Journal of Safety Research 1993 - Abstracts

Journal of Safety Research 1993
Drug testing as a strategy to reduce occupational accidents: a longitudinal analysis.Transportation industryHavlovic, Stephen J., Feinauer, Dale M.
Factors affecting work-related injury among forestry workers: a review.Transportation industryKawachi, Ichiro, Slappendel, Carol, Laird, Ian, Marshall, Stephen, Cryer, Colin
Geographic distribution of fatal motorcycle crashes, by design type, in Los Angeles, Orange, and San Diego counties from 1983-1985.Transportation industryKraus, Jess F., Anderson, Craig, Arzemanian, Shakeh, Salatka, Michael
Human facial tolerance to steering wheel impact: a biomechanical study.Transportation industryYoganandan, Narayan, Pintar, Frank A., Reinartz, John, Sances, Anthony, Jr.
Intervention analysis for the impacts of the 65 mph speed limit on rural interstate highway fatalities.Transportation industryGang-Len Chang, Chao-Hua Chen, Carter, Everett C.
Risk perception of common consumer products: judgments of accident frequency and precautionary intent.Transportation industryWogalter, Michael S., Brems, Douglas J., Martin, Elaine G.
Seat belt use in air-bag-equipped cars: 1986-92 models.Transportation industryWells, JoAnn K., Williams, Allan F.
Single-vehicle accidents in Sweden: a comparative study of risk and risk factors by age.Transportation industryBrorsson, Bengt, Rydgren, Hans, Ifver, Jan
The impact of drunk driving legislation in Louisiana.Transportation industryNeustrom, Michael W., Norton, William M.
Vehicle crash involvement and cognitive deficit in older drivers.Transportation industryCooper, Peter J., Tuokko, Holly, Tallman, Karen, Beattie, B. Lynn
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