Journal of Nutrition Education 1996 - Abstracts

Journal of Nutrition Education 1996
A nutritionist's field guide to cyberspace.(Special Theme Issue: Multimedia and Computers in Nutrition Education)Food/cooking/nutritionFacinoli, Sandra Lee
Cardiac patients' mental representations of diet.Food/cooking/nutritionJanas, Bernadette Garchinsky, Bisogni, Carole A., Sobal, Jeffery
Emergency food bags offer more than food.Food/cooking/nutritionStarkey, Linda Jacobs
Enhancing compliance in the Child and Adult Care Food Program using digitized photographs.(Special Theme Issue: Multimedia and Computers in Nutrition Education)Food/cooking/nutritionAnderson, Jennifer, Gould, Susan Martin
Enlarging your professional community through electronic communication.(Special Theme Issue: Multimedia and Computers in Nutrition Education)Food/cooking/nutritionEvers, William D.
Helpfulness of nutritional value labels in choosing low-fat products.Food/cooking/nutritionMeuldijk, Sonja, Assema, Patricia van, Dis, Ineke van, Mudde, Aart
Impact of nutrition-related coalitions on welfare reform and food security in a rural state.(Special Issue: Welfare Reform and Nutrition Education)Food/cooking/nutritionPaul, Lynn C.
Implementation factors related to outcomes of a nutrition education program for Latinos with limited English proficiency.Food/cooking/nutritionWoodruff, Susan I., Elder, John P., Candelaria, Jeanette, Gichon, Elana A., Zaslow, Kimberly A.
Kansas LEAN: an effective coalition for nutrition education and dietary change.(Special Issue: Welfare Reform and Nutrition Education)Food/cooking/nutritionJohnston, Judy A., Marmet, Paula F., Coen, F. Stephen, Fawcett, Stephen B., Harris, Kari J.
NutriStar. (Hopkins Technology's CD-ROM electronic reference) (Software Review)(Evaluation)Food/cooking/nutritionMiller, Carol R.
Nutrition DISCovery personalized CD-ROM diet assessment program.(Special Theme Issue: Multimedia and Computers in Nutrition Education)Food/cooking/nutritionKeller, Betsy, Sumner, Nancy E.
Olestra: another technological fix for the food supply.Food/cooking/nutritionThomas, Paul R.
Olestra: questions still unanswered.Food/cooking/nutritionKantor, Mark A.
Our perspective: nutrition education enhances food assistance programs.(Special Issue: Welfare Reform and Nutrition Education)Food/cooking/nutritionSims, Laura S., Voichick, Jane
Peer nutrition education programs on college campuses.Food/cooking/nutritionBetts, Nancy M., Horacek, Tanya M., Rutar, Joy
Pilot study of a cafeteria program relying primarily on symbols to promote healthy choices.Food/cooking/nutritionLevin, Sarah
Pros and cons of block grants.(Special Issue: Welfare Reform and Nutrition Education)Food/cooking/nutritionMcNutt, Kristen
'Ready, Set, Dinner': how the National Potato Promotion Board leveraged its nutrition education program for maximum results.(Special Theme Issue: Multimedia and Computers in Nutrition Education)Food/cooking/nutritionMcCashion, Linda
RISK Raiders: a food safety hypermedia software game for students (Grades 3-5).Food/cooking/nutritionYouatt, June P., Andrews, Sandra L., Hammerschmidt, Patricia, Sawyer, Carol A., Murphy, Anne S.
Tools to simplify and demonstrate the new food label.Food/cooking/nutritionCotugna, Nancy, Vickery, Connie E.
Will pending health claims regulations motivate consumers to change dietary practices?Food/cooking/nutritionMcMahon, Kathleen
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