Journal of Third World Studies 2003 - Abstracts

Journal of Third World Studies 2003
Against all odds: U.S. policy and the 1963 Central America summit conference.Regional focus/area studiesLeonard, Thomas M.
Chinese role models and classical military philosophy in dealing with soldier corruption and moral degeneration.Regional focus/area studiesSlate, Robert
Elements of Azerbaijan foreign policy.Regional focus/area studiesSadri, Houman
Female participation in the formal sector and development in sub-Saharan Africa.Regional focus/area studiesNgoh, Ambe J., Rigos, Platon N.
Gender and social entrepreneurship in societies in transition: the case of Azerbaijan.Regional focus/area studiesNajafizadeh, Merrangiz, Mennerick, Lewis A.
Iran and Turkey in Central Asia: opportunities for rapprochement in the post-Cold War era.Regional focus/area studiesEfegil, Ertan; Stone, Leonard A.
Opportunities and challenges: Taiwan's diplomacy in the globalization era.Regional focus/area studiesYing mao-Kau, Michael
Private investments, globalization, and economic recovery: the central Asian experiences .Regional focus/area studiesKamali, Ali
Reflections on African development.Regional focus/area studiesSaitoti, George
Research note on India's draft nuclear doctrine: an overview.Regional focus/area studiesAlam, Mohammed B.
Senior general Vo Nguyen Giap remembers.Regional focus/area studiesCurrey, Cecil B.
Tackling Africa's developmental dilemmas: is globalization the answer?Regional focus/area studiesBoafo-Arthur, Kwame
The effect of agricultural privatization on communist political legitimacy in Vietnam.Regional focus/area studiesRaymond, Chad
The English-language press and the "Anglophone problem" in Cameroon: group identity, culture, and the politics of nostalgia.Regional focus/area studiesEko, Lyombe
The impact on African socities of the standard hypothesis that HIV/AIDS originated in the continent.Regional focus/area studiesOkeagu, Jonas E., Okeagu, Joseph C., Adegoke, Ademiluyi O
The insurgency movement in the Chittagong Hill Tracts of Bangladesh: internal and external dimensions.Regional focus/area studiesIslam, Syed Serajul
The politics of culture or the culture of politics: Afro-Brazilian mobilization, 1920-1968.Regional focus/area studiesOliveira, Kimberly F. Jones-de
Toward a pan-third worldism: a challenge to the association of third world studies.Regional focus/area studiesBangura, Abdul Karim
What prevents Brazil from liberalizing its economy? a look at some of the country's political and economic dilemmas.Regional focus/area studiesAlmeida, Monica Arruda de
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