Journal of Products and Toxics Liability - Abstracts

Journal of Products and Toxics Liability
Allocation of defense costs when there are uninsured periods: yet another confusing aspect of asbestos and other insidious disease litigation.LawWalker, Thomas R.
Associations, constitutional values, and tort litigation: the Texas Supreme Court recognizes trade associations' First Amendment rights to petition government as a defense to tort liability. (Texas)LawZeigler, Luther
At the dawn of a new day or the brink of more confusion - will the U.S. Supreme Court answer the call to establish workable standards for the admissibility of novel scientific evidence?LawCohen, Roy Alan, DePhillips, Christopher P.
Causation in fact in product liability failure to warn cases.LawFischer, David A.
Clozaril and the threat of product liability: defensive drug distribution invites regulatory reform. (antipsychotic drug)LawBrushwood, David B., Fern, Frederick H.
Computer generated evidence as a witness beyond cross-examination.LawKelly, Michael J.
Effectiveness of alcohol beverage warning labels: effects of consumer information processing objectives and color of signal word.LawdeTurck, Mark A., Goldhaber, Gerald M., Richetto, Gary M.
Emotional distress: how I learned to stop fearing toxic torts and to sue for the fear.LawValk, Martin E.
Evaluating modifications as superceding causes in products liability actions.LawVietzke, Lance L.
Following the Supreme Court's analysis in Cipollone, courts are finding broad preemption in sophisticated medical device tort litigation.LawCharrow, Robert P., Schwartz, Victor E., Behrens, Mark A.
Lead and litigation.LawShapo, Marshall S.
Preemption bars and tort claims for agricultural workers exposed to pesticides.LawPaule, Adrienne C.
Preemption under the Medical Devices Amendment: a difficult pill to swallow?LawMullally, Veronica
Product liability risks faced by trade associations that lobby the government on health and safety issues.LawVoorhees, Theodore, Jr.
The absolute pollution exclusion - has it resolved all ambiguities in pollution coverage?LawGallin, Fredric P.
The admissibility of expert testimony and the toxic tort.LawSmith, Matthew J.
The constitutionality of punitive damage awards and recent proposed legislation.LawKennedy, Wendy S.
The cost of product liability for small vs. large firms. (manufacturing firms)LawMiceli, Thomas J., Segerson, Kathleen, Wright, Arthur W.
The DDT paradigm and electromagnetic fields: policy and scientific uncertainty.LawGoldstein, Robert J., Barker, John C.
The detrimental health effects of ETS exposure on children in the home. (environmental tobacco smoke)LawFusco, Jennifer R.
The impact of the Cipollone case on federal preemption law. (products liability case brought against tobacco company)LawAusness, Richard C.
The legal response to the wide-spread poisoning of farmworkers from pesticide exposure.LawHauserman, William G.
The Marlboro Man meets the Orkin Man: the effect of Cipollone v. Liggett Group, Inc. on federal preemption by the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide and Rodenticide Act of failure to warn claims brought under state tort law.LawDutcher, Valle Simms
The "professional expert" witness: Doctor Lichtor, I presume? (orthopaedic surgeon Dr. Joseph Lichtor)LawRichmond, Douglas R.
The silicone gel breast implant controversy: the science surrounding the regulation and litigation.LawSimon, Michele
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