Journal of Mammalogy - Abstracts

Journal of Mammalogy
Alexander William Francis Banfield: 1918-1996. (mammalogist)(Obituary)Zoology and wildlife conservation 
Barbara Lawrence Schevill: 1909-1997.(naturalist)(Obituary)Zoology and wildlife conservationRutzmoser, Maria
Body mass and size in female deer mice, Peromyscus maniculatus, as a function of time since breeding.Zoology and wildlife conservationDewsbury, Donald A.
Camouflage comparisons among fox squirrels from the Mississippi River delta.Zoology and wildlife conservationKiltie, Richard A.
Change in forearm curvature throughout the summer in female big brown bats.Zoology and wildlife conservationSevick, Steven H., Studier, Eugene H.
Change in nutrient content of foods stored by eastern woodrats (Neotoma floridana).Zoology and wildlife conservationPost, Diane M.
Condition of type specimens of the genus Peromyscus.Zoology and wildlife conservationWilliams, Stephen L., Hawks, Catharine A.
Constantinus (Stan) Gerhardus Van Zyll De Jong: 1934-1996.(Obituary)Zoology and wildlife conservation 
David John Klingener: 1937-1995. (anatomist and mammalogist)(Obituary)Zoology and wildlife conservation 
Denning by black bears in northcentral Florida.Zoology and wildlife conservationWooding, John B., Hardisky, Thomas S.
Dispersal in female white-tailed deer.Zoology and wildlife conservationMech, L. David, Nelson, Michael E.
Dispersal of young mole rats (Spalax ehrenbergi) from the natal burrow.Zoology and wildlife conservationRado, R., Wollberg, Z., Terkel, J.
Does supplemental feeding of red squirrels change population density, movements, or both? (response to Thomas P. Sullivan, Journal of Mammalogy, vol. 71, p. 579, 1990)Zoology and wildlife conservationKoford, Rolf R.
Ecologic relationships of co-occurring populations of opossums (Didelphis virginiana) and raccoons (Procyon lotor) in Tennessee.Zoology and wildlife conservationKissell, Robert E., Jr., Kennedy, Michael L.
Elmer Clea Birney: 1940-2000.(Obituary)Zoology and wildlife conservationGenoways, Hugh H., Phillips, Carleton J., Choate, Jerry R., Sikes, Robert S., Kramer, Kristin M.
Energetic influences on the life history of Glaucomys volans.Zoology and wildlife conservationStapp, Paul
Energy and nutrient assimilation by gray foxes on diets of mice and Himalaya berries.Zoology and wildlife conservationBall, Lianne C., Golightly, Richard T., Jr.
Food habits of the rabbit Romerolagus diazi (leporidae) in Central Mexico.Zoology and wildlife conservationCervantes, Fernando A., Martinez, Jesus
Francis Hollis Fay: 1927-1994.(Obituary)(Bibliography)Zoology and wildlife conservation 
Geographic variation in length of tail of white-footed mice (Peromyscus leucopus) in Kansas.Zoology and wildlife conservationKaufman, Dawn M., Kaufman, Donald W.
Geographic variation in pine marten (Martes martes) and beech marten (M. foina) in Europe.Zoology and wildlife conservationReig, Santiago
Gerrit de Graaff: 1931-1996. (small-mammal taxonomist)(Obituary)Zoology and wildlife conservationPenzhorn, B.L.
Gordon Laidlaw Kirkland, Jr.: 1943-1999.(Obituary)Zoology and wildlife conservationMcLaren, Suzanne B.
Guidelines for the capture, handling, and care of mammals as approved by the American Society of Mammalogists.Zoology and wildlife conservation 
Home range and density estimates for the northern flying squirrel, Glaucomys sabrinus, in western Oregon.Zoology and wildlife conservationWitt, Joseph W.
Hunting associations between badgers (Taxidea taxus) and coyotes (Canis latrans)Zoology and wildlife conservationMinta, Steven C., Minta, Kathryn A., Lott, Dale F.
J. Knox Jones, Jr.: 1929-1992.(Obituary)Zoology and wildlife conservationGenoways, Hugh H., Baker, Robert J., Findley, James S., Jones, Clyde, Birney, Elmer C.
John H. Calaby: 1922-1998.(naturalist)(Obituary)Zoology and wildlife conservationTaylor, J. Mary
John Jermyn Christian: 1917-1997.(Obituary)Zoology and wildlife conservationLandry, Stuart O., Jr.
Karl F. Koopman: 1920-1997.(Obituary)Zoology and wildlife conservationGriffiths, Thomas A.
Long-term effects of intraspecific and interspecific cross-fostering on two species of Peromyscus.Zoology and wildlife conservationHawkins, L.K., Cranford, J.A.
Osvaldo A. Reig: 1929-1992. (Obituary)Zoology and wildlife conservationRoig, Virgilio G.
Patch use by gerbils (Gerbillus allenbyi) in sandy and rocky habitats.Zoology and wildlife conservationBrown, Joel S., Arel, Yossef, Abramsky, Zvika, Kotler, Burt P.
Path selection by Peromyscus leucopus in the presence and absence of vegetative cover.Zoology and wildlife conservationCarmen, William J., Barnum, Sarah A., Manville, Christiana J., Tester, John R.
Philip Hershkovitz: 1909-1997. (mammalogist)(Obituary)Zoology and wildlife conservationPatterson, Bruce D.
Philip L. Wright.(zoologist)(Obituary)Zoology and wildlife conservationForesman, Kerry R.
Rattlesnake predation on desert rodents: microhabitat and species-specific effects on risk.Zoology and wildlife conservationPierce, Becky M., Longland, William S., Jenkins, Stephen H.
Reduced number of ribosomal sites in bats: evidence for a mechanism to contain genome size.Zoology and wildlife conservationBaker, Robert J., Maltbie, Mary, Owen, James G., Hamilton, Meredith J., Bradley, Robert D.
Response to Koford: red squirrels and supplemental feeding. (response to article by Rolf R. Koford in this issue, p. 930)Zoology and wildlife conservationSullivan, Thomas P., Klenner, Walt
Seasonal changes in mass and reproductive condition of the corn mouse (Calomys musculinus) on the Argentine pampa.Zoology and wildlife conservationChilds, James E., Mills, James N., Ellis, Barbara A., Maiztegui, Julio I., Castro-Vazquez, Alfredo
Selection of wolf dens in relation to winter territories in northeastern Minnesota.Zoology and wildlife conservationMech, L. David, Ciucci, P.
Size of testes and scent glands in capybaras, Hydrochaeris hydrochaeris (rodentia: caviomorpha).Zoology and wildlife conservationHerrera, Emilio A.
Speciation and persistence of a contact zone in Mojave Desert ground squirrels, subgenus Xerospermophilus.Zoology and wildlife conservationHafner, David J.
Species diversity gradients: we know more and less than we thought.Zoology and wildlife conservationRosenzweig, Michael L.
Systematics of Aconaemys (Rodentia, Octodontidae).Zoology and wildlife conservationGallardo, Milton H., Reise, Detlef
The modern evolutionary theory.Zoology and wildlife conservationMayr, Ernst
Vladimir Evgenevich Sokolov: 1928 - 1998.(Obituary)Zoology and wildlife conservationShishkin, Vladimir S., Hoffmann, Robert S.
William B. "Doc" Davis: 1902-1995.(Obituary)Zoology and wildlife conservationSchmidly, David J., Dixon, James R.
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