Long Range Planning 1993 - Abstracts

Long Range Planning 1993
Achieving real environmental improvements using value: impact assessment. (business and industry need to incorporate environmental impact assessment into strategies)EconomicsHindle, Peter, White, Peter, Minion, Kate
Aiming high: competitive benchmarking for superior performance.EconomicsShetty, Y.K.
Back from the brink - post-crisis management.EconomicsSmith, Denis, Sipika, Chris
Brief case: the first strategists. (definition of 'strategy')EconomicsCummings, Stephen
Brief case: the role of today's board in corporate strategy. (Competing and Cooperating with the Japanese)EconomicsSadtler, David R.
Building a new organization for nature conservation.EconomicsDair, Ian
Building competitive advantage on manufacturing resources.EconomicsZahra, Shaker A., Das, Sidhartha R.
Changing the company culture at Ciba-Geigy.EconomicsKennedy, Carol
Competitive intelligence for international business. (competitive intelligence techniques)EconomicsBabbar, Sunil, Rai, Arun
Competitive manufacturing: combining total quality with advanced technology. (benefits of combining Advanced Manufacturing Technology with Total Quality Management)EconomicsZairi, Mohamed
Corporate governance in banking - a case for tighter regulation?EconomicsKrayenbuehl, Thomas E.
Cost-effective product development.EconomicsWalker, Mike
Developing your company image into a corporate asset.EconomicsDowling, Grahame R.
Eight strategic decisions that weakened Gulf Oil.EconomicsGrant, John H., Amatucci, Frances M.
Gathering and interpreting strategic intelligence in Asia Pacific. (business development)EconomicsLassere, Philippe
Harnessing the power of your value chain.EconomicsGeringer, J. Michael, O'Sullivan, Leonard
How Bridgestone creates new businesses through new research. (Bridgestone Corp.)EconomicsUrakawa, Tokuya
How corporate culture drives strategy.EconomicsMorgan, Malcolm J.
Implementing strategy through project management.EconomicsLord, M. Alexannder
Innovation by listening carefully to customers. (businesses need to be consumer-orientated)EconomicsFlores, Fernando
Investing in China: guidelines for success.EconomicsWoodward, David G., Liu, Boris C.F.
Management - key to new product development in biotechnology. (product development leads to successful business)EconomicsWoiceshyn, Jaana
Managing the transition to mass higher education in Australia.EconomicsSharpham, John
Motivating knowledge workers - the challenge for the 1990s.EconomicsTampoe, Mahen
Outsourcing information systems: a strategic partnership with risks.EconomicsMartinsons, Maris G.
Planning for risk and uncertainty in oil exploration.EconomicsHiggins, J.G.
Putting value on a strategy. (problems of linking strategic and financial analysis)EconomicsGrundy, Tony
Scenario planning for small businesses.EconomicsFoster, M. John
Strategic direction in the British Public Service. (reform of UK Civil Service mamagement techniques)EconomicsMorley, Don
Strategic management: the key to profitability in small companies.EconomicsWaalewijn, Philip, Segaar, Peter
Strategic planning for deregulation in a Canadian bank.EconomicsSokol, Reuben J.
Strategic planning: its role in organizational politics.EconomicsPeattie, Ken
Strategy as order emerging from chaos.EconomicsStacey, Ralph
Technical-market research - get customers to collaborate in developing products.EconomicsLauglaug, Antonio S.
The baby sharks: strategies of Britain's supergrowth companies.EconomicsTaylor, Bernard, Todd, Ann
The emergence of the educational entrepreneur. (UK 1988 Education Reform Act results in need for business skills)EconomicsBoyett, Inger, Finlay, Don
The future for boards: self-regulation or legislation?EconomicsStiles, Philip
The greening of business and its relationship to business ethics.EconomicsBurrows, Brian
The ICI demerger: unlocking shareholder value. (Imperial Chemical Industries PLC)EconomicsKennedy, Carol
The long road to parenting advantage. (Brief Case)EconomicsSadtler, David R.
The shakeout in microcomputers: causes and consequences.EconomicsChrisman, James J., Derajtys, Joseph M., BBauerschmidt, Alan
The use of networks in cross border competition.EconomicsSnodgrass, C.R.
Using service to gain a competitive edge - the PROMPT approach. (six essential service practices)EconomicsHumble, John, Quinn, Michael
Winning support for your information strategy.EconomicsAdriaans, W.
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