Journal of the American Real Estate & Urban Economics Association - Abstracts

Journal of the American Real Estate & Urban Economics Association
An empirical investigation of the contingent-claims approach to pricing residential mortgage debt.Real estate industryGiliberto, S. Michael, Ling, David C.
A note on occupancy turnover in rental housing units.Real estate industryShear, William B.
Appraisal-based real estate returns under alternative market regimes.Real estate industryGiaccotto, Carmelo, Clapp, John
A simple search and bargaining model of real estate markets.Real estate industryYavas, Abdullah
Biased prediction of housing values.Real estate industrySirmans, C.F., Knight, J.R., Hill, R. Carter
Current issues in the analysis of commercial real estate. (Special Issue on Office Markets)Real estate industryFisher, Jeffrey D., Webb, R. Brian
Did office market size matter in the 1980s? A time-series cross-sectional analysis of metropolitan area office markets. (Special Issue on Office Markets)Real estate industryPollakowski, Henry O., Lynford, Lloyd, Wachter, Susan M.
Inflation risk, payment tilt, and the design of partially indexed affordable mortgages.Real estate industryScott, William H. Jr., Houston, Arthur L. Jr., Quang Do, A.
Inflation, taxes, and the demand for housing.Real estate industryBoehm, Thomas P., McKenzie, Joseph A.
Influence of rent differentials on the choice between office rent contracts with and without relocation provisions. (Special Issue on Office Markets)Real estate industryShilling, James D., Benjamin, John D., Sa-Aadu, J.
Institutional portfolios: diversification through farmland investment.Real estate industrySherrick, Bruce J., Lins, David A., Venigalla, Aravind
Integrating research on markets for space and capital. (Special Issue on Office Markets)Real estate industryFisher, Jeffrey D.
Intrametropolitan location and office market dynamics. (Special Issue on Office Markets)Real estate industryPollakowski, Henry O., Clapp, John, Lynford, Lloyd
Leasing as a lottery: implications for rational building surges and increasing vacancies.Real estate industryGyourko, Joseph, Voith, Richard
Lender forbearance: evidence from mortgage delinquency patterns. (accelerated failure time model used to assess how long residential mortgages are in delinquency prior to foreclosure)Real estate industrySpringer, Thomas M., Waller, Neil G.
Mortgage-backed futures and options. (valuation model for contracts traded in Chicago from 1989 to 1992)Real estate industryLing, David C.
Office rent determinants in the Chicago area. (Special Issue on Office Markets)Real estate industryMills, Edwin S.
Optimal comparable selection and weighting in real property valuation: an extension.Real estate industryGau, George W., Lai Tsong-Yue, Wang Ko
Owner tenancy as a credible commitment under uncertainty. (links between rent charged by landlords and their commitment to carrying out repairs)Real estate industrySirmans, C.F., Turnbull, Geoffrey K., Glascock, John L.
Predicting commercial mortgage foreclosure experience.Real estate industryVandell, Kerry D.
Real estate valuation under rent control: the case of Santa Monica.Real estate industryShulman, David
Real estate values, federal income taxation, and the importance of local market conditions.Real estate industryLing, David C.
Research on office markets. (Special Issue on Office Markets)Real estate industryPollakowski, Henry O.
Seasonal variation in cost-of-funds at thrift institutions.Real estate industryWang, George H.K., Nothaft, Frank E.
Security deposits, adverse selection and office leases. (Special Issue on Office Markets)Real estate industrySirmans, C.F., Shilling, James D., Benjamin, John D.
Self-selection in the fixed-rate mortgage market.Real estate industryYang, T.L. Tyler
Sell-offs of U.S. real estate: the effect of domestic versus foreign buyers on shareholder wealth.Real estate industryWebb, James R., Myer, F.C. Neil, He, Ling T.
The fractal structure of real estate investment trust returns: the search for evidence of market segmentation and nonlinear dependency.Real estate industryAmbrose, Brent W., Ancel, Esther, Griffiths, Mark D.
The markets for real estate assets and space: a conceptual framework. (Special Issue on Office Markets)Real estate industryWheaton, William C., DiPasquale, Denise
The price effects of cash versus mortgage transactions.Real estate industryMehdian, Seyed, Asabere, Paul K., Huffman, Forrest E.
The principal-agent relationship in real estate brokerage services.Real estate industryArnold, Michael A.
The report of the President's Commission on Housing: policy proposals for subsidized housing.Real estate industryWeicher, John C.
The value of building codes.Real estate industryYavas, Abdullah, Colwell, Peter F.
The welfare effects of non-price competition among real estate brokers.Real estate industryMiceli, Thomas J.
Towards a real estate land use modeling paradigm. (Special Issue on Office Markets)Real estate industryDokko, Yoon, Edelstein, Robert H.
Transactions-driven commercial real estate returns: the panacea to asset allocation models? (Special Issue on Office Markets)Real estate industryWebb, R. Brian, Miles, Mike, Guilkey, David
What does the stock market tell us about real estate returns?Real estate industryKeim, Donald B., Gyourko, Joseph
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