Long Range Planning 1996 - Abstracts

Long Range Planning 1996
British Academy of Management (BAM) Conference 1996.EconomicsVielba, Carol
Corporate strategy in multibusiness firms.EconomicsCollis, David J.
Creating the sustainable enterprise-staying competitive and staying alive. (1995 Strategic Planning Society conference)EconomicsFirnberg, David
Design for learning and innovation.EconomicsAyas, Karen
Interactive strategies - alliances and partnerships.EconomicsLorange, Peter
Knowledge management: the key to long-term organizational success.EconomicsLloyd, Bruce, Whitehill, Martin
Outsourcing: where's the value?EconomicsYoung, David, Alexander, Marcus
Parenting strategies for multibusiness companies.EconomicsGoold, Michael
Strategic outsourcing.EconomicsYoung, David, Alexander, Marcus
Strategy foresight: the future of strategy research.(Strategy at the Leading Edge: New Research & Conference Reports)EconomicsWhitehill, Martin
Strategy 'off the shelf.' (books as sources of management strategies)EconomicsJohnston, Michael
The First International Conference on the Dynamics of Strategy: Surrey European Management School, University of Surrey, April 1996.EconomicsBamford, Ron, Phelps, Bob
The (limited) role of the board.EconomicsGoold, Michael
The new deal in employment: a conference held at City University Business School in December 1995.(Strategy at the Leading Edge: New Research & Conference Reports)EconomicsHendry, Chris, Jenkins, Romy
Understand business variation for improved business performance.EconomicsBradford, Martin, Pickton, David, Starkey, Michael
Why strategic intent should drive relocation.EconomicsCarter, Simon
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