Management Solutions 1988 - Abstracts

Management Solutions 1988
14 telephone tips for Ernestine. (telephone behavior in business)Human resources and labor relationsAlessandra, Janice, Alessandra, Tony
A case of alignment: tying decision styles to job demands.Human resources and labor relationsRowe, Alan J., Mason, Richard O.
Afraid of irate customers? You don't have to be!Human resources and labor relationsEl Fattal, David
An action plan for helping troubled employees.Human resources and labor relationsLongenecker, Clinton O., Liverpool, Patrick R.
An ergonomics primer part 1: office considerations. (part one of a three-part series)Human resources and labor relationsJoyce, Marilyn
An ergonomics primer - Part III: industrial applications.Human resources and labor relationsJoyce, Marilyn
An ergonomics primer: the automated workstation. (second in a three-part series)Human resources and labor relationsJoyce, Marilyn
Are you an awful manager?Human resources and labor relationsOman, Paul
Are your workers as creative as they could be?Human resources and labor relationsGlassman, Edward
Avoiding political pitfalls. (in personnel management and organizational 'politics')Human resources and labor relationsKarp, H.B.
Beyond leadership: the human factor in leadership. (includes related article listing ten commandments of leadership)Human resources and labor relationsKarlins, Marvin, Hargis, Edyth
Breaking some bad management habits.Human resources and labor relationsHackett, Michael
Buck Rodgers on creating customer commitment.Human resources and labor relations 
Built-in barriers to high performance. (in the organization)Human resources and labor relationsSchaffer, Robert H.
Change: getting them to meet you half way. (how to get employees to support changes in policy or procedure) (includes related article on motivating employees through courtesy)Human resources and labor relationsMiller, J. Thomas, III, Gold, Rosalind
Communication: the key to the manager-secretary relationship.Human resources and labor relationsLazary, Betsy
Conducting a safety audit in your workplace.Human resources and labor relationsMonk, Dwight
Conducting a workplace tour.Human resources and labor relationsDarnow, Bill
Cost cutting-profit making ideas.Human resources and labor relationsLansing, Rick L.
Counseling the marginal performer.Human resources and labor relationsSchwartz, Andrew E.
Dealing with your absenteeism problem. (personnel management)Human resources and labor relationsSharifzadeh, Mansour
Defining the problem: the way to master business math. (reprinted from The Little Black Book of Business Math, published by the AMACOM division of the American Management Association)Human resources and labor relationsThomsett, Michael C.
"Do right": Lou Holtz's advice to managers.Human resources and labor relationsLansing, Rick
Exploring causes of problem performance. (personnel management)Human resources and labor relationsJacobs, Dorri
Following the Seven Ps: the route to promotion.Human resources and labor relationsMatejka, Ken, Liebowitz, Jay
Giving feedback to foreign-born employees.Human resources and labor relationsStull, James B.
Good supervision: the best defense against wrongful discharge claims.Human resources and labor relationsSteiner, Julius
Handling anger by reducing its cause.Human resources and labor relationsLaurie, John
How do you rate as a manager?Human resources and labor relationsFritz, Roger
How to handle difficult people.Human resources and labor relationsWeiss, Donald H.
How to keep your superstars shining. (how to manage outstanding employees)Human resources and labor relationsAllcorn, Seth
How to tell your boss he's wrong.Human resources and labor relationsMcDonald, Don Michael
Interviewing savvy. (personnel recruitment)Human resources and labor relations 
Is the assignment doable? (how to evaluate a new job or project before accepting it)Human resources and labor relationsStraat, Kent L., Sabin, Nellie
Job satisfaction: it's the little things that count.Human resources and labor relationsMcAfee, R. Bruce, Glassman, Myron
Learning how to face that stressful situation.Human resources and labor relationsHingsburger, David
Maintaining morale during and after downsizing. (includes related article on the work loads of supervisors during a corporate restructuring)Human resources and labor relationsJacobs, Dorri
Making a contribution to meetings. (includes related article on managing meetings)Human resources and labor relationsBerry, Waldron
Making report writing easier. (reprinted from a Quill Corporation report: 'How to Write Effective Business Reports')Human resources and labor relations 
Making the most effective use of secretarial help.Human resources and labor relationsJackson, J. Howard, Johnson, Iris W.
Managing fluctuating workloads with temps. (temporary employees)Human resources and labor relationsFryar, Carolyn
Managing the troubled employee.Human resources and labor relationsRoyal, Roberta, Ayers, George W.
Managing your time.Human resources and labor relationsHollingsworth, A. Thomas, Mosca, Joseph
Maximizing management potential by building self-esteem.Human resources and labor relationsRinke, Wolf J.
Mediating those office conflicts.Human resources and labor relationsDeStephen, Dan
Motivating entry-level service employees.Human resources and labor relationsMerchant, John E.
Nine steps to a successful question and answer session.Human resources and labor relationsBoyd, Stephen D.
One manager's journey beyond performance reviews.Human resources and labor relationsRiley, Mary
Organizational performance and supervisory skills.Human resources and labor relationsNanda, Ravinder
Organizing that major assignment.Human resources and labor relationsReynolds, Helen, Tramel, Mary E.
Personal liability for an employment termination.Human resources and labor relationsGenova, Angelo J.
Preparing to supervise. (making the adjustment from worker to supervisor)Human resources and labor relationsPearson, Dick
Productivity improvement begins today.Human resources and labor relationsBell, Chip R.
Putting together a career development program.Human resources and labor relationsKlubnik, Joan P.
Quality principles for service industries. (includes related article on communicating the need for quality)Human resources and labor relationsFrankovich, Jim, Baldwin, L.R.
Reversing reverse delegation. (managers who end up doing their employees' work)Human resources and labor relationsCallarman, William G., McCartney, William W.
Seven steps to better reports.Human resources and labor relationsMaidment, Robert
Should you change your leadership style?Human resources and labor relationsWiberg, Lars-Erik
Strategic planning: process and plan go hand in hand.Human resources and labor relationsBaldwin, Steven R., McConnell, Michael
Stress reduction tips to use in and out of the workplace.Human resources and labor relationsGauntlett, Suzanne
Taking aim at problems.Human resources and labor relationsSegall, Linda J., Meyers, Carol
Teaching responsibility to poor performers. (personnel management) (includes related article on supervising departmental 'externalizers')Human resources and labor relations 
Team excellence. (personnel management) (includes related article listing ten 'commandments' characterizing team functioning)Human resources and labor relationsKing, Dennis
Telephone techniques that help you make a good impression.Human resources and labor relationsStein, Franklin J.
Ten key strategies for communicating more clearly.Human resources and labor relationsMatejka, Ken
The basis for good customer service.Human resources and labor relationsLieberman, Lawrence
The care and weeding of office records. (paperwork reduction)Human resources and labor relationsJakubovics, Jerry
The do's and don'ts for getting top performance.Human resources and labor relationsGrant, Philip C.
The employment contract: when and how to negotiate it.Human resources and labor relationsRubenstone, Catherine H.
The legal side of performance appraisals.Human resources and labor relationsWeiss, Donald H.
The need for recognition. (employees' need to have their accomplishments recognized)Human resources and labor relationsNelson, Andre
The path to managerial self-destruction.Human resources and labor relationsSondak, Arthur
The path to managerial self-destruction. (second of a two-part series)Human resources and labor relationsSondak, Arthur
The proper use of discipline. (in business)Human resources and labor relationsHumphreys, L. Wade, Humphreys, Neil J.
Three proven steps for getting raises and promotions.Human resources and labor relationsSnelling, Robert O., Sr.
Total priority management.Human resources and labor relationsStamp, Daniel
Total teamwork: how to be a leader, how to be a member. (includes related article on the middle manager's role in team building)Human resources and labor relationsMossop, Mary Walsh
Truth-in-doors. (personnel management)Human resources and labor relationsGriggs, Walter S., Johnston, Wallace R.
Understanding your employees: step one in results.Human resources and labor relationsAlessandra, Anthony
Unlocking employee performance: pay for performance.Human resources and labor relationsSchneier, Craig Eric, Burchman, Seymour, Dewey, Barbara
Unlocking employee potential: developing skills.Human resources and labor relationsSchneier, Craig Eric, Burchman, Seymour, MacCoy, David
Unlocking employee potential: managing performance.Human resources and labor relationsSchneier, Craig Eric, Brown, Amy, Burchman, Seymour
Until you have a personal manager.Human resources and labor relationsStraat, Kent L.
What employees 'see' is what organizations 'get'. (understanding employees' perceptions of the work environment)Human resources and labor relationsKinlaw, Dennis C.
When making that decision. (in management)Human resources and labor relationsDeitzer, Bernard A., Krigline, Alan G.
Why budgets fail. (budget management for supervisors)Human resources and labor relationsThomsett, Michael C.
Winning customer service. (includes related article on guidelines for improving customer service)Human resources and labor relationsCathcart, Jim
Working with your company's code of ethics.Human resources and labor relationsDavis, Michael
Writing your own resume.Human resources and labor relationsRosen, Elizabeth Anne
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