Journal of International Marketing 2007 - Abstracts

Journal of International Marketing 2007
An examination of exploration and exploitation capabilities: implications for product innovation and market performance.(Report)Business, internationalCalantone, Roger J., Griffith, David A., Yalcinkaya, Goksel
Assessing measurement invariance of export market orientation: a study of Chinese and non-Chinese firms in China.(Report)Business, internationalKotabe, Masaaki, Murray, Janet Y., Gao, Gerald Yong, Nan Zhou
Collaborative and iterative translation: an alternative approach back translation.(survey research process )Business, internationalDouglas, Susan P.
Exploratory and exploitative learning in new product development: a social capital perspective on new technology ventures in China.Business, internationalAtuahene-Gima, Kwaku, Murray, Janet Y.
Factors influencing supplier share allocations in an overseas Chinese context.(Report)Business, internationalRexha, Nexhmi, Brush, Gregory J.
Internationalization motives and facilitating factors: qualitative evidence from smaller specialist retailers.(Case study)Business, internationalDoherty, Anne Marie, Quinn, Barry, Hutchinson, Karise, Alexander, Nicholas
Managerial assessments of export performance: conceptual framework and empirical illustration.(Report)Business, internationalDiamantopoulos, Adamantios, Kakkos, Nikolaos
Market entry and priority of small and medium-sized enterprises in the software industry: an empirical analysis of cultural distance, geographic distance, and market size.(Report)Business, internationalOjala, Arto, Tyrvainen, Pasi
Norms-and control based governance of international manufacture-distributor relational exchanges.(international distribution networks )Business, internationalAulakh, Preet S., Genctiirk, Esra F.
Norms-and control-based governance of international manufacturer distributor relational exchanges.Business, internationalAulakh, Preet S., Gencturk, Esra F.
Operationalizing psychic distance: a revised approach.(psychic distance in international market entry )Business, internationalBrewer, Paul A.
Product ethnicity: revisiting the match between products and countries.(Report)Business, internationalUsunier, Jean-Claude, Cestre, Ghislaine
Social capital and its influence on changes in internationalization mode among small and medium-sized enterprises.Business, internationalChetty, Sylvie, Agndal, Henrik
Strategic variables that influence entry mode choice in service firms.(international market entry )Business, internationalHebert, Louis, Pla-Barber, Jose, Peinado, Esther Sanchez
Strategic variables that influence entry mode choice in service firms.(market entry of service industries)Business, internationalHebert, Louis, Pla-Barber, Jose, Sanchez-Peinado, Esther
The effects of cultural individualism and self-confidence on propensity to voice: from theory to measurement to practice.(Report)Business, internationalCoulter, Robin A., Chelminski, Piotr
The effects of e-commerce drivers on export marketing strategy.Business, internationalZou, Shaoming, Gregory, Gary, Karavdic, Munib
The Role of moral intensity and personal moral philosophies in the ethical decision making of marketers: a cross-cultural comparison of China and the United States.Business, internationalVitell, Scott J., Al-Khatib, Jamal, Singh, Jatinder J., Clarke, Irvine
Toward a typology of commitment states among managers of born-global firms: a study of accelerated internationalization.(Report)Business, internationalCavusgil, S. Tamer, Freeman, Susan
What drives performance in globally focused marketing organizations? A three-country study.Business, internationalDeligonul, Seyda, Hult, G. Tomas M., Cavusgil, S. Tamer, Lagerstrom, Katarina, Kiyak, Tunga
When, how, and with what success? The joint effect of entry timing and entry modeon survival of Japanese subsidiaries in China.(Report)Business, internationalPapyrina, Veronika
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