Journalism & Mass Communication Monographs - Abstracts

Journalism & Mass Communication Monographs
Anarchists wreak havoc in downtown Minneapolis: a multi-level study of media coverage of radical protest.Literature/writingMcLeod, Douglas M., Hertog, James K.
Charles Edward Russell: "chief of the muckrakers."Literature/writingMiraldi, Robert
Choice of law in multistate media law cases: have the "quaking quagmires" been quelled?Literature/writingKorwar, Arati, Walden, Ruth
Disclosure and secrecy: security classification executive orders.Literature/writingMorrissey, David H.
Infringement or impingement: carving out an actual knowledge defense for Sysops facing strict liability.Literature/writingPackard, Ashley
International television coverage of Beijing Spring 1989: a comparative approach.Literature/writingFriedland, Lewis A., Mengbai, Zhong
Journalists, framing, and discourse about race relations.Literature/writingDomke, David
Longitudinal modeling of public issues: an application of the agenda-setting process to the issue of global warming.Literature/writingTrumbo, Craig
Modernization and the decline of press freedom: Liberia 1847 to 1970.Literature/writingBurrowes, Carl Patrick
Objectivity revisited: a spatial model of political ideology and mass communication.Literature/writingEndersby, James W., Ognianova, Ekaterina
Rethinking the news story for the Internet: hyperstory prototypes and a model of the user.Literature/writingFredin, Eric S.
The body politic, the bodies of women, and the politics of famine in U.S. television coverage of famine in the Horn of Africa.(portrayal of women as subjugated under men)Literature/writingFair, Jo Ellen
The journalism of outrageousness: tabloid television news vs. investigative news.Literature/writingEhrlich, Matthew C.
The origins of the ban on "obscene, indecent, or profane" language of the Radio Act of 1927.Literature/writingRivera-Sanchez, Milagros
The political diversity of public television: polysemy, the public sphere, and the conservative critique of PBS.(Public Broadcasting Service)Literature/writingCroteau, David, Hoynes, William, Carragee, Kevin M.
The transitional media system of post-communist Bulgaria.Literature/writingOgnianova, Ekaterina
Western European broadcasting, deregulation, and public television: the Portuguese experience. (Portugal; television broadcasting industry)Literature/writingTraquina, Nelson
William G. Bleyer and the relevance of journalism education.Literature/writingBronstein, Carolyn, Vaughn, Stephen
Woman as citizen: race, class, and the discourse of women's citizenship, 1894-1909.Literature/writingCramer, Janet M.
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