Journal of Purchasing & Materials Management - Abstracts

Journal of Purchasing & Materials Management
A strategic approach to procurement planning.Transportation industrySpekman, Robert E.
Commercial negotiation - ancient practice, modern philosophy.Transportation industryHolmes, George
"Just-in-time" production and purchasing.Transportation industryHahn, Chan K., Pinto, Peter A., Bragg, Daniel J.
Measuring the productivity of materials management.Transportation industryRaedels, Alan R.
Occupational stress among purchasing managers.Transportation industryTrinkaus, Robert J., Vredenburgh, Donald J.
Perceived importance of supplier information.Transportation industryGiunipero, Larry C., Monczka, Robert M., Reck, Robert F.
Price-performance evaluation: a conceptual approach.Transportation industryvan Eck, Arend, van Weele, Arjan J., de Weerd, Henk
Product involvement and industrial buying.Transportation industryEvans, Richard H.
Role clarity and job satisfaction in purchasing.Transportation industryParasuraman, A.
The purchasing-manufacturing interface in the make-or-buy decision.Transportation industryDale, B.G., Cunningham, M.T.
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