea, Evangelia S., Papavassiliou, Nikolaos
Global account management capability: insights from leading suppliers.Business, internationalZou, Shaoming, White, J. Chris, Cavusgil, S. Tamer, Shi, Linda H., McNally, Regina C.
Guanxi, trust, and long-term orientation in Chinese business markets.Business, internationalLee, Don Y., Dawes, Philip L.
International marketing as a field of study: a critical assessment of earlier development and a look forward.Business, internationalDeligonul, Seyda, Cavusgil, S. Tamer, Yaprak, Attila
Local branding in a foreign product category in an emerging market.Business, internationalEckhardt, Giana M.
Market orientation and management practices in Ghanaian firms: revisiting the Jaworski and Kohli framework.Business, internationalKuada, John, Buadsi, Seth N.
Market orientation, relationship marketing orientation, and business performance: the moderating effects of economic ideology and industry type.Business, internationalLeo Y. M. Sin, Alan C. B. Tse, Oliver H. M. Yau, Raymond P. M. Chow and Jenny S. Y. Lee
Order of entry and performance of multinational corporations in an emerging market: a contingent resource perspective.Business, internationalCui, Geng, Lui, Hon-Kwong
Stakeholder orientation and business performance: the case of service companies in China.(impacts of stakeholder orientation)Business, internationalChung-Leung Luk, Oliver H. M. Yau, Alan C. B. Tse, Leo Y. M. Sin and Raymond P. M. Chow
Trading favors for marketing advantage: evidence from Hong Kong, China, and the United States.Business, internationalKam-hon Lee, Gong-Ming Qian, Julie H. Yu and Ying Ho
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