Journal of the Market Research Society 1995 - Abstracts

Journal of the Market Research Society 1995
Adstock modelling for the long term.BusinessBroadbent, Simon, Fry, Tim
Alternative approaches to cluster-based market segmentation.BusinessGreen, Paul E., Krieger, Abba M.
An empirical test of product sampling and couponing.BusinessBrennan, Mike, Gendall, Philip, McGuinness, Dalton
An implicit model of consumer behaviour.BusinessHeylen, J. Paul, Dawson, Barbara, Sampson, Peter
Applications of census microdata to research and marketing.BusinessDale, Angela, Leventhal, Barry, Moy, Corrine
Big talk, small talk: BT's strategic use of semiotics in planning its current advertising. (British Telecommunications PLC)BusinessAlexander, Monty, Burt, Max, Collinson, Andrew
Comparing responses rates and response content in mail versus electronic mail surveys.BusinessMehta, Raj, Sivadas, Eugene
Comparing two methods of sending out questionnaires; E-mail versus mail.BusinessTse, Alan C.B., Tse, Ka Chun, Yin, Chow Hoi, Ting, Choy Boon, Yi, Ko Wai, Yee, Kwan Pui, Hong, Wing Chi
Competitor mystery shopping: methodological considerations and implications for the MRS Code of Conduct. (Market Research Society)BusinessDawson, Janet, Hillier, Jill
Expanding the market for marketing research: changing beliefs, attitudes and corporate culture.BusinessElliott, Richard, Jobber, David
Handedness bias in preference rating scales.BusinessKirk-Smith, Michael
Horses for courses: how survey firms in different countries measure public opinion with very different methods.BusinessTaylor, Humphrey
Luck had nothing to do with it. Launching the UK's largest consumer brand. (National Lottery)BusinessThomas, Sue, Kent-Smith, Elaine
Marketing research in the Gulf States: a practical appraisal.BusinessLeonidou, Leonidas C., Rossides, Nicos J.
Messages from the spiral of silence: developing more accurate market information in a more uncertain political climate.BusinessTurner, John, Sparrow, Nick
Monitoring social change. (socio-cultural research activities of International Research Institute on Social Change)BusinessHasson, Larry
Obtaining purchase predictions via telephone interviews.BusinessBrennan, Mike, Esslemont, Don, Hini, Dean
Pictorial stimuli in conjoint analysis - to support product styling decisions.BusinessWittink, Dick R., Vriens, Marco, Loosschilder, Gerard H., Rosbergen, Edward
Postmodern marketing research: no representation without taxation.BusinessBrown, Stephen
Product design and the pricing decision: a sequential approach.BusinessTatham, Ronald, Miller, Jeffrey P., Vashi, Vidyut
Product design and the pricing decision: a sequential approach.BusinessTatham, Ronald, Vashi, Vidyut, Das, Surya
Reliance on brand by young children.BusinessHite, Robert E., Hite, Cynthia Fraser
Sight bites: a study of viewers' impressions of corporate logos in the communications industries.BusinessWober, J. Mallory, Colman, Andrew M., Norris, Claire E.
The effect of appeal, complexity and tone in a mail survey covering letter.BusinessHoek, Janet, Gendall, Philip, Esslemont, Don
The effect of computer-assisted interviewing on data quality. A review.BusinessHox, Joop J., Leeuw, Edith D. de, Snijkers, Ger
The effect of discount coupons and gifts on mail survey response rates among high involvement respondents.BusinessKalafatis, S.P., Madden, F.J.
Using optical mark read surveys: an analysis of response rate and quality.BusinessKlose, Allen, Ball, A. Dwayne
Utility: the key to understanding markets.BusinessHutchinson, P.C., Marchant, L.J.
Virtual reality techniques in NPD research. (new product development)BusinessChernatony, Leslie de, Rosenberger, Philip J., III
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