Journal of Women & Aging - Abstracts

Journal of Women & Aging
Aging couples in dual-career/earner families: patterns of role-sharing.Women's issues/gender studiesReeves, Joy B., Darville, Ray L.
A group practice strategy for helping unemployed older women find employment.Women's issues/gender studiesRife, John C.
Conclusions.(Fundamentals of Feminist Gerontology)Women's issues/gender studiesGarner, J. Dianne
Effects of cognitive group interventions on depression and cognition among elderly women in long-term care.Women's issues/gender studiesAbraham, Ivo L., Currie, Lillian J., Neundorfer, Marcia M.
Elderly power in the 21st century.Women's issues/gender studiesHaug, Marie R.
Feminism and feminist gerontology.(Fundamentals of Feminist Gerontology)Women's issues/gender studiesGarner, J. Dianne
From the editor.Women's issues/gender studiesGarner, J. Dianne
From the editor. (care and treatment of battered older women)(Editorial)Women's issues/gender studiesGarner, J. Dianne
Sex, intimacy and self-esteem: the case of the African American older woman.Women's issues/gender studiesConway-Turner, Katherine
Social work with the osteoporotic woman.Women's issues/gender studiesKinderknecht, Cheryl H.
Women's retirement: a case study approach.Women's issues/gender studiesSkirboll, Esther, Silverman, Myrna
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